How Oren Frank is Changing Therapy

If you’ve heard about Talkspace, then you’ve heard about one of the most innovative apps of our time. This app is designed for therapy. That’s right! This one-of-a-kind app is not at all what psychiatrists and psychologists were thinking of when they were discussing how to make therapy more approachable. As an online and mobile company, Talkspace was started by Frank Oren with the purpose of giving users access to licensed therapists both online and via mobile phone. Started in New York City, this app became a country wide sensation very quickly.

Recently, Talkspace hired their very own Chief Medical Officer. The new CMO comes from United Health. The long-term goal was to not only enhance the user experience, but to truly give users the best experience possible. Now with the CMO in place, therapists will be able to prescribe medications to users. The company is already well on their way to building wealth, generating tens of thousands since its inception. The CEO of Talkspace, Frank Oren, has stated that the app currently has 1 million active users. What’s next for the CEO?

Frank Oren was not shy about announcing plans to promote Talkspace to employers for the benefit of their employees. The video chat app is making waves, helping people in need get therapy without the waiting. The company is currently working on an IPO, meaning that exponential growth is coming, and it’s coming quickly. The way the company earns their revenue is simple. Talkspace currently charges a $79 weekly fee to give users the ability to talk to therapists online. There is also a $49 service that gives users the ability to message their mental health professional. The company hit 1 million users only having been in business for 5 years and counting. Now that the new Chief Medical Officer Neil Leibowitz is on board, a whole new chapter has begun with the ability to prescribe medications to users.

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