Understanding the human condition; Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt

Very few people have ever sat and thought that to some of the people in the world, the very car they use to get around is treated as a luxury and only the rich in that society own one. Well, that is just one of the things that Doug Levitt discovered when he set out on his journey to interact with humans from all walks of life and understand their situations. The journey that Doug took was 100,000 miles in length and it took him a record ten years to complete, but by the end of it all, a master piece by the name of the Greyhound Diaries had been born and Doug understood how the world must feel like through the eye of the less fortunate in the society.

He started the journey in the country. The first stop that he made was the bus station where he interacted with people that take the bus to and from work and many other places. He did not end the journey at the bus terminus, sometimes, when he felt welcome, he would follow the people to their places of work and at times even their homes and document of daily struggles. After this leg of the journey was completed, he decided that he wanted to see more. The next destination for him was the war torn countries. He chose Bosnia and Rwanda as the places that he wanted to interact with and through his experiences in the places, something changed in him.

He knew that the best way to make the project function was to make a long lasting commitment to the same. This is why it took him a record ten years to complete the project. While on the journey, he got the inspiration to write song lyrics. The songs that he has written in the entire album are about the people that he met with and interacted with.

Personal life

Doug Levitt is the son of Carol Swartz. He started his school in D.C and graduated from there. The one thing that has shaped his experience from the time he was a child is the fact that when he was a teenager, his father committed suicide. Before he set out on his journey, he was working as a foreign correspondent for CNN and MSNBC.

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