Why You Will Love Norka Luque

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan music artist who lives in Miami FL. She is known for her unique genre of music. Her musical productions are quite different because unlike other artists who sing about things you can barely make meaning out of in their lyrics, hers make more sense. Her songs resonate with the current factors that affect everyday life. Since she recognizes the powerful impact music has on people, she uses it as an instrument to preach hope and peace in the society.

Like many other successful artists, Norka Luque has a story. However, her story is a bit different. It is a source of inspiration to many people who are held back by circumstances of life and society ideologies. Despite suffering from occasional ailments, Norka has trudged on unbounded.

Norka started her musical journey at a tender age. She could sing at local events and in church. Her parents were not supportive because they wanted a different life for her. They wanted her to go to school and become a professional in something else but not music. However, Norka did not relent. She still wanted to do music.

Norka enrolled for her degree in business administration in a university in France. While in campus, she performed at events and nightclubs in a band of three. Her phenomenal performance attracted the attention Emilio Estefan, a producer and a song writer from Venezuela. She was quickly absorbed and became part and parcel of Estefan’s team. She used the opportunity to record several tracks. Some of her tracks became big hits in Venezuela with one of them called “Miracle” topping the charts for 14 weeks. This marked the first time for a track to attain such a status in the country’s music industry.

Due to hard work and talent, Norka has become a bigwig in Venezuela’s showbiz market. She was recently selected to perform in the country’s Billboard event alongside other big artists. Her records continue to grace the screens of households in the country. She is quickly gaining popularity in the US music industry.

Norka is currently working on her album “Millando,” which is set to grace the screens soon. She is working on the album with her former producer and mentor Emilio Estefan. She now manages her own label NorkaMusic where she nurtures young talents and brings them to the limelight. Norka is one of the few musicians who are qualified to be role models in a moral society.

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