Slyce Looks To Make Shopping Apps Easier

Last month Yahoo! Finance published an article about one of the biggest visual search company’s, Slyce, and its future products. This is a summary of that article (A link to the original article can be found below).

Slyce is in the business of making smartphone shopping apps better and easier for the consumer to use by allowing them to take photos of products and then pulling up that products product page or the pages of similar products. Slyce currently works with e-commerce heavy weights like JCPenney, Home Depot, Tilly’s and Neiman Marcus.

The article mentions that the company will showcase future releases at the event that are currently in beta. Future products will seek to further “boost mobile-based revenue and access consumer intelligence through Big Data enabled analytics”.

Examples were given of the future products Slyce Inc. will offer. They were:

Universal Scanner
Slyce’s Universal Scanner will allow users to scan any barcode, QR Code, coupons or real world image and receive shopping information for it.

Slyce Insights
An industry-first data analytics platform that will allow retailers to look at the history of users visual searches in one place.

Snap-To Coupon
A tool to allow a retailers app users to snap a picture of a coupon; the picture will then be converted into a usable online coupon for the retailers site.

Out-Of-Stock Mitigation Tool
A tool that offers users comparable items if an item they searched for is out-of-stock or no longer available from the retailer.

The article then provides a short bio of the company Slyce Inc. mentioning that it is based in Toronto, CA and which companies they currently serve.

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