Goettl Is Building Partnerships With More Las Vegas HVAC Companies

Goettl Air Conditioning is a well-known Arizona based HVAC service company that’s making inroads into the Las Vegas residential market. They just recently announced a merging with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air according to a report previously released by PRNewswire. This move brings 20 more employees and 15 service trucks to Goettl’s team and increases their residential and light commercial customer base in the general Las Vegas area. Las Vegas Air Managing Partner Stephen Gamst is pleased with this merger from not only knowing Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich personally, but also because he believes it will strengthen Las Vegas Air’s commitment to customer and employee care.


Goettl Air Conditioning has achieved high customer satisfaction ratings for their service and HVAC repair quality, and it stems from nearly 80 years of tradition. Goettl was founded all the way back in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl were developing ways to cool buildings out in Arizona’s heat. Over the years the technologies and methods have changed, but their values and commitments to their customers have not. Goettl employs individuals that have the experience and certification to do the job and do it right. Goettl is dedicated to using systems with maximum efficiency and environmental safety.


Goettl offers full scale installation and repair services, covering everything from choosing the unit to installing ducts and making renovations when needed. The best air conditioning and heating units are not simply the biggest units, but the ones that Goettl’s experts have calculated to match a home’s size and power needs. Goettl’s technicians come by to service the units when the service plan calls for it and are always on call whenever a unit has problems. Goettl’s leaders and employees have been philanthropists who have sponsored and taken part in community events, and at times have repaired air conditioners and heaters for free for residents going through extremely difficult financial times.

Want to be a good manager? Here are tips to help you.

Being a businessman for over 20 years, and a successful entrepreneur, Josh Verne, the founder and CEO of Flocku.com, shares his experience and thoughts on how to handle a managerial position successfully.

  1. Passion drives people to heights they never thought they would reach. Verne explains that, it is only a passionate manager that would drive his business on the path towards success. In his opinion, a business has very minimal chances of succeeding if the one leading it doesn’t love what he is doing.
  2. A good manager knows how to be a leader, and not a boss. The difference between the two is that, a leader commands respect, the latter demands it. Furthermore, a leader has in mind what his team wants, and works towards achieving the goals of the team. A boss isn’t concerned about the objectives of his team, and only works towards achieving his own goals.
  3. Strive to keep the words you utter as few as possible. This way, you will command more authority. A good manager also listens more. This makes you earn respect.
  4. Balance out your day. Have time to develop not only your business, but also other aspects of your life such as relationships, and health. A good manager succeeds in all these aspects.
  5. Be selfless, and let every decision you make in every situation be a win-win for everyone. A win for you alone will demean your employees. The secret to having a successful company partly lies in keeping your employees happy. Verne makes it clear that, the best managers make a win-win decision even in the most difficult situations.


About Josh Verne

The businessman from America has experienced success in almost every business he has helped manage. Home Live Furniture, a furniture distribution company, is an example of companies he has served in a managerial position. Verne’s entrepreneurial skills were put to the test when he founded workpays.me, an e-commerce website that would let its subscribers make huge purchases from their payrolls.

Verne later sold workpays.me at an undisclosed amount, and less than two years later, founded another online based company known as Flocku.com. This platform enables students in college get the latest information about happenings in various campuses. It also allows them to market. This has been made possible through peer-to-peer connections. Being the current CEO of Flocku.com, Verne believes in the saying that, those who see what others can’t see are the ones who succeed.

George Soros fighting back against corrupt justice system

George Soros is a political financier who has been a strong advocate of criminal justice reform. George Soros has spent most of his wealth with the hopes of reforming the American justice system. George Soros has targeted seven local district attorney races within six states during the 2016 election cycle at http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/.

Soros has invested heavily in minority candidates for these district attorney races on nytimes.com. Soros has supported candidates that share his same goals including allowing certain drug offenders to serve time in programs instead of going to trial. Soros’ actions have been criticized by many who have argued against the outside influence in local elections.

Soros has financially backed candidates in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. Soros funnels his money through a group of super PACs called “Safety and Justice.” Soros’ funding of the candidate in Florida was previously a low-budget affair but turned into a million dollar campaign on time.com. Soros is backing Florida’s Aramis Ayala, who will inherit a constituency that includes more than 1.6 million people spread throughout metro Orlando. Democrats have praised Ayala for her fight for equal sentencing no matter the criminal’s race. Soros has spent $107,000 on a New Mexico district attorney race, in which the Republican candidate dropped out of the general election on project-syndicate.org, after claiming he could no longer afford to stay in the race.

Ayala’s opponent has cried foul over Soros’ influence is tipping the outcome of the local elections, claiming they made residents less safe. George Soros supporters and liberal activists say that the increase focus on police brutality and racial inequality has sparked intrigue into the role that is rarely kept in check. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.

Talk Fusion Keeps on Winning Awards

As 2017 has started, it is always important to look back on the year and remember the good times and all of the good things that have happened. That is exactly what Bob Reina, Talk Fusion, and his IT team are doing at the moment. It was a memorable year for them in a number of ways. They improved, which is always the sign of a company that has its head on straight and knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. The goal of any company is always to improve, get better, and do things a little differently.


Talk Fusion is a video communications service that has such features as video chat, video newsletters, video email, and video conferences. Because of these features, they are great for the new generation of worker. The new generation of worker is the kind of worker that works from home. They are comfortable working from home and they enjoy it much more than the traditional job. They feel as though it gives them more flexibility and freedom in their day-to-day life, especially when it comes to family and their personal growth and happiness overall. Those are things that should never be forgotten about or taken for granted.


In 2016, they were fortune enough to win two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is a company that looks for products that have taken the time to step their game up and make it even better than it was before. That is what Talk Fusion did in 2016, which is why their second award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. They are all about problem solving over at Talk Fusion, and their product has solved a lot of problems for a lot of people. They have made their lives a whole lot easier.


The most remarkable thing about all of this is Bob Reina is not the one taking the credit, even though he is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which started in 2007. He is thanking everyone else for making it happen.

Kevin Seawright Helps Baltimore Neighborhoods Change

Kevin Seawright has been a public servant for a long time, and he wants to be sure that he is helping people with their current quality of life. He started out in Baltimore working in accounting in several parts of the city, and he was able to save the city a lot of money because of his work.

He distinguished himself, and then he went off to Philadelphia to work with inner city families. He has also worked as part of the reconstruction of Newark, and now he is back in Baltimore helping families get into better homes.

The homes that families live in are often not tenable because they are old or just not safe. Getting families into better homes is going to help them lead better lives, and it will help them make sure that they are making strides to getting their lives together.

It is very simple for someone to make changes to the way that they live when they get help from Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions. The company he started is helping people find the right homes, and it will start new communities around the city that are much nicer.

The communities in Baltimore that are improving the most are the ones that will have a better quality of life, and they will have a lot of improvements that people cannot get any other way.

There are many ways to make sure that people can live well, and Kevin Seawright wants to be sure that he can give every family some hope.

He was taught by his parents to help people where he could, and that is what he is doing as his career today. According to PR Newswire, this is a major commitment to helping people Kevin Seawright has made, and it will make the city of Baltimore a much better place to live.

Handy Had A Rough Year But The Future Looks Bright

Handy, a start up home cleaning company who received a lot of buzz initially, went through a rocky path in 2016. Oisin Hanrahan, Handy CEO, dreaded Tuesday mornings when he attended leadership meetings that reiterated what he already knew, the company was doing poorly. What made it so difficult was watching a plan he pushed for backfire repeatedly.

Hanrahan had pushed to have their new cleaners, or “pros” as the company calls them, join the company through an online onboarding process in all 28 of Handy’s markets. Co-Founder Uman Dua pushed back against Hanrahan’s plan stating that a lot of qualified candidates wouldn’t complete the application process if there was no human help on hand. Finally, the two men agreed to give the online onboarding plan a shot and rolled it out in January 2015 in two of the company’s markets.

In November of 2015, Handy realized that with the close of its $50 million Series C venture capital funding, there may not be any more investment money coming. Rolling out the online onboarding could save the company millions, and with the new financial crisis, it had to be done.

January 2016 Handy.com rolled out online onboarding across all 28 of heir markets. There was hope, and it did save money, but unfortunately, Dua was correct bout his reservations. The company saw a 40 percent drop in the number of “pros” joining their application and in turn, it forced Handy to cancel a high number of bookings due to the lack of skilled workers to fill the demand. But then something changed, and things slowly began to level out.

The company is now seeing organic growth, or growth through referrals. Things have began to level out and people are using the online onboarding process. Through customer referrals and the money saved instead of advertising, there is a nice balance being struck. By 2017, Handy expects not only add new cities into their market, but to also get back into profitability. For a more detailed account of Handy’s rough patch and the positive outlook for their future go here.


Coexistence of Fashion and Technology for the Future

Christopher Burch is an American based entrepreneur. Chris Burch is the founder and president of Burch Creative Capital. Over the years, he has invested across a broad range of industries. He has also contributed to the growth and rise of several brands including a few in technology and luxury. Burch also held the position of Board Member of Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum Group.

Mr. Burch’s road to success began in 1976 at Ithaca College. During this time, he partnered with his brother Bob, and they were able to raise 2000 dollars. With this little amount, they started Eagle’s Eyes Apparel. With years, the company grew to a net worth of 165 million dollars and then sold to the Swire Group. He relied most on his ability to find a nexus between innovation and implementation. This ability ensured great success in every sector of investment he ventured in. His understanding of the consumer behavior, intuition, and experience in utilizing superior sourcing infrastructure also played an immense role in the expansion of his fortunes. Currently, he manages Burch’s Creative Capital which boasts of an exciting brand portfolio.

Dynamism is inevitable. With the change in technology, everything else follows suit. The fashion industry has over time changed with the change in technology. Therefore, with this trend, it is wise to say that with time, these two elements, fashion, and technology will always move together. In the fashion industry, an insight in the past and the now gives an impression its future.

For instance, when we look at the 70’s, the boom box was considered to be fashionable. It was a big music box that carried two cassette decks that could be used to play and record music. Using the gadget in the movies ensured its popularity grew and consequently, the desire to own one. In the 90’s, and with the introduction of the Walkman, and the ability to own a customized music playlist, the boom box started to fade. Later, with the invention of the iPod, the experience became even more personal and smaller. Therefore, technology changes and grows with what is perceived to be fashionable.

Synthesis of technology and fashion is evident. Designers are now using technology to deliver. Such use of the technology constantly demands the innovation of better and smaller devices. Several artists have merged fashion and technology to come up with unusual designs like the Drink Making Dress.

Into the future, the merge has been used to develop firefighter gloves. These can be used to enhance communication between rescuers and consequently, save lives. In cycling, designers have used technology to make a protective air bag. These designs ensure safety in case of impact and do not impair vision. Therefore these two elements co-exist as one depends heavily on the existence of the other.

Julie Zuckerberg Recruits NYC Talent

Julie Zuckerberg has managed to become one of the most prolific life cycle recruiters in the industry. She has proven that she has the skills to acquire the best talent for organizations that need people that are skilled in various positions.


It has been good for Julie Zuckerberg to work in various positions because they she has gained a lot of different skills in the areas that she has worked in. Her time as a recruiters has been split between law recruiting and financial recruiting. This has given her quite an edge. Julie has been able to recruit everything from a managing director to a lawyer. She has done this because she knows what the skill set is for the various positions that she has had to fill.


Executive recruiters have a hard job because they have to grind the pavement. They are not going to have the luxury of just having a lot of people come to them via resumes. In lower level positions people that need jobs will seek you out. In executive positions a recruiter has to seek out the people that are equipped for the jobs. A lot of the time this happens because executives will already good jobs. These professionals may not even be interested in moving to another company. It is the job of the executive recruiter to highlight the details of the job. They can tell people about how this job will be different from where they are. Recruiters can also mention benefits that may be better than the benefits that a prospective employee may have. This is what Julie Zuckerberg has been able to pick up during her years as an executive recruiter.


A lot of people that start in recruiting may get burned out from trying to acquire this type of talent. Julie Zuckerberg, however, has managed to build a solid career that has taken her to another level. She has become the person that knows how to help discover talent. Julie has become such a pro at this that she has even taken on the role of coaching a lot of other recruiters in the position that she has right now. This is evidence of her passion for recruiting talent. It also knows that she has been successful over the years at doing this. Her current job at Deutsche Bank has shown that her skills are highly valuable in NYC.



IAP Worldwide Was Awarded the US Navy Contract, Yet Again

IAP Worldwide Services has been offering a wide range of solutions and services to both the US as well as international government agencies. Once again, IAP Worldwide has proven itself to be the global leader in providing innovative, safe, and reliable services and solutions by winning a US navy contract. The company was awarded the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II (GCSMAC II), by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Hawaii. The winning of this indefinite-quantity/ indefinite-delivery contract by IAP Worldwide Services demonstrates to its customers on Monster.com across the globe that they can rely on their high-quality and ingenious solutions for their demanding challenges.

What is Contained in this Contract?

The $900 million-worth contract awarded to IAP Worldwide Services by the Hawaii Naval Facilities Engineering Command is expected to run until September 2024. Some of the services that will be offered to the US Navy by IAP, as outlined in this contract, include:

Facility support services.
Supplementary construction in the event of natural disasters, full range of military actions, humanitarian efforts, and incumbent breaks in.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

Why Was IAP Awarded this Contract?

For the more than 60 years that IAP Worldwide services has been in business, it has become a reputable provider, with regards to excellence in supporting such contingency-based contracts with various DoD entities. For instance, IAP Worldwide Services happen to be the only provider selected for all the four Air Force programs, in accordance with the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP), since the year 1996. According to the IAP Global Support Services vice president, Rick Nohmer, the company is honored to continue offering Task Orders across the world in support of NAVFAC. This is because the company is the current Navy incumbent under the GCSMAC I contract. The continued selection of the company by the US Navy on https://www.iapws.com/about/ indicates that IAP Worldwide Services has been offering satisfactory services and solutions.

The Role of Kaye Scholer in the IAP Transition

Kaye Scholer played a critical role in the out-of-court, debt-for-equity restructuring by IAP Worldwide. The defense contractor represented a group of lenders and the Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in this restructuring. The restructuring at IAP Worldwide Services and some of its affiliates as well as subsidiaries required management and ownership changes. This was a somewhat cumbersome process but was a success, thanks to the participation of various stakeholders and more than 45 Kaye Scholer lawyers.

Despite the various changes and restructuring at IAP Worldwide Services over the years, the company is still a leading provider of services for government agencies and commercial industries. The reaction to the Hurricane Matthew further demonstrates the ability of IAP to offer lasting solutions to various challenges.

The Leading Provider of Reliable Financial Advisory and Banking Services

The CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc., John Holt, recently attended the M&A Conference in New Orleans and acted as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities. Being an experienced banker, Nexbank CEO John Holt was involved in a discussion titled Reinventing Community Banking, and the topic of debate was Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.

This major event provides an avenue for successful bank leaders, consultants, and advisers to share their views and attempt to solve problems associated with the banking industry. The participants and panelists in attendance were provided an opportunity to analyze various opportunities offered by M&A activities.

A closer look at NexBank Capital,

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a private business entity established in 1922, and its headquarters is in the United States. The financial institution specializes in mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. NexBank delivers services to financial institutions, corporations, and institutional clients. It offers customized banking and financial services.

Nexbank is currently headed by John Holt and has over 200 employees who serve at the banks’ different branches. NexBank Capital, Inc. major branches are Dallas-located McKinney, Preston Center Branch in Dallas, and New Jersey-based College Savings Bank Branch. Another key official at NexBank Capital is Mary Pirrello, the president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association.
Community outreach programs
Over the years, this company has introduced forums to reach out to communities such as the “Lemonade Day.” During this year’s Lemonade Day, the bank took the initiative of educating young people on entrepreneurship. According to the CEO, this forum mentors and helps future leaders to develop skills in finance. The company has also been involved in philanthropic activities such as supporting American troops and their families. In 2010, NexBank assisted in running a fundraising campaign for “Stars and Stripes Dinner,” a charity that offers financial assistance to active as well as reserve military officers.

Lover of All the World’s Music