Jeffry Schneider – One of a Kind

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of the boutique Austin-based Ascendant Capital LLC. Under his leadership, Jeffry Schneider has helped the workforce of his company to grow by more than 30 employees and has also enabled his company to raise more than 1 billion dollars. He previously worked for Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney. Jeffry Schneider has vast experience in the field of alternative investments space.

Jeffry Schneider runs a company that has diverse experienced in sales and operational services, education, marketing and also has an innovative approach in financial structuring. Ascendant Capital LLC distributes its public and private offerings worldwide. They work with a network of private banks, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and family offices.

Jeffery Schneider is athletic and has participated in numerous competitions such as iron man, half ironmans together with a number of marathons. He also likes to explore new things and find new adventures across various places such as Europe, South America, Asia and many others. Jeffry Schneider is a man who believes in helping the less fortunate in society and is part of organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, The Gazelle Foundation and God Loves We Deliver.

Jeffry Schneider firmly believes in openness and transparency in the day to day activities of Ascendant Capital, LLC. The company’s structure greatly encourages teamwork, open dialogue and deep levels of trust. These are some of the work ethics which have enabled Ascendant Capital LLC to experience tremendous growth in its activities.

Jeffry Schneider firmly believes that alternative investments are a great way of diversifying holdings and reducing volatility, taking into consideration where the market stands today. Jeffry Schneider is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This is rumored to be the place where he learned most of his skills that have clearly set his company aside as one of the best in the industry.

The capital that has been raised by Ascendant Capital LLC has been put into good use such as the purchasing of Real Estate, tech companies, auto dealerships among many others. Jeffry Schneider has deeply inculcated good work ethics into his employees and their company plans to raise not less than $50 million each month.

The Bottom Line

Jeffry Schneider has truly set himself apart from the rest of the pack as he has keenly and gallantly steered his company, Ascendant Capital, LLC to be one of the leading alternative investment boutique firms in the world.

IT Staffing is an Excellent Business

John Goullet has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, who specializes in IT staffing. He first started off as an IT consultant a job he acquired right from college. After that he began his career in entrepreneurship majoring in IT Staffing. He was able to learn so much thus having much experience in that field. His skills were a great progress then he founded Info Technologies. The company has the duty of offering IT staffing answers to various organizations around the globe. As a result they have given more than 500 companies these solutions.

Info Technologies has been named by Inc Magazine as the best private US companies that has rapidly grown, this is due to their record of making $30 million in 5 years. John Goullet’s managerial skills highly contributed to this accomplishment. After a while the organization united with Diversant Inc and together they formed Diversant LLC. Goullet is currently the principal of the company and is responsible for making fresh strategies that will help in the development of the company. Diversant LLC’s staff members work as a team so that they can get their jobs done efficiently thus enriching the firm.

The employees of the organization always have an optimistic attitude and great ethics so that they can keep the company growing. IT staffing is a job that has so much work and it can be challenging therefore these values keep them together in developing Diversant. They are also competent and work together always; they pay attention and practice on these values. The principal of the company, John Goullet is happy with the good outcome of the company and believes there will be more success in future.

The organization has their certificate of being a minority owned business, this indicates the effort it has put to its success. Furthermore, the company is also well-known to be at the top when it comes to financing. The employees follow the company’s ethics and they are also devoted to their work hence Diversant keeps growing. John Goullet is so much impressed with the accomplishment of the IT staffing firm.


Erick Lefkofsky Leading In The Fight Against Cancer Through Tempus.

While most people have big talks on making notable steps in the fight against cancer, few have walked the talk. Well, Erick Lefkofsky is among the few who can be seen to walk the talk. Erick Lefkofsky is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor based in Chicago. He is reputed across the United States for his generous donations to some noble causes such as education, arts and culture, human rights, and healthcare just to mention a few. His most notable contributions are mostly felt in his Chicago hometown though he touches people across the nation. His most renowned endeavor in the fight against cancer was the creation of Tempus.  See

Founded by Erick Lefkofsky, Tempus is a startup organization that has adopted a unique strategy in the fight against cancer. According to its website, Tempus is on a mission to redefine the use of genomic data in clinical settings. The company has created an operating system that collects genomic data and analyzes it to help doctors to use the data in the fight against cancer. Tempus aims at ensuring that the treatment of each patient is undertaken with ultimate dedication as it is also crucial for the treatment of those who come after them.

Tempus aims at looking at the cancer menace at a technological perspective. Cancer can be termed among Erick Lefkofsky’s primary philanthropic endeavor after arts and culture. Erick Lefkofsky has contributed to the founding of technology startups worth more than 1 billion dollars across the United States.   

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Erick Lefkofsky is also known for his intelligence as an investor. To offer insight into the tips of success, Erick Lefkofsky has authored a book by the name ‘Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.’  According to this book, these essential concepts include right choice of industry, a keen understanding of the pain concept and being able to turn it into your advantage, using smart automation to get the most out of your people, and promoting your idea during investor and industry resistance among others.

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The Brown Modeling Agency Opens Doors

John Brown’s Success

John Brown’s modeling agency stands out as one of the most interesting entries into the modeling industry. The modeling industry is usually associated with the coasts of America, but Brown’s modeling agency has established a firm position in the South with its Austin headquarters. His work has given models a chance to try everything from the runway to commercials.

Opening Doors For Models

Brown Modeling agency is focused around helping models establish a firm foot in the door in their favorite industries. Brown does this by offering a variety of possible roles for models to pick out. If models want to try traditional modeling they can always turn to runways, but there are also commercial slots available for models who would like their careers to steer in that direction. Some models can even consider trying theater roles offered by the Brown Modeling Agency. There simply aren’t many limits to what models can do with his agency.

The Future Of The Brown Agency

The Brown Agency is going strong after years of helping models realize their dreams, but there is much left to be done. Brown has already done so much with his agency and he doesn’t plan on stopping. There is a strong interest in the modeling agency and so many young people want to experience it. Thanks to the Brown Modeling agency that is a possibility that everyone can enjoy for themselves if they decide to apply their best effort.


Understanding the human condition; Greyhound Diaries by Doug Levitt

Very few people have ever sat and thought that to some of the people in the world, the very car they use to get around is treated as a luxury and only the rich in that society own one. Well, that is just one of the things that Doug Levitt discovered when he set out on his journey to interact with humans from all walks of life and understand their situations. The journey that Doug took was 100,000 miles in length and it took him a record ten years to complete, but by the end of it all, a master piece by the name of the Greyhound Diaries had been born and Doug understood how the world must feel like through the eye of the less fortunate in the society.

He started the journey in the country. The first stop that he made was the bus station where he interacted with people that take the bus to and from work and many other places. He did not end the journey at the bus terminus, sometimes, when he felt welcome, he would follow the people to their places of work and at times even their homes and document of daily struggles. After this leg of the journey was completed, he decided that he wanted to see more. The next destination for him was the war torn countries. He chose Bosnia and Rwanda as the places that he wanted to interact with and through his experiences in the places, something changed in him.

He knew that the best way to make the project function was to make a long lasting commitment to the same. This is why it took him a record ten years to complete the project. While on the journey, he got the inspiration to write song lyrics. The songs that he has written in the entire album are about the people that he met with and interacted with.

Personal life

Doug Levitt is the son of Carol Swartz. He started his school in D.C and graduated from there. The one thing that has shaped his experience from the time he was a child is the fact that when he was a teenager, his father committed suicide. Before he set out on his journey, he was working as a foreign correspondent for CNN and MSNBC.

Anthony Petrello Focuses His Efforts On The Success Of Nabors And The Texas Children’s Hospital

Tony Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries, a natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor that also performs onshore well-servicing.

Nabors Industries are a leading provider on both the American and international markets. They provide clients with innovative directional drilling operations, drilling instrumentation, and drilling technology. Through its numerous subsidiaries, Nabors creates and sells catwalks, wrenches, drives, drawworks and many other drilling related equipment that can be used to install on onshore and offshore rigs.

Petrello received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Yale University in Mathematics. He then received his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. After graduation, Anthony Petrello began working at the law firm Baker & McKenzie, focusing on taxation, corporate law, and international arbitration. He was the law firm’s Managing Partner until 1991, when he resigned and joined Nabors.

In 1991, Mr. Petrello was elected to the Board of Directors at Nabors and became the President and Chief Operating Officer. In 2003, he was elected to become Deputy Chairman and in 2011, he became Nabors’ President and Chief Executive Office, in addition to being the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee. His responsibilities include directing the company in plans to prosper in the extremely competitive market.

Anthony Petrello is also a director at Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is also involved in many philanthropic endeavors, sitting on the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He advocates for research that addresses neurological disorders in children and also the creation of clinical programs to help them.

Tony Petrello and his wife’s advocacy began with the birth of their daughter, who suffers from PVL, a common neurological disease in premature babies. As a result of this disorder, their daughter developed cerebral palsy and many other developmental delays. It is because of their daughter that they have become advocates for children’s health.

In the hopes of creating a brighter future for children with neurological disorders, Anthony Petrello and his wife have worked the Texas Children’s Hospital for many years. The pair even made a generous donation recently, $7 million to lead the fundraising efforts for innovative neurological research.

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Why Celebrities are Attracted to Kabbalah

Madonna became so interested in Kaballah that she opened up a Kaballah center and heavily devoted herself to studying its Jewish traditions. Many other celebrities have followed in her footsteps including Britney Spears and Britney Spears as well as celebrities that have followed it including the late Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr. Why would people that who were not born Jewish have developed an interest in Kabbalah centre to the point that some have converted to Judaism?

Actress and comedian Sandra Bernhard said that Kaballah eliminated most of the chaos from her life, and Paris Hilton has made similar comments. Kabbalah provides wisdom that helps people completely change how they approach the world through the use of practical tools. Others such, as Sammy Davis Jr., said that what attracted him about Kaballah was being part of a 5,000 year old history and attaining inner strength. In 2006 Madonna commented to a Time Magazine reporter that one of the main precepts of Kabbalah is to figure out how you can help in a situation and how to go about it.

Kabbalah Centre International is a nonprofit organization that is headquartered in Los Angeles. The centre provides courses on their religious text, the Zohar, that are provided both in person at the centre as well as online. This centre was opened in 1984 and now has over 50 locations around the world including New York, London, and Toronto.

The products and services that the Kabbalah Centre International locations provide include lectures, books, prayer services, DVD’s, CD’s, and downloads as well as an environment where people grow spiritually and develop relationships with their fellow practitioners. The purpose of the center is to give practitioners the wisdom to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

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Ways That Entrepreneurs Can Keep Clean

The business world can be really wild and cutthroat. The internet can be even worse. It is easy for business owners and anyone with an online presence to get dragged into the mud. Unfortunately, if one is to get dragged into drama, that could only work against this person. It is very rare for a business to thrive on negativity. Therefore, it is important for people to be careful on social media. It is also important to have a Reputation Defender reviews service to take care of your online image. The following is advice on what one could do to keep from getting dragged through the mud.

Don’t Get Dragged Into Social Media Wars

It is common to go on social media and see someone involved in a heated dispute. Social media is actually the worst in this respect. For one thing, a disagreement can quickly degenerate into heated disputes that involve vulgar language and personal attacks. There are even threats thrown at each other. There are even cases when social media wars have carried over to the outside world. Fortunately, for users, most social media platforms have a blocking feature. It is better for the person who wants to maintain a positive image on social media to do everything he can to avoid a social media war, even if it means blocking that person.

Keep Everything Positive

Another thing one can do is to make sure that the majority of interactions are positive. Of course not every interaction online is going to be positive. However, one must be willing to be positive when interacting with anyone. At the same time, one must also have a stance. If the user is always changing his opinions to match that of who he is interacting with, then he is going to wind up with a less than adequate online reputation. Therefore, it is important to have a backbone on the internet.


Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT)

Nestled in the renowned New Forest National Park, the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is located about 100 kilometers from London. The educational and research institute offers higher degrees. Scholars at WIT will participate in research, conferences, and publishing.

Industry and Research Organisations continue to fund research at the Wessex Institute of Technology. WIT also has collaboration agreements with the University of the West of England and universities in Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

Each year, WIT holds more than 20 conferences. Subjects include Big Data, Risk Analysis, and Sustainability. These conferences seek to link professional and academic bodies to promote research across disciplines. Based on

In addition to conference proceedings in their Transactions Series, WIT Press publishes eight international journals including the International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, and the International Journal of Heritage Architecture.
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OSI and Their Global Influence

OSI is a food processing company that has made a major name for itself. It is a company that produces produces and sells various meets, protein items and other products to a large number of foodservice and retail brands. OSI offers almost any food imaginable including items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI has grown to be a world wide brand.

Otto and Sons is the original name for OSI Group food processing company. Back then this was a simple family meat market. Today OSI Group provides food for people world wide. Just in the United States alone you can find their facilities everywhere from Iowa to California. More than 65 facilities help to produce products like bacons, breakfast sausages, hot dogs and specialty sausages. OSI Group has even expanded to other continents like Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

If you eat food you most likely have taken in an OSI product. Beside the above mentioned foods, OSI is responsible for hot dogs, pork products,pizza and dough based products, along with fresh, frozen, and cooked beef patties. Today OSI Group provides services for major companies including ones like Subway and Papa John’s. The company even helped global power McDonalds during the 1970’s. Forbes estimated that as of 2016 they had taken in an amazing six billion dollars.

OSI’s success is largely based on their core value system. According to their website, OSI’s core values include seeking partnering relationships, striving to continuously improve, acting with integrity and doing what is best for the group. It is values like this that have allowed OSI Group to become one of the largest private companies in the world based on revenues. With their influence on so many products it is hard to see OSI losing it’s global influence anytime soon. They should continue to have a major influence on food processing for years to come.

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