The Secret Of The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin works in the corporate industry as a premiere CEO and is recognized by those in the meat processing markets as wells as those at all corporate levels. This professional works with over 30 years as a professional and has a lesson to teach every high-level execute.

This legacy of Sheldon Lavin has been possible through the OSI Group. His agency is the world’s largest meat processor and services an international market that Sheldon himself was able to bring the industry into. The international market is expansive and is now dominated by the OSI Group.

Beginning As A Financial Professional

What sets the OSI Group apart from others in food manufacturing goes beyond having a stance as the largest. Sheldon Lavin has continued to revolutionize the ideals of the brand and how it operates, so today, we see the OSI Group operating as if it’s already in the near future.

Sheldon began his professional life as a financial investor who had his own firm and succeeded as a entrepreneur. His mathematical skills are what distinguish Sheldon from among many CEOs in modern, corporate America. His ability to see business expansion in a financial way is his secret weapon.

Using The Science Of Numbers To Perfect The Science Of Business

Every entrepreneur knows; the science in numbers is where their work is. The ability to see numbers as a financial unit gives Sheldon an advantage that others sitting as CEO don’t have. We look to the current work of the OSI Group to better understand how Mr. Lavin is managing the company.

The projects the agency engages in are focused on world expansion. The OSI Group built its name and brand in the United States and has since ruled the country’s market. What the agency seeks to replicate today is the exact model it created for the U.S. market but for an international space.

It’s A Simple Science For Sheldon Lavin

Entering the international space for Sheldon Lavin is about math that comes down to a simple equation. There’s what can be called a negative space within the international markets as small nations enter the world platform. The expansion of these countries are bringing them into modern productivity.

The more they embrace a modern infrastructure, the more business that agencies like the OSI Group have access to. Part of OSI’s work in the United States was in completing the entire process necessary to sustain meat processing for modern demand and consumers. For more info about us: click here.

That same success is being duplicated with basic math and an international business plan.

White Shark Media Technolgy Solution Services.

Founded in 2010, White Shark Media has constantly rendered the best services in Mobile marketing, website development for companies, high performance search in websites and management of payment when clients log into a site. They charge clients at a mid-level cost in the marketing provided. Secondary services offered on top of the core one are; Landing Page Optimization, Conversion Optimization and Digital Marketing.

White Shark Media has iMarine Inc., AStar Movers Texas and Platinum Pro Painters, Canada as their major clients. With these large companies and 600 others, the firm makes annual revenue of over 5 million dollars. They have 144 employees who are permanently hired and are under the leadership of the Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Lolk, Gary Garth who is the Chief Executive Officer and Tony Soares the leader of SEO and Web management.

Excellent provision of the services has made them have good responses from the customers and potential clients. The Lakeland Smile Experts in Florida have made more sales after teaming up with White Shark Media. Sale that could be made in a period of 10 years was accomplished in just a year.

3 people from White Shark are usually sent to ensure that the client gets the service that they needed. The certified marketers will give a world class client skill that is satisfactory. After getting the full marketing package, customers will be able to enjoy cheap, fixed fees that do not come with extra payments and they can continuously access their site.

There are many other upcoming companies that continue to commend White Shark Media for the fast moving advances in their private business. Commendations come from different sectors and countries in the world. New Jersey, Idaho, Missouri, UK and Florida have many companies that use their marketing support and so far their businesses are doing very well. Companies all over the USA love the way White Shark Media portrays their services to potential clients.

TechStyle Promoting Fashion Retailing Services

Technology, e-commerce, and fashion are topics that are exploding in the market. Nowadays everybody is mindful of their fashion, staying updated with the latest technology trend and conducting business from anywhere using a network. In 2016, retail e-commerce summed up to $ 72 billion and is expected to increase to $ 116 million by 2021. Startups and developed fashion companies use different ways to attract today’s savvy customers. Those innovative ways range from marketing via social media to adopting CRM technology.

Using membership programs is a model that has been used by many companies and has posed tremendous improvements. There is a promising company that has improved in the retail sales industry providing subscription programs. The company is known as TechStyle Fashion Group formerly known as JustFab founded in 2010 which is led by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg serving as co-Chief Executive Officers.

JustFab launched its first fashion membership program for footwear in 2010. Its VIP subscribers received 30% off retail pricing together with extraordinary promotions and products, free shipping and loyalty rewards points. In just two years, the company had won six million members and by 2012 JustFab had sold over 2.5 million pairs of shoes for the company.

After four years of successful marketing, JustFab had acquired Fabkids and ShoeDazzle products and were expanded to Germany, Britain and six other countries. It then launched Fabletics with the help of the fantastic Kate Hudson. In 2016 the company changed its name to TechStyle which has grown to take the retail and marketing industry to another level by integrating data science, membership commerce, and personalization into marketing.

Adam Goldenberg, a co-CE and co-founder of TechStyle is a prominent entrepreneur who began working at the age of 13 when he established an online bulletin that morphed into the gaming website Gamer’s Alliance. By 17 years, Adam had sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix which is the leading company on MySpace. After two years, Intermix offered Adam a work position in the company as the Chief Operating Officer at only 19 years of age.

After leaving Intermix, Goldenberg established Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce site which spawned other additional companies like JustFab and Dermstore. Don Ressler is also an entrepreneur who is well-known to be behind some successful companies. Mr. Ressler partnered with Adam, and they founded Intelligent Beauty when Adam was 19 years. Don Resseler is famous for his advice on entrepreneurship such as giving tips on how to come up with new and promising ideas.

The Growth of a Local Meat Processor to an International Brand

The OSI Group is one of the most successful global suppliers of meat and meat products. The company has been in operation since the early seventies, and during this time, they have expanded their reach far beyond the places where others imagined they could have. The men who take up the top leadership of the company are Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO of the Group, and David McDonald, the president of the company.

The company was started in the early seventies by a German migrant farmer. When he started it, he named it Otto& Sons. His main aim was to create a business that would provide ready meat to the activities in the locale, and especially the McDonalds. The founder of the company probably never envisioned a future where the company would become one of the largest suppliers of processed meats and other deli products in the country. After a few years in the business, the bank that was involved in the investment started seeing the potential. They spoke to Sheldon Lavin who was by then an advisor for the company and asked him to consider coming on board as a manager. He had reservations because he was not involved in the original making of the group. However, after deliberations with the owner, he agreed to join the company.

Many people say that it is the expertise that Sheldon Lavin brought to this company that made it the success it has become today. He has envisioned a great future for the company right from the start. He put in place strategies that would help the expansion of the business from the little business that it was to a global brand. His efforts as a manager have paid off substantially because currently, the business has established its presence in more than 20 countries. They are forming business partnerships in Asia, the Philippines, India, the Middle East and Africa. The company currently employs more than 20,000 people globally.

The business ideal at the OSI Group has always been based on providing the best assistance to their customers. The leadership of the company believes that this can only be achieved when their employees are happy. To reduce employee turnover and create brand loyalty, they have introduced incentives such as educational programs for their employees and the possibility of career development when they graduate. The company plans to expand their influence even more and become the best in their niche.

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Sheldon Lavin Has A Unique Way Of Running OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a multinational meat processing company that has gone from a local Chicago wholesale company to now having operations in 17 different countries. Most of the vision for their growth came from CEO Sheldon Lavin, who was just honored this last year at Global Vision Academy’s ceremony with the Global Visionary award. The story behind the award is how Lavin entered an industry he didn’t know much about, but was able to grow company from knowing how to manage money, and even more so investing in the well-being of the people there.

Sheldon Lavin spent many years in investment banking, and then moved from there into independent consulting. It was while doing that that he met OSI Group’s original owners, the Kolschowskys. Their company was then known as Otto & Sons, and it had started as a small Chicago butcher shop and grew into a big wholesale market company. Lavin was asked to help rearrange the finances of the company, and he also helped raise funds to open new processing centers as part of the demands of the company’s partner, McDonalds restaurants. Within a few years, Lavin was asked to come on as a full-time executive, but he didn’t want to leave his consulting firm. But after being offered an ownership stake and granted permission to manage the company as he saw fit, Lavin accepted with the vision to make it bigger than ever. By 1975 the company had become known as Otto & Sons and in 1978 its first overseas investment was made in Germany.

Lavin has managed OSI Group for nearly 50 years, and even though he’s over 80 years old he loves what he is doing so much, he doesn’t even consider quitting. Lavin says OSI Group has done well thanks to taking an interest in people and hearing their feedback and concerns, and he says the company really doesn’t consider its culture to be corporate at all. But Lavin also is involved in philanthropy and values volunteering his time at local Chicago charities including the Boys & Girls Club, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Jewish United Fund. Lavin is also a member of the North American Meat Institute.

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Tech enthusiast, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is one person who believes that technological innovations will be great in the future. Jason Hope who is an entrepreneur, futurist and an author say that technology in the near future will be hit by the biggest wave of innovation to have ever happened in the history. He believes that there is the high likelihood that the Internet of Things technology will be implemented. As a tech commentator, he regularly writes through his Tech.Co blog about the future of technology. People who follow him closely say that he is very accurate on the direction technological innovations will take. This time, he believes that the Internet of Things Technology is happening.

The internet of things technology is a technology that will make it possible for electronic devices to connect and share data among themselves. Jason Hope talks about every conceivable device having the capability of connecting to other devices. Internet of Things will make it possible to connect all the devices we use daily to perform various tasks. Jason Hope says that it will be possible for all devices that will be used to sync data. This will reduce the wastages that currently happens with the present technologies used. It will also make it possible to perform tasks with greater efficiencies than before. Jason Hope adds that the impact of the internet of things will be felt by everyone. Those in the business sector will most likely feel the greatest impact on the Internet of Things technology will bring big changes in the manner in which business is carried out, and more information click here.

According to Jason Hope., it will be very hard for the corporations to resist the Internet of Things. It will be so influential that instead, companies will be competing to on which can come up with the best devices to be used for this technology. This competition that will lead to the development of devices that will all be working according to the rules of the Internet of Things. This competition will be healthy for the development this technology. It will speed up that rate at which it will be implanted.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, and a philanthropist. Born in Scottsdale, Arizona, he has been working closely with schools in the region for mentorship programs. He went to the Arizona State University where he acquired masters in business administration.

Part of his work is to study technological advancements and make predictions on the economic effects they are likely to produce.

The Most Active VCs In The Internet Of Things And Their Investments In One Infographic#IoT

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 14, 2016

The Connection which Exists between Hussain Sajwani and the Current President

There is a lot that has been said about the state dinner that was held at the beginning of this year. The media houses were abuzz with news of those who had participated in the process, and their connection to the businessman turned president, Donald Trump. One of the names that drew the attention of many is Hussain Sajwani. Trump implied that there were some business deals they were discussing with Sajwani, and now everyone wants to know who Hussain is and the role that he plays in the entire process. Here is what you may not know about Hussain.


Hussain is a billionaire who owns the DAMAC Group which is located in the United Arab Emirates. He has been in the real estate industry for the past 20 years. Hussain has concentrated on the creation of luxury real estate, and now his business has expanded its reach to the entire Middle East. The cities where he is operational include Dubai, Doha, Beirut, and even London. The DAMAC owner is estimated to have a net worth of around $4 billion. He has been working on some projects for several other businessmen, and the most recent project that he completed was a golf resort for the Trumps. This state of the art golfing complex was opened earlier this year, and among the people who attended the function were Trump’s sons.


The real estate developer believes in hard work and resilience to succeed in investing. He has in the past invested in other businesses and has also worked in other companies. There was a time that he was an employee of GASCO, which is under ADNOC. The Hussain Sajwani Family is, therefore, one of the most prominent in the Middle East, and one of the most successful in business.


Hussain is also a philanthropist and a source of inspiration to many in the society. He is a member of the board in one of the leading Universities in Jordan. Hussain has in the past collaborated with organizations such as the Red Cross to bring water to the less fortunate. He is an inspirational and transformation oriented leader. Learn more:


Clay Siegall, CEO and Chief Founder of Seattle Genetics in Washington DC

Clay Siegall is the CEO and Chief Founder of Seattle Genetics since its establishment in 1998. He is also the chairperson of the board of directors in his company. Dr. Siegall graduated from Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics and a B.S. in zoology from the University of Maryland. Clay Siegall holds many other titles in different organizations that he has worked with. In 2011, under his leadership, Seattle Genetics built an Antibody-based cancer therapy that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in U.S. His company operates with more than 675 million dollars since 2001.

Between 1991 and 1997, Dr. Siegall was operating as a pharmacist in the Research Institution in Bristol-Myers. Before then he worked with National Cancer Institute between 1988 and 1991. He is also in the Board of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, which is a private company. Above all, Dr. Clay Siegall is an author, and he has managed to publish more than 70 books.

Seattle Genetics is ranked as the largest biotech in Washington D.C. The company has over 900 employees and boasts a market value of nearly 10 million dollars. The company is aimed at expanding and creating more work for young and learned youths. It expects to add 200 employees as we speak. The Chief Founder and Director Dr. Siegall is passionate about the company, and the pipeline of drugs they produce is a sure deal that he is not going to sell the biotech firm. Recently, Dr. Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland to help Seattle Genetics to perform its international marketing efficiently.

Dr. Clay Siegall is focused on drug production and other complexities that may be existing in the international market. He is ready to fill the gap of drug scarcity and therapy across the globe. In February 2017, Dr. Siegall spent 2 million dollars to get global rights to commercialize cancer drug that was developed by the Jersey-based firm. Thereafter, Dr. Siegall managed the case and was in a position to deliver a new cancer drug into the global market.

The company has grown in the last 18 years from a share of 20 dollars to 66 dollars. It has also improved from a capital of 418 million dollars to 46% by 2014. The company has concentrated on producing an antibody drug conjugate also known as ADC. Other than ADC, there are other drugs that the company is largely producing that include Adcetris, number 33A, 22ME and LIV1.

Combining Industry Expertise plus a Strong Focus to Serve Clients

According to the recent article on the, NexBank SSB, a Dallas-based regional bank, was pleased to announce that it was a sponsor of the world’s largest regional fund for women, the Dallas Women’s thirty-second Annual Luncheon. Through a donation of 100,000 dollars, NexBank would support the foundation to advance the economic security and leadership of women. The 2017 Annual Luncheon was scheduled for Oct. 20 at the Dallas-based Hilton Anatole Hotel.

The luncheon was to feature a keynote speech from one of the Top 100 Influential People published by the TIME Magazine, Dr. Hope Jahren, who is an award-winning scientist as well as the best-selling author. The keynote speech was to be live-streamed to a total of 20 schools and more than 10,000 students across North Central Texas.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation usually hosts the luncheon yearly with over 1,300 civic, business, as well as community leaders in attendance. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is known to be the biggest regional women’s fund worldwide as well as a trusted leader in improving positive economic and social change for girls as well as women.

Nexbank is headquartered in the city of Dallas in the U.S. state of Texas. It is known to be the twelfth largest bank in TX. It also takes number 179 largest bank in the United States. Nexbank was founded in the year 1934, and since June 2017, the bank had grown to a total of 87 employees at three locations. The company’s money market rates are three times the national average. Additionally, Nexbank has a rating of an A in health.

NexBank has 6.4 billion dollars in assets since June 30, 2017. It delivers commercial banking, institutional services, as well as mortgage banking primarily to financial institutions and institutional clients plus middle-market companies, large corporations, as well as real estate investors.

The team of the NexBank executive management combines industry expertise plus a strong focus to serve their customers to offer to lead financial service abilities to institutional, corporate, as well as individual clients. Led by James Dondero, who is the chairman, Co-Founder, as well as the Highland Capital Management President, the directors of the Nexbank brings a breadth of leadership and management experience as well as a strong dedication to the success of the company.

Inspirational Words of David Giertz

From April 3, 2013, David Giertz, also referred to as Dave, has been working at Nationwide Life Insurance Company as the senior vice president, nationwide financial distribution, and sales. From March 2013, David Giertz has served as president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. In most nationwide companies, David Giertz performs as president, senior vice president, and director.

At Nationwide Investment Services Corporation situated in Dublin, Ohio, David Giertz also works as a financial advisor and is a licensed broker. This firm takes part in brokerage consisting of purchase and sale of securities. David has practical skills in the financial industry for more than three decades, making him one of the best financial advisors in the US.

David Giertz Advise to Those Willing to Invest for the Future

David Giertz has stated that it is a challenge to put up funds for use after someone retirements even in the circumstance where one is highly paid. The reason for his statement is that one can never really tell the exact funds that will cover them for the entire retirement period, remembering that they are going to use more funds than they are making.

David also points out that the thought of setting aside funds for retirement is pleasing in the beginning until one discovers the amount that may be inadequate and is forced to explore other income generating activities to insure them against financial instability. David agrees that investment can be an option when looking to generate income. To succeed in investment, he advises that one must have knowledge of his wants during the retirement and ensure he has adequate funds to cater for them. He advises the use of brokerage accounts, stating that an individual is able to have freedom on whatever amount he invests and also have no restrictions while making withdrawals.

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