Dr. David Samadi Announces Interview For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. David Samadi works at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. He is the hospital’s Chief of Robotic Surgery and its Chairman of Urology. He is also the host of a called Sunday Housecall LIVESTREAM which airs on a weekly basis. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month he will interview another doctor with extensive experience in the field of caring for those with breast cancer. This other doctor, Dr. CynaraCoomer, works at Northwell Health State Island University Hospital as its Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center and as the Chief of Breast Surgery.

Dr. David Samadi chose Dr. Coomer for this interview because she is both a former colleague of his and is acknowledged as one of the top experts on breast health in the world. She has been a breast surgeon for many years and will be a great source of information during the interview. When discussing the upcoming interview Dr. Coomer said that she was excited to discuss this important issue with Dr. Samadi and wanted to educate people about how important medical issues such as breast cancer as well as prostate health.

It was at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that Dr. Samadi completed his fellowship training in 2002. He trained in cancers that typically affect men including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer. For almost five years he worked at Columbia Presbyterian as their Director of Laparoscopic Surgery. He joined Mount Sinai Medical Center in May 2007 as the Chief of Robotic Surgery. He also eventually was elevated to the role of also serving as the Vice Chair of Urology at this institution.

As a medical expert when it comes to various forms of cancer, Dr. David Samadi has appeared on the Fox News Channel for eight and a half years. He has served as medical consultant and contributor to this channel where he shares the latest research and information about cancer to his viewers.

Over the course of his career, Dr. David Samadi has completed almost 7,000 robotic prostate surgeries. At Lenox Hill Hospital he has put in place equipment with the latest technology incorporated into it. He has also put in place a top-notch staff of physicians, medical assistants, and nurses who have attained the latest training in regards to robotic surgery.

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DrDavidSamadi/

Get Your Unicorn On With Lime Crime

With the new fascination with everything unicorn, it should come as no surprise that the best in the beauty business are finding ways to incorporate this into their looks, and their products. One cosmetic brand known for its vibrant and colorful lip and eye shades has taken their dive into the whimsical land of fantasy hair. Doe Deer, CEO of the brand, has long referred to her customers and fans as unicorns, because of her belief that they, like unicorns, are bold, beautiful, and free. Her goal has always been to inspire others to be themselves, no matter how different, you are unique. Since its launch in the fall of 2008, Lime Crime has committed themselves to creating unique, eye-catching shades for their followers in the form of lipstick and eye shadow, but no look is ever complete without unicorn hair!

After three years of planning, the makers behind the thriving cosmetic line are ready to introduce the new addition to the cosmetic color family. After launching their first thirteen shades of hyper-performance hair color, they have just released a second influx of bold, vibrant colors. In addition to the eight new colors, customers also now have the option of choosing between two different formulas. For more vibrant, fully saturated colors, try the full coverage formula, and for a more soft and subtle, go for the tint formula. Each shade s formulated to start out vibrant, and fade naturally over time.

As always, all Lime Crime products are certified 100% Vegan and cruelty-free, giving fans a chance to experiment with their look, without the unnecessary harming of animals. With more than 20 shades to choose from, there’s sure to be a look for everyone. So, go ahead, take a dive into the land of fantasy, and get your unicorn on with Lime Crime.

The Success Story of U.S. Money Reserve

Over the years, natural disasters have been affecting the living conditions of people across the world. Recently, the United States of America has been at the center of battling with one of the most horrifying hurricanes to have ever hit the country in many years.

As such, more attention was drawn to Texas where people where displaced and others injured in the Hurricane Harvey. U.S. Reserve has come in to help the victims of the disaster by partnering with Austin Disaster Relief Network in the provision of social amenities.

The central area of focus is to enable the resident regains their livelihood by providing financial assistance, transportation, temporary housing facilities and spiritual support.

U.S. Money Reserve has taken the responsibility of assisting because it was first established in Texas and later moved to other towns thus feeling indebted. The company has many employees who live in Austin and were significantly affected by the Hurricane Harvey.

Through the partnership, the company aims at establishing a relief fund where all the donation will go towards providing emergency healthcare services, financial assistance among others. The contribution is expected to run entire September and is projecting to get over $100,000.

The hurricane hit close to many homes in Texas leaving a chain of destruction, which prompted the involvement of organization to offer humanitarian assistance.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest and oldest companies in the United States of America distributing government-issued gold coins, silver, and bronze. The company has developed its reputation over an extended period, which has accorded it outstanding stature in the society. U.S. Money Reserve has invested in professional staff that has ensured quality gold coins are issued to customers and with excellent service delivery.

Customers have also developed trust in the organization where they have purchased precious metals that have been beneficial to them by putting them in a financial position.

The metals have an advantage of retaining the market price despite fluctuation brought about by inflation. As such, it is a wise investment for people yearning to make long-term investments.

U.S. Reserve has built a brand name and increased the customer base significantly in the recent years. The company has served over 400,000 clients since its inception making it among the best performing entities. It is advisable to invest in the precious metals because they are a sure way of having your money secured for future use.

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Napa Valley and other Wine Destinations that Travelling Vineyards’ Wine Guides Learn About

A mention of the words “Napa Valley” immediately elicits gratifying emotions in the minds of wine lovers. Napa Valley is, without doubt, one of the premier wine regions of the globe. The region’s wine production history dates back to two centuries ago; experience matters in wine production.

Napa Valley is popular with wine marketing companies such as Traveling Vineyard. In fact, the company’s Wine Guides have explored the region so much that they have identified some amazing destinations unknown to casual tourists and newcomers. The Guides are pleased to announce that Napa Valley is a full-fledged tourist destination that harbors more than just grapes, wine, wineries, and an amazing landscape.

Napa Valley is home to Silverado Cooking School. Wine lovers love good food, and the cooking school provides just that: fantastic food. Tourists whose culinary skills are below par have a chance to be trained by the renowned Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. The chef is knowledgeable in basic preparation methods and advanced techniques. What’s more, guests get to enjoy the meal they helped prepare.

Travelling Vineyard notes that while tourists enjoy wine in Napa Valley, they can visit the Napa Art Walk. The center is famous for 3-D art. The center’s art pieces are masterpieces of the world respected artists. Tourists are free to purchase whatever piece of art excites them, and a portion of their cash is directed towards funding future shows.

Napa Valley’s landscape is breathtaking. Some tourists often wonder how the region looked like several years in the past. Tourists who know nothing about the Napa Valley Historical Society never get their questions answered. However, the adventurous ones like the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides understand about the society which oozes knowledge regarding Napa Valley’s past. Also, the organization facilitates lectures and tours manned by local historians. Visitors who visit the Napa Valley Historical Society leave the area with their curiosity quenched.

Travelling Vineyard’s Wine Guides understanding of Napa Valley and other global wine destinations attracts envy and admiration in equal measure. However, every wine lover has a chance to become a Travelling Vineyard’s Wine Guide. Starting out is simple as aspiring Guides need to purchase the company’s Success Kit which retails for $189. The Kit has everything pertaining to becoming one of the company’s Wine Guides. One interesting thing about the company is that Wine Guides get to earn and learn about wine in an interesting manner.

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Greg Secker, the CEO Who Can’t Be Stopped

Ever since Greg Secker was a little boy, all he always knew what he wanted to do and went ahead and did it. And growing up with that kind of limitless mentality, Greg has made sure that he was climbing up the ladder of success, breaking down one barrier after the next. At the age of forty-two, he still isn’t showing any signs of stopping yet.

He began making a significant change when he started his own company back in 2003. Despite starting small, his business began hosting financial trading seminars on international forums gaining ground in countries such as Ghana, Australia, New Zealand as well as the Philippines among many others. This kind of dedication is what landed him the prestigious 2009 national business award which was just but a start to many that would follow.

Apart from being a forex acumen, Greg Secker also takes pride in helping others by improving the quality of their lives. To do this, he set up a non-profit organization and has shown tremendous support to the people worldwide. An example of his organization improving the quality of lives was with the “Build A House, Build A Home” project that helped the Philippines during the Typhoon Yolanda tragedy.

In a recent interview with CEO/CFO, Greg Secker made it clear that he isn’t a “why guy, but a why not guy.” And it is because of having such kind of attitude that he has managed to build an entire empire around it. He also said that the whole point for starting the Greg Secker Foundation was to instill essential life skills to young people early. He says that this is to avoid shocking them with the crude reality later in life as it is the case with most people.

And thanks to his dedication and sheer hard work, Greg Secker bagged the British Telecom Award for Innovation in E-Commerce in 1998. The latter was awarded to him after successfully creating a virtual trading desk which is an active online forex trading platform. The same kind of hard work is what saw him become the Vice President at Melon Financial Corporation at 25.

Moving Forward with Sheldon Lavin

People who run businesses want to become successful, and they do everything in their power for it to happen. Business has become more competitive than ever, and people are learning new skills as they go. Business practices have changed. And with rules and regulations coming in place, it is important that companies follow these things. OSI Group started the work, and their focus was always on quality. OSI Group works in the field of food processing and distribution, and they put their efforts into delivering customer experience and awareness in different areas. OSI Group is a food processing company, and they take their commitments seriously and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

The person steering the ship is Sheldon Lavin who has extensive experience in the field. They care about the company, the product and about the message they are sending out. If a company works with catering or hospitality, the quality standards must be very high. It is an international requirement. People working in the industry have to follow certain rules to ensure that the standards are kept high and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

OSI Group is working hard to make sure they deliver the highest level of service. They supplied the Olympic Games with different kinds of meat depending on the demand. OSI Group has had quite a journey. They started out with small orders, and now they work with the Burger King and other prominent food retailers and read full article.

However, the most important part is not the money. It is the connection with people. The hospitality industry has changed a lot. So had the food industry. OSI Group is a company that has been around since the 1030s, and there are company values in place to follow for all the new people discovering the company just now.

The company has a significant presence in Asia, and they have recently celebrated an anniversary. Although it might go unnoticed, it is important to mark achievements. Business finds out that going online is helpful for the firm and smart businesses will go online. OSI Group keeps supplying their clients with the best quality meat, and when they worked for the Olympics, there were no complaints which were a significant accomplishment and resume him.

Sheldon Lavin is a hand on proud CEO who works hard to make sure the standards are high, and the customer service keeps their job up to date as well. It is important to him to ensure the clients that the company complies with the industry standards and cares about the outcome of the service and Sheldon Lavin on Facebook.

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Igor Cornelsen Describes The Main Points Of Brazilian Banking

The first main point laid out by former Brazilian banker, Igor Cornelsen is that Brazil has ten major players in its banking system. They include both private as well as state or government owned financial institutions. The major banking players also include both commercial and investment banks. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: http://igorcornelsenbr.snappages.com/

One of the most interesting players in Brazil’s banking system is Banco Itau says Cornelsen. The bank merged with Unibanco, which is another Brazilian bank, back in 2008. The newly merged bank is now experiencing rapid growth and should be monitored by investors in Brazil. The other major Brazilian players include Banrisul, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Banco Bradesco, Banco J Safra and BTG Pactual.

Igor Cornelsen also notes that Brazil has a number of multinational banks among its top ten banking players. They include the likes of HSBC, Santander and Citibank Brazil.

The next major point that Cornelsen describes about Brazil’s banking system is that there could be major sweeping changes in the financial system with a new finance minister.

Cornelsen believes that Joaquim Levy, the new finance minister will be more conservative in his fiscal policies. This could greatly aid banks and make it easier to do business.

Mr. Cornelsen says that Joaquim Levy should pass policies that will be beneficial for the private banking industry. However, there is a word of caution. It remains to be seen whether any real reform or change in fiscal policy occurs at the finance ministry level. What is certain is that there will no longer be the populist failed economic policy of Dilma Rousseff, which were a disaster economically and financially for Brazil. Read more: Igor Cornelsen Identifies 5 Ways Businesses Can Organize To Be More Successful

The third major point of Brazil’s banking system is to look at Brazil’s largest trade partner. This is China. The Chinese import large quantities of Brazilian raw materials. A booming Chinese economy can have a positive and negative impact on Brazil depending on how you look at it says Cornelsen.

When the Chinese economy is strong, raw material exports can fetch higher prices in Chinese markets. This can benefit the mining, logging and farming industry. On the other hand, China is increasingly becoming competitive in Latin America for the export of manufactured goods. A rising Chinese economy can put Brazilian manufacturers out of business and decrease their revenue.

OSI Industries, the sustainable food processing Company

The food industry is a very wide and interesting place to be in as it is very vast in its operations and improvements for sustainability and improvement always come up. The OSI Industries has not fallen short of their goals in this industry. It is a multi-dollar company that focuses on food processing and distribution in various parts of the world. The types of products it offers are of quality. They have expanded significantly since they took on the market and are now one of the global leaders in the food processing industry.

The OSI Industries’ President David McDonald, is a renowned leader who has had a significant impact on the expansion of the Company. Together with their suppliers, they are working on providing their clients with organic and natural foods as they work towards further expansion. They have done their research extensively and know the needs of the people in the field. OSI Industries focus on providing affordable, quality and healthy food products to the markets they serve. The variety they provide is extensive to make sure they are covering their market base substantially. This Company is well spread across more than 15 countries and is still working on a further expansion process.

Due to their fast expansion and the need to satisfy the market demand, they purchased the Chicago based food plant, Tyson Foods. The products they provide include marinades, fillings for sandwiches, poultry products, and dressings among others. Baho Food was another acquisition that the OSI Industries made as part of their growth and expansion strategy in Europe. The company was going to increase the line of product portfolio as well as help in the provision for the growing demand.

OSI Industries headquarters is in Aurora but they do not operate on one product to satisfy all their customers. They have different products that they offer depending on the market and preferences of the customers while taking culture seriously. OSI Industries has always used the need on the ground to expand their operations. As much as the economy has been on a roller-coaster, OSI Industries has managed to use its strategic and marketing plans to stay at the top of the industry for years. The type of technology they use is high end to make sure that their products are fit for consumption. As much the OSI Industries is focused on food processing, they also participate in philanthropic activities such as its charity towards Feeding America. Its growth makes an impact towards the whole community as a whole.

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One of the Most Experienced Cardiologists in NYC: Edward Honig

A cardiologist is a primary doctor who specializes in the prevention and treatment of heart diseases and any abnormality of the heart and the blood vessels. These kinds of specialists are fully trained to handle abnormalities in the cardiovascular system. They can also perform minor heart surgeries if necessary. Skilled surgeons mostly do necessary but larger operations.

Heart diseases and conditions are chronic diseases. They only need to be managed by a professional. Once a person learns about their heart condition, it is vital to seek professional advice as soon as they come across it so that they can start medication. When they are under medication, the heart condition is properly managed to prevent death.

What Cardiologists do

Precautionary Medicine, Diagnosis, and Treatment

It is the role of cardiologists to educate their patients on the precautions to take to avoid getting heart conditions. Through physical examinations, cardiologist’s duty is to assess the current health of a patient. If there is a problem identified, patients are put on medication immediately and are advised on the best diet to stick take. It is also the duty of a cardiologist to provide advice on the best lifestyle practices to hold to when patients attend their routine visits.

It is said that prevention is way much better than cure. This statement is very true. Visiting your cardiologist regularly is important. Early detection of heart conditions can save you from the risks that come with the heart diseases. Once the condition is detected early, the cardiologist can put you on medication to prevent the condition from being a full blown disease. The heart disease could be treated or managed at an early stage.

Some of the Cardiovascular Conditions that can be Managed by a Cardiologist

Coronary Artery disease is a condition whereby the arteries narrow.

Vascular disease

Heart failure

Heart attack

Dr. Edward Honig, MD is 90 years old man who is specialized internal medicine, who practices in Glen Cove hospital, in Glen Clove, New York city 11542 departments of Medicine and he has been practicing being a cardiologist for an outstanding 66 years. He is a cardiologist who is licensed to practice medicine in New York.His New York State Medical license period is 1952- 2013.

Dr. Edward Honig attended a medical school, Duke University School Of Medicine where he graduated in 1951. He later did his internship at New York Hospital and completed his internship in 1952. He completed his Residency Hospital in New York Hospital in 1956. In 1955 he completed Fellowship Hospital in Yale. Dr. Edward Honig specialty is Internal Medicine, and his spoken language is English.

When it comes to awards Dr. Edward Honig is not one to be left out, he has a Healthgrades Honor Roll. He has zero malpractice claims, zero sanctions, and zero board actions and at the same time, he has no media or publications listed. These are some of the reasons among others why I would recommend Dr. Edward Honig to people in New York.

IDLife For The I-Deal Life That You Deserve

Society today has become a totally health conscious environment. People are actually trying to eat better, become more active and engaging. Whether you are dieting, need that energy boost for a workout, or just want a nutritious snack, ID Life has exactly what you need. ID Life is a vitamin and diet supplement that is tailored especially for your needs and way of life. ID Life is a fairly new company, but it has been ranked very high in the health supplement category. It is a natural products contains no fillers and is vegetables based. An amazing fact about this phenomenal product is that it can be delivered to your front door.

Before the expert staff designs your personalized nutrition supplement, you will need to give a little background about yourself. They will need to know what your general health is like, or if you have health concerns. They will then put together a vitamin supplement package that is just right for you. It will give you the most beneficial supplement experience. This brand comes in shakes, nutrition bars, and liquid. It includes a variety of flavors for you to choose from. You can use them as an addition to meals, or as a meal replacement. All products are casein and gluten free. Manage your weight with supplements and vitamins that will have you feeling great and looking good.

The IDLife nutrition and supplement also have other products to help with your changing lifestyle and weight loss journey. They offer day and night skin creams and skin serum. For keeping up with the time, they have watch and stop watches. Stay hydrated with the refreshing energizing liquid. Most of the shakes, bars, and chews are also available for kids so that the entire family can enjoy healthy living. All vitamins and supplement come in customer packs and on the go packs. The pre supplement assessment is at no cost to you. IDLife wants your changing lifestyle to be healthy and full of energy.

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