Cassio Audi – Leadership and Financial Proficiency

Mr Cassio Audi has more than two decades working in the field of Finance. He has amassed an experience with startups, private equity funds, Private and public companies, global organisations. Over the years Mr Cassio Audi has contributed to many businesses and startup businesses. He has worked at many positions assuming the responsibilities of a leader and providing his skills to the business and its growth.


Mr Cassio Audi has an excellent set of competencies. He is versed at operating businesses that lead to streamlined growth and rapid increase in revenue. He has excellent leadership skills and is versed in negotiation and communication with clients. Other qualifications that Mr Cassio Audi possesses are Business Planning, Modelling and Analysis, Resource Management, IPO, Fundraising, M&A & Investor Relations, Accounting & Financial Management.


Mr Cassio Audi used to work at JP Morgan Chase as a Trader from 1992 to 1996. He was a Sr. Financial Analyst at Dow Chemicals for a bit more than a year. He held a position at Gillett as a Finance Director until 2008. Mr Cassio Audi has also worked for companies such as Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. as a Chief Financial Officer, Rossi Residential as a Chief financial officer and investor relations officer. He was promoted to the position of a CEO at Rossi Commercial Properties.

Hufnagel: The Youthful Basketball Coach Sensation

Yanni Hufnagel is a Jew from Scarsdale. While in high school, he was dropped from the basketball team. Hufnagel graduated from Cornell and now lives in Boston where he ekes a living working as Harvard’s assistant basketball coach

Hufnagel’s Achievements

Under Yanni Hufnagel’s management, Harvard managed to win the Ivy League and also produced a phenomenal player, Jeremy Lin. In a sports survey by CBS in 2011, Hufnagel was selected as the assistant coach who is destined to be a huge success because of his excellent recruiting skills. Hufnagel has confessed how as a kid, he enjoyed reading coaching books and playing with figurines of basketball players.

Cornell’s freshmore year at Cornell was spent as a manager of a basketball team. He managed to work as an intern for the “New Jersey Nets”. He was mainly involved with laundry pickup but he got a break soon after graduation when he was appointed as assistant to the basketball coach of the Oklahoma team, Jeff Capel. He spent two years here before moving to Harvard where he served as a volunteer. Yanni Hufnagel is soon going to get the job he has been dreaming of. He has gained a wealth of knowledge working under Amaker, the current head coach for Harvard. Considering his 79-24 record during the four seasons he has been in the team, he is definitely on his way to become head coach.

Hufnagel’s Work Profile

Hufnagel moved to the Harvard Crimson basketball program in 2009 where he worked as the assistant coach. He is mostly appreciated for his efforts in developing Wesley Saunders and Jeremy Lin. In 2013, he moved to Vanderbilt Commodores where he became assistant coach. He left the program one year later to join the California Golden Bears. As one of the coaching staff for the team, Yanni Hufnagel is recognized for his role in persuading Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown to move into the team. The dual helped the Golden Bears in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. He resigned from the Golden Bears and in April 2016, he accepted a position as assistant coach, with Eric Musselman, for the “University of Nevada” Wolf Pack.


Why White Shark is a Leader of Digital Marketing

It true that technology has advanced. Many companies are looking for ways in which they can ensure that they are relevant in the today’s business environment. Remember that there is stiff competition in business and if a firm does not go hand in hand with the advanced technology, it may be left behind since the traditional marketing methods may not apply. Companies that have not empress technology are not in good shape. They are not reaching clients from around the globe. Technology has enabled businesses to expand and even give services across the whole world. If your company does not work with the latest marketing tips, it is not going to the right direction.


However, as it goes necessity is the mother of invention. Other experts have emerged with the solutions for digital marketing issues. A notable company that is doing well in the field is White Shark Media which is proving solutions globally. The experts who started this company are Gary Garth and Alexander Nygart among other co-founders. They wanted to come with ways of ensuring that corporations can market their products and services in an online platform without having to go through much pain. With White Shark Media, all your problems are solved, and you are ready to enjoy a digital platform after you are now established.


While many firms may not be able to succeed in this field, White Shark Media have reached and are getting positive reviews from a variety of customers across the world. They have succeeded because of their way of providing services. They want to see every organization succeed in online marketing and that is why they do everything to make their customers happy. They are also experts since they have been working with technology for years, so they know what your company needs to build an online presence. There are already customers who are enjoying these services. Start today by contacting them through their website.

Improve Your Looks With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery can make one look better and younger. With Dr. Walden, a fellowship trained cosmetic surgeon and a duly registered practitioner, bringing back youth is possible. Wrinkly faces, you will agree, have a way of communicating the wrong message to others.


The Facelift Procedure

Gravity and the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life all have a way of making one look older and tired all the time. Facelifts make one look many years younger. What happens is that the muscles are tightened and fat is removed along with sagging skin. Patients who benefit the most from face lifts are out to correct deep wrinkles under their eyes, loose skin lying under the chin, crises betwixt the nose and the mouth and midface sagging. The technical term for a facelift is rhytidectomy.

Nose Job

Apart from the facelift, one can also get a nose job, otherwise known as rhinoplasty. This procedure is meant to augment one’s nose. The procedure can also be done to reduce one’s nose and reshape the same, so that general appearance is augmented. Rhinoplasty will also help in removing humps on the nose and narrowing the width of nostrils. The procedure also corrects injury and birth defects that negatively influence breathing. Its helps in treating breathing problems that are caused by the deviation of septum.

With the latest technology at her disposal, Dr. Walden helps her clients define the outcomes they are interested in seeing. The Vectra is a three dimensional imaging piece of technology that is helpful in the nose job procedure.


Walden started working at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrell Aston. After the end of her fellowship at the hospital, she worked for another seven years in New York. Her career grew so much that she was listed in Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 beauty surgeons in 2014.

Walden featured in as an ASAPS spokesperson on a Daily Mail writ on labiaplasty surgery. Later, she was recognized by American Way as one of the best plastic surgeons in all of America. She serves as a consultant for several aesthetic companies like ThermiAesthetics, Ideal implant and Venus Concept among others.


Can’t Fall Asleep? Check Out Wengie’s Awesome Sleep Hacks!


A lot of people have problems going to sleep nowadays. Even YouTube star Wengie admits that racing thoughts often keep her from enjoying a full night’s sleep. Thankfully, she’s discovered a few tips over the years to help her fall into dreamland with ease. In one of Wengie’s latest videos, she shares some of her most effective “sleep hacks.”


Wengie’s first tip is to put on some headphones and listen to a white noise track. White noise has been proven to both put the brain into a state of deep relaxation and block out distracting outside noises. If white noise doesn’t work for you, you could also try out binaural beats, raindrop sounds, ambient sounds, brown noise, and even pink noise.


If you’re into spiritual matters, you’ve probably heard about the “third eye.” Our “third eye” is located in the center of our forehead just above our two normal eyes. Wengie suggests applying gentle pressure to this point to induce a state of deep relaxation. She also says you could put a bit of jasmine oil onto this spot to relax even deeper.


Wengie’s next tip is to blink rapidly for at least one minute. Since you’re tiring out your eyelids, they will naturally want to stay closed once you’re done with this mini-eye exercise.


Another great tip Wengie shares in this video is to set your thermostat to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists have proven that this is the ideal temperature for the human body to fall asleep in.


For those out there who like meditation, Wengie’s next life hack will be right up your alley. She suggests lying down and doing a “full body sweep” mediation. This basically means focusing on the tips of your toes and slowly working your way up to the crown of your head. You can tense and release each muscle as you pass by if you’re having trouble releasing any bodily tension.


Lastly, people who like warm drinks before bedtime should definitely consider drinking a cup of warm soy milk with a spoonful of honey. Wengie says this combination is ideal for inducing a naturally calm state of mind.

Learn more about WEngie:


What The Future of Fashionable Technology Holds, According to Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a great entrepreneur with a wide array of businesses. He has created over fifty companies and sold them after they are fully operational. Chris Burch has over 40 years experience in business, and the experience Chris has acquired helps him a lot in forming successful companies. He has budding enterprises in luxury products, technology and in the hotel industry.


Chris Burch’s entrepreneurship journey began at Ithaca College in 1976 when he was a student. He has worked with his brother among other entrepreneurs creating new businesses and selling them at a profit. Eagle’s Eye apparel is among the firm that Chris has developed he invested $2000 and Bob his brother contributed the rest they grew the company and later sold it to Swire Group at $165million. After the sale of Eagle’s Eye he invested in Capital Group a company that was among the first firms that were offering internet services.


Chris Burch’s strengths grew while working in these businesses and he knew that to be able to give consumers great products an entrepreneur has to be very innovative and creative. Chris is currently running Burch Creative in the position of company CEO, he founded the company, and the company focus is to develop brands that give consumers products that are unique. His firm deals in lifestyle brands that impact lives of the clients for a long time. Chris Burch’s business success is attributed to his ability to understand consumer behaviors and offering what they need most. Among the brands that Burch Creative sells in are home furnishings, Little Duck Organics and Soludos among others.


Chris Burch employs the best techniques in branding, and this makes his products very appealing to customers. The aspects of branding in any business cannot be overlooked because no matter how good a product is a buyer will not be attracted to buy if it is not branded in the right way. Chris Burch has the capabilities of sourcing capital for his business from the most reliable sources, and he believes that the success of any enterprise is affected by your financial partners.



The Wines From UKV PLC Project

I’m writing about the wine from UKV PLC. This is the first I’ve heard about this topic as well as the name UKV PLC since most wines are either made in France or California. I choose this topic because it tells us more about the company and their variety of wines. Most celebrities that I’ve watched on TV admitted that they drink wine. Some people drink it on special occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

Most of these companies uses letters and words for their names. The UKV PLC are a small team of fine wine consultants from the UK who can help people pick out the right wine for any occasion. The kind of wines that the UKV PLC carry are Dom Perignon, Lafite Rothschild, Gruaud-LaRose, Margaux, and Mouton Rothschild to name a few. It also includes many bottles of Champagne.

Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page seems very interesting enough for any wine drinker to find what they are looking for. They could find the wine that they want without any hassle. I would buy this wine if I were a drinker. I would gather that most companies including wine companies uses all kind of websites and social media to sell their products.

The benefits of purchasing wine through UKV PLC are the consultant can contact you personally on the types of wine that you would like to order from them and meet you at a certain location of your choosing like your home or business. It’s easier to buy wine from these websites because it tastes better than beer and has a sweeter grape flavor. Most people drinks wine with their meals. They use wine when they make a toast at a event. They even drink wine to celebrate a great big promotion at their own prestigious company.

How Eric Pulier Changed The Software Industry

A Young Prodigy At Work

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve managed to achieve what Eric Pulier has in his lifetime. At the age of 9 he was already programming and laying the groundwork for his future success. By the time high school came around he was making a name for himself with his own software company. Now, years later he has become one of the most prominent software developers around with dozens of patents to his name and a reputation for quality unmatched. He hasn’t, however, decided to call it quits just yet. He continues to do just about everything he can to make the software industry even better than it currently is today.



Charitable Donations For All

He doesn’t simply use his technical prowess to generate income. In fact, he has actually made a habit out of doing everything he can to help others using his talents. One of the greatest examples of this is the Starbright World private social network. The Starbright World social network was created in the mid 90s to give children in the Starbright Foundation hospitals a way of communicating with each other. Even today the hospitals continue to serve more than 70 hospitals and children across the world. As the 90s came to an end he decided he needed to put most of his energy towards helping former president Bill Clinton in his endeavors.



Giving Back To His Country

After leaving office Bill Clinton decided to create the Clinton Global Initiaive. Eric Pulier has done just about everything he can to help him in these efforts and is one of the biggest contributors to Clinton’s projects. He offers advice regarding ways technology can be used to solve world problems.



About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent software developers around today. Since the 90s he has done just about everything he can to help improve his industry and he has created some of the most important innovations we have known today. Outside of his work as a software developer he has also made name for himself due to his charitable contributions.


The All-Round Israeli Businessman Adam Milstein

All people in the world are uniquely gifted in different ways and field. However, it is highly recommended that people be the ’all round’ kind of individuals for the sake of flexibility. All round people are believed to have a better understanding of varying issues and therefore, do not have to rely on others. More so, they are mostly part of the solution in case a problem arose.

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel who served in IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He is a graduate from the Technion in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. It is during his college days that he was exposed to real estate by helping his father expand their real estate construction and development business. Also, he holds an MBA from USC in America.

He is a philanthropist, community leader, and a real estate investor. In 1983, he started his career in Commercial Real Estate in South California, before which he had worked as a Commercial Broker. Currently, he is a business associate at Hager Pacific, a privately owned real estate investment firm responsible for acquisition, rehabilitation and repositioning of property. Here, he oversees the company’s accounting, disposition, and financing requirements.

Moreover, Adam Milstein is a co-founder and also the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is also a Board member of several organizations. Besides, he and his wife are co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an institution that provides free Hebrew books monthly, aimed at teaching Jewish values to 15,000 Israeli-Jewish families in America.

Adam Milstein is amongst the top a hundred people that influence Jewish life positively. He also stands as a rigorous activist for the Israelis. As a successful businessman, Adam believes in follow-up, consistency, and persistence that eventually turn his ideas into reality. He attributes his growth to not limiting himself to specific goals but work hard enough to be the best.




Pursuing Careers With Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is an investment advising firm that manages nearly $15 billion in financial assets. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, they specialize in the management of alternative credit and investments, such as precious metals, public and private equities, hedge funds and distressed securities. This private equity firm provides a wide range of careers to entry-level and executive-level experts in the financial industry.


Recent Developments


Highland is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) that is recognized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The employees are qualified to give advice about securities and alternative investments.


In addition to knowing Highland’s general background, job candidates should review

updates about the firm, such as recent investments in innovative companies. Keeping track of the news is also necessary to learn more about competitors and find out how Highland is working to survive and stand out in the industry.


Common Positions


Find a range of financial positions at the Dallas location. Most positions require strong work experience and a Bachelor’s degree at the minimum level.


Financial analysts work with finance managers to manage global valuation policies and pricing. The most qualified candidates are able to understand financial theory and work with experts in several divisions from trading to auditing.


Client portfolio managers improve relationships with investors and raise capital for the firm. They are members of a portfolio management team that works alongside financial analysts to create investment strategies.


Executive assistants need strong work experience to communicate with senior-level financial leaders. They schedule regular international trips and meetings with executives from similar firms and companies. They perform general tasks in the office, working with office managers and lower-level administrators. Overall, executive assistants work closely with their seniors and investors to perform advanced business tasks, such as developing financial reports and preparing for media engagements.


Becoming employed with Highland Capital Management is the ideal way to move up as a financial leader. Obtaining a position with this adviser starts with having a basic education in finance, marketing or business. As an employer, Highland Capital offers various levels of high incomes and advancement opportunities to all of their workers.


Lover of All the World’s Music