Vaping, Box Mods, and O2Pur

Vaping has steadily become an alternative to cigarettes over recent years. Many are unsure of how to get started when they choose to begin vaping. Really, all you need is a box mod kit. O2Pur offers really good deals on box mods if you are interested. Theirs are durable, have big vapor clouds, and get the job done right.

Really, a box mod is simply a battery with a chamber (called a tank) on top. Inside the tank is where the magic really happens. Usually you get a tank that has replaceable coils. Generally the coils need to be changed once every one or two weeks. So you will need the box mod kit, some extra coils, and the eJuice. O2Pur offers a really cool nicotine salts version of eLiquid that is popular among regular vapers for its smooth taste.

Once you have all of these things, you are ready to vape. Vapor a opposed to tobacco has fewer chemicals. So you are ingesting fewer chemicals into your body. Usually eJuice is made of three chemicals: propelyne gylcol, vegetable glycol, and nicotine. Usually there are flavorings added. That is the basic recipe though for most all eLiquids.

O2Pus eLiquid is kind of unique. Sometimes we know that we get tired of a flavor. Well, theirs is different. It’s a very mild, subtle, and smooth flavor as compared to traditional eLiquids. You don’t have to be an expert to know that sometimes really strong flavors can get in the way of vaping, so O2Pur has made their awesome choices of these nicotine salts vape juices. They all have a nice, quite mild, yet consistent flavor.

Overall many switch to eCigs because of the fact that there’s way less chemicals in eJuice. There’s also no tar, which helps too. So, if you are considering switching from cigarettes to eCigs, getting a box mod and eJuice from O2Pur can be a great way to get a head start on what long time vapers are already using. O2Pur’s box mods are some of the best on the market, and some have super huge tanks that will hold tons of liquid. This prevents you from having to continually refill the tank.

O2Pur’s products are reliable, high quality, and are a top choice among vaping enthusiasts nowadays. The satisfaction of knowing you put down tobacco for good can be a great way to begin your vaping journey. It’s really not that hard.

What Boraie and Shaquille O’Neal Have in Common

Newark, New Jersey is coming alive, and it’s all because of Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal. What do these two have in common? They are both contributing their absolute best to the city of Newark, putting up an amazing high-rise that is forever changing the face of the city. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal saw the beauty of the city upon a visit with his mother many years ago. With a gentle nudge, his mother reminded him of where they come from and how they can play an important role in bringing positive change to the city. It was that gentle nudge that brought the first high-rise to Newark in decades with the help of Boraie Development.


Shaquille O’Neal was the catalyst in getting the building on the map, but the development firm, Boraie has been dedicated to building some of the finest buildings in New Jersey overall. It has been more than 50 years since a high-rise has been erected in the city of Newark. Earlier this month, a ceremony was held to commemorate the topping off of this new building when the “top floor” was added and finalized for this project. This high-rise means much more to the city than just another tall building. Visit for more details.



Boraie Development has specialized in building projects that not only serve the city but the residents as well. This particular project consists of 169 units for rental for residents and commuters, along with retail space on the first floor to complete this well-rounded project. The high-rise boasts 1 million square feet of space, and was a total financial investment of $79 million dollars.


The project was slated as a major partnership amongst the state of New Jersey, city of Newark, Shaquille O’Neal, and Boarie Development. O’Neal has announced his plans to invest more than $150 million into more projects. The next major project is to be a combination development with the intent to boost the real estate market in various aspects. The future developments are no doubt ideal for boosting the economy of Newark, but they are also encouraging for Boraie as the chosen developer for these projects with Shaq. You can checkout for more details.




Achievements of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is the leading provider of food products for the food industry worldwide. The firm has established its operations across many countries around the globe and it mainly focuses on the provision of foods like beef seafood, fruits, poultry, among many others. The firm has grown tremendously over the recent years and established many of its affiliates both in Illinois, China, United Kingdom, Germany, and Aurora. Its products and operations have gained fame since its establishment due to their outstanding taste and quality. Besides, the firm has accomplished most of its goals since its launch and many people have accredited its achievements.

Osi Food Solutions recently received accreditations for its major contributions to the food industry, besides being ranked among the top companies that have marked a positive progress in the food and beverage industry. The firm was recently among the eighteen companies that received the Globe of Honor Award for their noticeable contributions towards the conservation of the environment. The great achievement of the OSI Food Solutions was also applauded by the British Safety council environment management audit scheme, which is majorly focused on identifying and rewarding firms that maintain noticeable levels of hygiene as well as other standards that meet environmental requirements in the country.

The firm has always inspired people towards excellence through the highly experienced leaders that they have. Together with the team of employees, the executives of the firm have strived to achieve the firm’s goals so as to ensure that it launches more investments in various parts of the globe.

Osi Food Solutions has since its launch had a commitment towards preserving the resources for environmental safety. The firm has also taken the initiative to encourage people to treat and handle livestock in a responsible manner.

OSI Food Solutions also encourages entrepreneurs to be keen on their relationship with their employees and customers, as a successful business is built on the foundation of a strong association with suppliers, customers, and employees.

The firm`s leaders encourage entrepreneurs with big investments to maintain high levels of security in their firms so as to prevent their data from being hacked and interfered with by cyber hackers. The firm recently took security measures to protect data in their company through employing the services of Forcepoint Web Security Cloud. Additionally, the firm has also adopted the use of modern technology in most of their operations and as a result, it has increased its production.

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The Thoughts And Successful Accomplishments Of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has written many insightful blog posts to inspire practitioners and entrepreneurs. His writing encompasses a variety of business matters including management and administration, international fiscal matters, emerging markets and strategy (Businesswire). He has provided both mentorship and education regarding growth, innovation and executive development to ensure his readers can survive in the market.

To help entrepreneurs in the initial business stages Glen Wakeman created LaunchPad Holdings. The company provides a service to enable entrepreneurs to form a viable plan from their ideas. He had seen many failures due to an improper organization of ideas and he decided to provide the necessary assistance. Helping his clients with their issues provides Glen Wakeman with a sense of accomplishment. The experience he has amassed from his work all over the world enables him to understand the problems associated with international business.

The LinkedIn online postings of Glen Wakeman help business mentors and writers nurture and educate through his online platform. Numerous entrepreneurs and businesses owe their success to Glen Wakeman. He began his career at the University of Scranton where he earned his Bachelor degree in Economics. His ideas enabled him to create a business and was the inspiration for LaunchPad holdings. He has been a mentor, the owner of a small business, an investor and a CEO during his successful career.

Glen Wakeman gives advice regarding the emerging markets, management, international matters of finance and administrative strategies. It took time before he was able to begin making a profit. He attributes his success to his curiosity. This has been responsible for his innovation, problem solving and consumer satisfaction because his questions enable him to find solutions. He uses his writing to assist and guide entrepreneurs in creating new businesses and making the necessary connections to establish capital providers and connections.

Glen Wakeman believes in entrepreneurial associations. He has stated they are quite easy to locate, help in the growth of businesses, and offer important capital, contacts and thoughts. He additionally joins the forums for management, colleges and capital providers. He demands both excellence and high performance when he begins any new venture.


Excellent Stock Investment Tips at Stansberry Research


Stansberry Research is a firm that offers investment services in the form of research and advice to investors who would like to be in-charge of their own investments. The main goal of the company is to provide the safest means to realize the best gains in the process.


The firm Stansberry Reasearch was established in 1999 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It employs about 12 or more researchers and analysts – composed financial buy-side experts and ex-managers of hedge-funds who circulate exclusive intuitions to over 350,000 different subscribers internationally.


One of the articles featured at the Stansberry Research website described the life of Shelby Davis who was said to have failed in every undertaking in his professional career.


Shelby Davis was given a good education at Lawrenceville School as well as at the Princeton College. He also took his Master’s Degree from Columbia and a Ph. D. from another prestigious school in Geneva, Switzerland. After completing his education he headed off to Wall Street, where most of the people who have a similar education end up.


Stock prices were at the all-time high during the 1920s. Davis was then working as an investment specialist for one of Wall Street’s brokering company ( Unluckily for Shelby Davis he was not able to avoid the impact of the stock decline, and suffered tremendous financial losses similar to the fate of the people within his immediate surrounds.


To survive, he took a job with a political newbie named Thomas Dewey by writing his political speeches. Unfortunately, Dewey’s bid for a political career did not manifest because he lost twice in the political race. Hence, by the age of 35 in the 40s Shelby Davis does not have any future expectations as well as any form of savings – he was totally broke.


In an unexpected turn of events in 1947, Shelby Davis purchased the allowed minimal number of insurance stocks with money borrowed from his wife’s family. Since he had no trading experience, he just held on to them and reinvested the profits he earns from time to time.


At present, his family is regarded as one of Wall Street’s top money managers. With this example, it just goes to show that patience, correct money management and right timing are the best ingredients for a successful trading career in stocks.

Kamil Idris – Thoughts on Importance of Intellectual Property

According to Kamil Idris, intellectual property law is a field which is growing at a fast pace worldwide. The main triggers for the rapid evolution and rise in the use of intellectual property are the growth of the internet, which is the core of digital revolution. Another cause is the advancement of science and technology. The rise of intangible assets including information, innovation, creativity, and knowledge as the primary factors influencing economic growth is another factor. The interdependence between nations in international commerce is the fourth factor affecting the rise in intellectual property. Of the four elements, the digital revolution has an overall effect in stages of development from creation to protection to use.

Most of the electronic commercial transactions in today’s digital world involve the use of intellectual property. The deals include billions of dollars and have high market viability in many industries. The industries employ millions of staff and also generate revenues which are vital in the development of many countries. Kamil Idris claims the increased influenced on economies has added the recognition and importance of intellectual property as the crucial component of development. Nations now value intellectual property and can use tenets of innovation and creativity to develop financial assets. The level of usage of intellectual property can provide an opinion of why some countries develop whereas others do not.

Companies, universities, people and other research firms, as well as nations, can use intellectual property as means to empower themselves. Intellectual property can propel local, national or regional firms or individuals to compete more efficiently at the international markets. Additionally, Kamil Idris outlined that intellectual property policies can lead to sustainable development for economies. World Intellectual Property Day (WIPO) is celebrated every 26th April every year to emphasize the importance of the power of intellectual property. Since the launch of the day, the event has generated attracting many governments and firms. Kamil Idris adds that the day is useful for celebrating human creativity and reminding nation’s importance of intellectual property rights and importance of innovation towards social, economic, and cultural development.

Kamil Idris is a citizen of Sudan and was a director general to WIPO. Kamil has master degrees from the University of Ohio in International Law and International Affairs and from the University of Khartoum in Law among others.

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Dr. Dov Rand Develops Anti-Aging Wellness Program

Dr. Dov Rand of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, located in New Jersey, has successfully developed and implemented anti-aging wellness programs. Common problems associated with aging such as low libido, muscle atrophy, memory loss, insomnia, fatigue, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and night sweats are all symptoms Dr. Dov Rand’s clinical approach addresses. Dr. Dov Rand’s secret is a common hormone all humans wer exposed to as unborn children. The hormone is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). It is the hormone responsible for normal development of the egg in a woman’s ovary and release of that egg during ovulation. Dr. Dov Rand has discovered that use of HCG in adults allows them to commence a low-calorie diet for weight loss without experiencing the intense hunger often associated with low-calorie diets. Use of the hormone in weight loss can allow the loss ofone-pound per day ( Dr. Dov Rand develops a specific wellness plan for each patient. A blood sample of each patient is sent to a lab where it is tested to determine the appropriate diet to follow for optimal weight loss and anti-aging treatment. The test measures important dietary information, such as glucose levels and blood sugar, to develop a specifically tailored wellness program. Dr. Dov Rand’s personally tailored diet plan will return patients to healthy eating habits, reset their metabolism, and improve their overall health. While these results are proven, Dr. Dov Rand does not claim this to be a “magic diet”. The weight loss portion of the program can happen quickly andefficiently; however, the overall purpose of the diet is to retrain clients into healthy eating practices and overall wellness activities that will ensure a high-quality of life in its late stages. Dr. Dov Rand’s passion for the work and compassion for his patients is readily observable in his customized care for each one.


Dr. Jorge Moll – Neuroscientist, Writer, and Researcher

The founder and senior researcher at the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (DOR), Dr. Jorge Moll also serves as the current president and a member of its governing Board of Directors. DOR is the culmination of Dr. Moll’s dream, to develop an institution in his native Brazil focused on research, education, and healthcare.

Dr. Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist and a prolific researcher and writer. He has written more than 136 articles in collaboration with other scientists. One of his recent articles, “Identifying Musical Pieces From fMRI Data Using Encoding and Decoding Models,” is an article he co-wrote with three other scientists. In another collaborative effort, Dr. Moll co-wrote “Altruistic Decisions Following Penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury.” All of the projects he completes are with teams of scientists and researchers. For a recent project, Dr. Moll was part of a 4-member team of scientists studying the topic of neuroplasticity.

Stressing the importance of collaboration, on any day you will find Dr. Moll meeting with students, collaborating with scientists and researchers on various research projects, or meeting with executives. Dr. Jorge Moll believes collaboration and the sharing of ideas enhances a project, and it helps in supporting his passion for improving the quality of life through research.

Dr. Moll keeps abreast of new technologies, and he follows certain trends including artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and the correlation between the human brain and machines. His interest in the human brain and its function was the impetus for Dr. Moll entering medical school. Dr. Moll earned his M.D. and completed a residency at the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, and he has a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University.

His work has not gone unnoticed, and Dr. Moll has received numerous awards. For example, he received a National Institutes of Health Award, and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences elected him as an affiliate member. He was elected a governing board member of the International Neuroethics Society, and he received the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute.

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Enhanced Athlete Wins with Quality

There has been a lot of buzz in the athletic industry as of late about the quality of products provided for athletes. Nutrition Distribution has been on the warpath with competitors, making claims of false advertising and pursuing lawsuits and settlements. Perhaps the most notable win against the company was by Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete provides products to assist athletes with performance and endurance. In 2017 Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit claiming that Enhanced Athlete was promoting false advertising and requested an injunction stopping them from competing. This was the latest in a string of lawsuits and settlement demands from Nutrition Distribution, who was using a shakedown of the industry to try to recover its own losses.


Nutrition Distribution was claiming that Enhanced Athlete provided products that did not satisfy the claims that they made to support them. Enhanced Athlete was not the first company that Nutrition Distribution went after, but it may well be the last. Enhanced Athlete took a stand, and made it clear that their quality products would continue to be available.


The US District Court ruled that the advertising from Enhanced Athlete was not false, and Enhanced Athlete won the lawsuit. The injunction did not stand, and Enhanced Athlete sent a clear message that the shakedown from Nutrition Distribution was to end. Enhanced Athlete continues to advertise and distribute quality products to athletes around the country.


Enhanced Athlete is the brainchild of Dr. Tony Huge, a prominent and established health and fitness professional in California. The company provides products for athletes to improve performance and endurance in a variety of athletic fields. They offer a wide variety of products, including engineered athletic clothing for training and performance. Athletes of all types rely on their products to help them on their path to success.


With the ruling of the US District Court, Enhanced Athlete is enjoying newfound success. The attempt from Nutrition Distribution to shut them down has only boosted their influence. Since the judge ruled that they were not engaging in false advertising and were competing in the industry fairly, it is safe to say that Enhanced Athlete provides quality products for all, and will continue to do so.

The US Money Reserve Helps Clients Connect with Coin Collecting Opportunities

Coin collecting can be an enjoyable hobby for people who want to enjoy something that’s different from the rest. The US Money Reserve knew this when they started their company.

They also knew people would have a chance to see how they could do things the right way no matter what people were looking for. Some coin collectors look for really obscure things.

The US Money Reserve wanted to be prepared to help people with that. They felt it would be important to give people a chance to see things on their own so they’d grow their business while making it better. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve – Blog

Even though there were times when people had to visit the site, they didn’t always find what they were looking for on there. The site was outdated and there were issues with it.

People could basically only find out how to get to the company and how to get in contact with them. It was little more than a placeholder on the Internet. The US Money Reserve needed a site that allowed their customers to learn more about what they did.

The US Reserve went beyond that. Instead of just giving people a chance to check out their site and the information they had, they completely redid the site. Even though the US Money Reserve tries to give their clients things they can use, they know there are sometimes things that will happen to them that can make it harder on them.

For the US Money Reserve, they must make sure they’re giving their clients the best chance at success. They want them to feel good about the options they have.

In addition to all the other new features on their site, the US Money Reserve put a mobile consulting feature on it.

They use the features to connect with clients who can’t come to the facility. There, clients can have a face-to-face virtual meeting with one of the experts.

The experts will help them determine the coins they have and help them make the right choices for their next coin collection.

The consulting features is a nice bonus that is not available anywhere else. The competition doesn’t have the technology to offer this features to their clients.

By combining the mobile consultation feature with all the other options they had before they redid their website, the US Money Reserve set themselves up as one of the top consulting and coin companies in the world.

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