Dr. Avi Weisfogel steps up to help develop Solutions to Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his research to prove that sleep disorders are directly related to various diseases such as stroke and diabetes. Due to this discovery, he has tried to advance the treatment of sleep apnea by being the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. This foundation helps to cater for a bigger percentage of people living with the disorder as they remain undiagnosed.

Through Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has made sure that dentists provide advanced treatment by equipping themselves with high technology equipment as well as highly trained employees. The organization has increased the number of laboratories and qualified physicians to make sure that they reach a larger number of people that are suffering from sleep apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has made sure that the sleep doctors work closely with the dentists to make sure that they provide timely support to the patients suffering from the sleep disorder. This research is improving as the doctors continue to discover and develop improved and reliable ways to treat sleep apnea. Doctors have discovered that sleep therapy is a new method that is being used to treat the sleep disorder and that the Food and Drug Administration has approved it as an effective treatment.

The extensive medical background of the founder of Sleep Masters has made it rather possible for him and his team of experts to make a breakthrough in the treatment of sleep apnea. His understanding of the disorder has made it possible for him to create a more friendly treatment that can help cure a larger population than before. The institutions he has founded have made it possible always to improve on the kind of treatment offered and create more alternative treatment methods.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated his research work to making it possible to promote awareness of the sleep disorder. Through the research, he has enabled its treatment to reach a population that would not have accessed the treatment due to limited facilities. By enabling dentists and doctors to work together, the new strategies allow them to identify more patients who could be suffering from sleep apnea.


Mike Baur is a renown Banker and a good manager of Monetary matter in Swiss. He has dedicated all his resources toward helping start-up companies to stand to achieve their objectives, This is a great idea that is going to shape the world. Focusing mostly on young people, he has shown the capability to change the world through influencing and supporting young minds to believe in their dreams.

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Through immense efforts that has seen him establish working networks and attracting strategic partners, he has won the hearts of many investors who have continued to join him. Mike Baur has also been organizing platforms to showcase Ideas and innovations thus promoting handwork and creativity.


Through the use of his Business setup and other affiliated companies, it has become apparent that Mr. Baur is set to take the business world to the next level. He has also endeavored not only to boost Entrepreneurship in his mother country but has extended his reach to other nations. This is a spirit that encouraged in the modern world. He has shown distinct understanding of the diversity of economic and social environment, and this has not deterred him from continuing growing and developing his agenda. This shows that he is an aggressive person who goes through adds to achieving his ambition.


Majoring in the business environment, Mr. Baur has shown clearly that technology is important in business, and that is why he has absorbed technological creativity in his domain. It is clear that he believes in experience and sharing of that experience to others so as to pass knowledge and add value to the economy. This has been demonstrated through his absorption of leaders from other business entities who may not have been successful in achieving their corporate goals.


Through holding conferences and offering resources to the upcoming entities, he has been able to motivate a vast number of business mind to rise to become stars. It is important to note that unlike various individuals, he has shown immense levels of confidence. In many cases, Business people fears competition as a result of such thin; they would prefer shutting upcoming entrepreneurs so as to continue enjoying monopoly and large profits. This is a notable characteristic that requires to be supported around the globe. It is encouraging to see how individuals can rise to great heights and welcome others to the same level. In this spirit, the world is set to move to the next level without leaving anybody behind.


Highland Capital Management Awards $1 Million Challenge Grant Towards the Family Place’s $16.5 Million Campaign

On October 4th James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM), announced that the firm had given $1 million challenge grant to support The Family Place raise the remaining $2.8 million for its legacy campaign.

Dondero resides in Dallas Texas managing the co-owned company HCM as the president. Highland capital management is a firm founded in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. It majors in providing credit management services. Mr. Dondero has a great experience in equity and the credit markets where he mostly focusses on high-yield investing.

Dondero has been philanthropically active, supporting educational initiatives, veteran’s affairs as well as public policy through the firm’s philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation.

Dondero, during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon, announced the grant and said that the grant was an answer to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings as well as Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

These two had put up a call to action on helping the community solve family violence which is a life-threatening problem in Texas.

According to PR News Wire and NexBank, James Dandero added that Highland capital management was thrilled by the way The Family Place has handled the issue and are proud to invest together with other generous people in the community towards the lifesaving campaign.

The Family place is a leading organization in Dallas Texas which supports victims of domestic violence. The agency since 1978 has assisted over 225, 000 people through the provision of shelter as well as offering counseling.

They had launched a legacy campaign to raise $16.5 million to facilitate construction and management of operations of a new Central Dallas counseling center.

The center is anticipated to serve over 2,000 victims every year providing emergency shelter since the current facility runs at capacity.

Also in-build will be a dental and medical clinic, a central call center, private as well as group counseling rooms for both adults and children, and multipurpose places for job training.

Additionally, the building will house the Agency’s Be Project, set to provide education to over 6,000 students annually against teen dating violence and bullying.

The range of care that the new facility will provide is very vital to saving lives due to the expansion of services delivery to all family violence victims

Benefits of Studying Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a set of teachings that originated from Judaism about nine centuries ago. Despite its origin, the teachings are on their own not a religion but a school of thought that can be embraced by individuals of various religions such as Christians, Muslims and Buddhist. Its primary focus is the relationship between unchanging, eternal and infinity. It teaches about the relationship between mortal and the finite universe.

Kabbalah is universal and is taught through various platforms. Some of the most common platforms are the online classes, public gatherings or through books. Over the years, more and more people have been joining Kabbalah classes, including public figures such as Madonna, a British pop star. This increased interest in Kabbalah is associated with the unique benefits that the school of thought provides to its students.

One of the main advantages of studying Kabbalah is that it individuals are provided with reasons why spirituality should be more important than corporeality. According to the teachings, if human beings adopt spiritual leadership instead of corporeal leadership, they will be able to organize the world correctly, thus eliminating pain and sufferings.

Through Kabbalah, one is also able to influence his or her reality. According to these teachings, bodily harm is regarded as a direct consequence of one’s thoughts and actions. By rising upwards to one’s roots and origin, an individual can sort out things effectively and lead a life with minimal or no bodily harm. It also teaches that everything on earth has its origin from the world above. Through Kabbalah, a student learns that practicality is needed for one to develop spirituality.

Kabbalah Centre is one of the leading organizations dedicated to teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah. In 1922, Rav Yehuda Ashlag established the Centre. After his death, the responsibility of running the Centre was passed to his sons, Yehuda and Michael.

Kabbalah Centre’s teachings are based on the Zohar. They are passed to individuals studying Kabbalah through prayer services, books, CDs, DVD’s, downloads and lectures. Irrespective of the location of a student of Kabbalah, he or she is guaranteed of getting the teachings. The Centre is focused on providing students with the right environment and content to grow spiritually besides exchanging ideas with other like-minded people.

Lovaganza Explores Veil of Mystery to Spread Message of Love

The Lovaganza spectacular is still on the way. Right now there are road shows and trailers detailing what the huge 2020 event will be like. This is powerful advertising, and the buzzing is planning just as expected. Right now people do not know how precise things that will be done at the Lovaganza events on designideas.pics. It appears that people only know that this will be a celebration of love, music, culture and art. People from difference races and different parts of the world will come together for this groundbreaking event.

The most interesting thing about Lovaganza is that this is not an event that will be limited to a single city or country. This is an event that has one name, but it will be across several different parts of the world.

People are talking about Lovaganza in such a grand fashion because it is such an awesome event. This is something that has never been done before. No one knows how the event will go because no one has ever seen this happen. This is the event that people are going to be thrilled about because they know that it can be a powerful explosion of emotions. There are people all over the world that are seeing the trailers and looking for the outcome of this event.

It is certainly an event that seems to be different than anything else that has been out there in the past. There is even a movie in the making that is getting people hyped about what is going on. In a world where there are so many issues with race and violent it would appear that the Lovaganza is broadcasting a timely message. This is the event that could inspire the way that people live. It is truly becoming an event that the world needs to witness.

Lovaganza is buzzing on social media on Tumblr, and people are getting curious about what all of the talk is about. The great thing about #Lovaganza is that this is not a hash tag that would be confused with anything else. The other thing that makes the word spread fast about this is the fact that there is a certain amount of mystery surrounding this. People like to search for things that they do not know about. Search engines like Google have given people this curious nature. Lovaganza will grow in popularity as more people search for information.

Cone Marshall: New Zealand’s Tax and Trust Experts

Cone Marshall is a fairly small but important law office specializing in tax and trust law, located in New Zealand. While they are based there, they operate on a global scale, aiming to help clients get into the market in their home country. Please note that this means they work with international clients, but seek to keep their practice mainly in New Zealand by helping clients establish trusts and partnerships in New Zealand.

Cone Marshall is primarily a legal advisement firm whose clientele includes lawyers, banks, and other such companies and firms, rather than having private clients directly. This allows them to help their partners get clients of their own, allowing all parties to receive the maximum possible service.

Their specialties lay in the financial world, and they are fully able to help their clients deal many different issues. Tax and trust needs are only two areas where Cone Marshall can help. They also can aid in the establishment of new businesses and related structures.

While it may seem like a firm with such a useful service would have many individuals working for it, Cone Marshall prefers a small but elite team. In fact, their team of experts and specialists number a scant eleven people. That does not mean they get nothing done. Although few in number, each one is a powerhouse of law, and are more than capable of serving all of the needs of their clients. And, under the care of its namesake Trustees, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, it will continue to do so.

Since their establishment, Cone Marshall has a proven track record or partnering companies and corporations all over the world, with numbers easily reaching over a thousand. With that kind of success under its belt, it is no wonder they have made such a big name for themselves in such a difficult field to enter into. If you want to find out more about them, look up their website at http://www.conemarshall.com/

Regardless of what your business needs may be, if you wish to enter into the New Zealand market, seek out Cone Marshall. They will be able to help you no matter how difficult your tax, trust and business needs may be.

New Hampshire Insurance Charged with Breach of Contract in Hawk’s Deal

Back in 2015, the Atlanta Hawks was sold by Bruce Levenson and some of his associates to Tony Ressler who now owns the team. It was a large financial deal totaling $730 million according to Forbes. Yet it was far short of the $1 billion Levenson and friends expected to make in the auction of the team. The figure of $1 billion comes from market intelligence and financial advice from Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports. As part of the deal rights to use the Philips Arena were also included. To make matters worse for Bruce the insurance company that he had worked with to insure his team and all of the Atlanta Hawk’s staff has refused to make payments in regards to an employment dispute.

New Hampshire Insurance Company was the official insurance provider to the Atlanta Hawks during the time the team was sold. As part of the deal for the sale, the team’s current coach Danny Ferry had to be let go and he was given a compensation package for early termination. The insurance policy that covered Danny Ferry had clauses that were supposed to be triggered in the event of employee termination and as a result the company was supposed to pay part of Danny ferry’s package. However, they failed to do so.


Bruce Levenson has taken the insurance company to court to collect the money he is owed. His lawyers filed against them in Fulton County’s Superior Court stipulating that the insurance policy covered “wrongful termination” of an employee and thus they are obligated to pay damages when an employee is let go. The insurance company was negligent in its duty. When Levenson notified them of their obligation they ignored the matter and that is why sadly this issue has to be resolved in court. The judge in the case is also being asked to award extra damages for the negligence.


George Soros Did Not Give $33 Million To Black Lives Matters Organization

Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush have caused quite a stir over the past month with their campaign called “Black Lives Matters.” While the premises of the campaign are absolutely a worthwhile cause, it has been erroneously reported that George Soros gave $33 million. This story has been circulating for quite some time now. The democrats see this campaign as a big problem. The real problem for Soros is that the rumors have gone mainstream.

On a recent episode of The O’Reilly Factor, the topic of Soros and his generous giving was mentioned. Additionally, people are left to wonder, if Soros is not funding this left-winged campaign, then who is? Sources say that this organization is being funded by non-other than Jay-Z and Beyonce.

George Soros name got mixed into the group because it was three female employees that work at one of his affiliated companies that started the organization. One theory is the rumors started when Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi went public trying to gain momentum by using Soros name as one of their financial backers. It was all lies and not really used with malicious intent, rather, they just wanted to drum up more support. In fact, a spokesperson for the Soros’ Open Society Foundations says the billionaire is very generous, but he did not donate money to this cause.

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The director of the U.S. programs at Open Society Foundations, Kim Zimmerman, spoke out against this outrage. She has no clue where the rumors originated and how it got blown to such a substantial proportion. The deaths of young black Americans cannot be ignored, but being such a political person, Soros is not going to affiliate himself with anything that may be deemed as controversial in manner.

Everyone knows that George Soros backs Hilary Clinton as the next president of the United States. He was able to raise $2 million in PAC money for her campaign. As a pro-Hillary Clinton activist, he would not back an organization that is run by Bernie Sanders. Soros has never been in the business of paying for protest type events. He hasn’t in the past and he isn’t going to start now.

Soros is known for his philanthropy, specially the Open Foundation, but he tries to stick with causes that are less controversial in nature at http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/. While he is saddened by the number of senseless deaths that have occurred, he does not take a public stance on the matter. He has one goal in mind for this year and that is to make sure that Clinton wins the election and becomes president. He is not going to do anything that will directly counteract his goal.

How Don Ressler Road A Unicorn To Become Start-Up King!

Unicorns do exist, and no, I am not trying to get in touch with my inner 10-yr old girl. Fortune magazine uses the term “Unicorns” to describe private companies valued at $1 billion or more. These super-companies were thought to be a myth Ð only existing on TV or in movies, but now with CEOs like Don Ressler at the helm, billion-dollar startups are a reality.

Ressler is making his money in the direct-to-consumer selling trend that is helping busy and financially well-off buyers experience the luxury of curated shopping. From JustFab in 2011 and FabKids and Fabletics in 2013 and the acquisition of ShoeDazzle that same year, plus a few serious rounds of multi-million-dollar funding, Ressler is just beginning to tap the surface of what’s possible. In an interview with Christina Maraccini of the blog Brandettes Don Ressler said: “Our competitive edge is that we are making a premium performance product – I would put our pants next to Lululemon or Athleta any day – but we have done it with style and at a price that makes you feel good buying it.”

Becoming a fashion start-up billionaire wasn’t easy, and Don Ressler has relied on the expertise of hand-picked partners like Adam Goldenberg and industry guru’s like Kate Hudson (Fabletics) and Kimora Lee Simmons (JustFab) for brand leadership. Ressler can see the gaps in industry and technology and leverage that into a highly successful retail brand. The combination of having the right team in place and knowing how to get investors for multiple rounds of funding are key to Ressler’s success at http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.V4Ah_46RKGg. This success has enabled Ressler and his team to take another great leap and offer the previously on-line only brand in retail shops around the country. When asked about his decision to take the exclusive brands into retail stores he said he understood that there is still a large population who likes to shop at stores, and he doesn’t want to leave them out.

Ressler was serious when he was worried about leaving out an important subset of shoppers. Last June, Don Ressler launched FL2 the men’s version of Fabletics. For this endeavor, Ressler enlisted the help of actor Oliver Hudson known for his role as Jeff Fordham on ABC’s Nashville who also happens to be Kate Hudson’s brother. FL2 will be available online and in retail stores.

Dick DeVos is a Wealthy Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

Dick DeVos is associated with Amway Corporation which is a privately owned company that deals with health, households and personal care products through a chain of dealers. Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway Corporation. He started working for the company in 1974 at a young age. He rose through the ranks and was promoted to vice president of the company in 1984. He was responsible for its operations in 18 countries. He later started his company, The Windquest Group, which manufactures and markets storage and closet organizers. He was also involved in managing the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, a company that was owned by his family. He later returned to Amway as its president in 1993 and oversaw its restructuring. Alticor Corporation, an umbrella firm was established that had Amway, Quixtar Corporation and Access Business Group under its wings. He later retired from Alticor as its president and concentrated on political causes and his business ventures. Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth Prince. Dick and Elizabeth have four children named Andrea, Elissa, Ryan, and Rick.

Visit the website of New Netherland Institute to learn more about Dick DeVos.

The two have been married for over thirty years and are actively involved in business careers. Dick graduated from Forest Hills Public Schools and Northwood University and currently co-chairs Grand Action, an organization that is involved in the renewal of downtown Grand Rapids. He also serves as a board member of several organizations including Willow Creek Association, Spectrum Health Systems, RDV Corporation, Thunderbird School of Management, West Michigan Aviation Academy among many others. He has a passion for sailing, and he is a two-time national champion in sailing. Among his other interests include being a jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.

Dick and his wife are actively involved in the operations of the Windquest Group, a privately owned investment management firm that does various projects in many sectors including manufacturing, technology and nonprofit solutions. He is the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that has donated a lot of money to religious, civic, artistic, educational, community and free market economic organizations. He opened the first aviation charter public school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This is a charter school with the aim of supporting aviators in the community to attend courses at no cost. Dick DeVos has used his vast wealth to engage in philanthropic activities that have brought positive changes to society.

Lover of All the World’s Music