Dog owners are turning to Beneful

The dog food industry is extremely competitive. Consumers have evolving tastes, and if dog food companies do not adapt, then they will be left in the dust. Dog owners want their dogs to be eating nutritious, natural, and delicious foods, so their animals will live a long and healthy life. Beneful by Nestle PurinaStore has always cared deeply about their dog owners, and currently, they offer a huge range of dog food products.
Beneful was founded in 2001 with one goal in mind, create quality dog foods that are extremely nutritious. The company has constantly revitalized their line of dog foods to keep their customers happy. Today, Beneful is known for offering delicious ingredients in every dog food blend and testing their food to ensure it offers the right nutrition.

Dry dog food is a staple in any dog owners home, and Beneful is proud to offers several delicious dry dog food products. The Beneful Originals line is extremely popular with dog lovers. The Originals line includes real meat in every bite, and there are delicious vegetables in every bite. Dog owners that are watching their furry friends weight should consider Beneful Healthy Weight. This blend is designed to keep dogs at the perfect weight for years.

Wet dog food is a wonderful treat, even for the pickiest eaters. Beneful proudly offers several wet dog foods. Their Chopped Blends line uses real meat, and the scientists at Beneful work long hours to ensure that the stews are delicious for any dog. Beneful is known for paying close attention to nutrition, so each Chopped Blends product includes the nutrition that a healthy dog needs.

Treats are vital to the life of a dog. Beneful knows just how important treats are, so they developed some amazing treats [visit]. The Dental Twists are flavorful and they help clean your dog’s teeth. Dental Twists come in several different sizes, so every dog can enjoy these treats.

Keeping your dog healthy and happy requires the right foods, and Beneful is happy to rise to the occasion. Their offerings are perfect for dog owners that are focused on nutrition. Beneful should stay popular for years to come. Beneful is available on most supermarkets like Wal-Mart.



The Exceptional West Michigan Aviation Academy And Its Founder Dick DeVos

The West Michigan Academy was established by Dick DeVos in 2010. The tuition-free public charter high school is situated at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Dick DeVos created the school after his wife Betsy encouraged him to combine his two passions of education and flying. The school enrolled its first group of students in 2010.

As much as it focuses on aviation, the school offers more. Students that have an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math are offered an opportunity to nature their passions. The school is a place where critical character values such as respect, trust, as well as accountability are strongly advocated. It prepares students to accomplish their own career and life objectives.

Presently, the school enrolls over 400 students. It has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of infrastructure and student enrollment. In 2010, 80 freshmen were enrolled into a 25,000 sq ft office that acted as the school building. At the start of the 2012-2013 school year, the school had a 42,500 sq. ft building that accommodated 240 students. The new building led to the expansion in space, student life, curriculum, and aviation programs.

In early 2014, the school entered into an agreement with Northwestern Michigan College. The agreement allows graduates from the West Michigan Aviation College to receive eight credits once they enroll at the college. The credits would authenticate a successful completion of the curriculum. It is comparable to NMC’s private pilot ground school as well as aviation maintenance courses.

About Dick DeVos
Dick DeVos is a billionaire and renowned businessman. He is the former president of Amway Corp. as well as its parent company Alticor Inc. Dick DeVos began working at Amway Corporation in 1974. Ten years later, he became the vice president of the company heading its operations in 19 countries. In 1989, he established the Windquest Group, a private investment firm. He was elected for an eight-year term to the Michigan State Board of Education. However, he stepped down after two years to manage the family business. Dick DeVos served as the president of Alticor Inc. for ten years before retiring. Currently, his focus is on the privatization of public education and the promotion of the religious right agenda.

Queens Of Drama Chronicles The Struggle Of Hollywood Life

Getting a show on the air can be really hard, and the ladies that are on Queens of Drama know all about that. They are a team of women who have all worked on daytime TV, and now they are trying to get their own show on the air as actors, writers and producers. It is a really hard road to take, but they are documenting it in Queens of Drama. One of the more recognizable faces is Crystal Hunt who has appeared on soap operas like One Life to Live.  There are actually some really great highlights of what she’s done there on YouTube.

The beauty of the show is that all the women on the have access to people in Hollywood, but they still have to work to get everything on the air. They are going through a long process to get their show on the air, and they are all going to be a big part of it. It is something that all women can watch to see that they can do the things they want to do, and it is a big breakthrough for women who have been working in front of the camera their whole careers. writes that Crystal Hunt is one of the faces on the show who will be acting and helping to produce the show. She is a beautiful blonde who people will recognize when she comes on the screen, and she brings youthful qualities to the team that balance them all out. She is a really unique actress because she made the transition from daytime TV to movies, and she is going to be easy for people to identify with because she did the Magic Mike movies.

The show tells how the women are going to be able to use their show to make a new life for themselves. Their new shows could help them break through in Hollywood, and their new show could help these women do something new other than working on their daytime soaps. Daytime TV is one thing that all actors have tapped into at some point, but these women go actually go beyond what is daytime TV into something completely new that they will love. Their new show is going to give them all a new lease on life, and they are going to be able to have a good time making a show that they have always wanted to act on during their past acting experiences.  Be sure to also check out Crystal’s personal photography website.

Premium Dog Food Helps Dogs Feel Better Every Day

Dogs and dog owners can lead active lifestyles together if they are both healthy. There is more than enough healthy food in the world for humans, but healthy dog food is just now becoming a popular thing. Beneful is the most popular of all these brands, and their style is put together with help from great Youtube commercials featuring their employees and dogs. The Daily Herald talked about healthy dog food in a way that will be interesting to any reader, and someone who wants to learn more should dig deeper.
Healthy dog food works for owners who want to lead healthy lifestyles with their dogs, and it is important for dogs to get the most nutrients possible out of every drop of food they eat. Beneful uses only natural ingredients, and that helps them make foods that will help the dogs feel their best. The dogs will be able to run and walk every day, and the owners can take dogs out for activities that are much more fun because they dogs are eating healthy food.

There are so many flavors from that dog owners can pick anything they want for their dogs, and they can go through the whole range until their dogs find their favorite thing to eat. There are even treats in these flavors, and it is helpful for dogs to be given something that is delicious and healthy. Dog owners can get Beneful at any grocery store, and they can take care of their dogs with food that was made to give them a better life and more energy.

Dogs that are eating healthy every day are going to feel better, and they are going to have more energy for their owners. It is something that all owners have to consider so that they can make their dogs look and feel great. Their coat is going to be very smooth, and they are going to have energy to go out and conquer the world. This is a great thing for dogs, and it helps dog owners give their pets the lives they know they deserve.

Beneful is available online:

Top Trends For Brides In 2017

New York’s Bridal Fashion Week for 2016 is over. Designers revealed that trendy brides are no longer constrained by previous ideas that dictated the perfect bridal look. This year runways were filled with unique materials, silhouettes, colors, and embellishments. Still, time-honored favorites like corseted and off-the-shoulder bodices and yards of tulle, lace, and bling were also well-represented. Brides on the hunt for the perfect look can rest assured that trends on Youtube are reflecting individuality better than ever before.

Bridal gowns grounded by an ethereal look finally made it from the red carpet to the runway. With a “barely there” appearance, silhouettes on the runway were sleek and slimming yet scandalous with lace appliqués over sheer fabric that appeared as if the designs on were tattooed directly onto the skin. Bridal-looking menswear also took center stage with fitted looks that contained girly elements such as ruffles and strapless tunic tops. Also popular were gowns that featured detachable skirts and trains. As any perspective bride knows, comfort throughout the wedding day is essential. When going from the altar to the dance floor, designs that take the bride from carrying yards of tulle and miles of train to a sleek and sexy look makes perfect sense. Best of all, as far as color goes, no longer are brides restricted to shades of white and pastels. Bold and brilliant fuchsia, violet, black, floral prints, and just about any other color and print imaginable will ensure the bride remains the center of attention on her big day while remaining trendy. And don’t forget the impact metallic fabrics have at a wedding site as well as on the dance floor. For more looks see

Of course, a bride’s look goes beyond just finding the right dress or suit for the wedding day. Equally important are the right accessories as well as choices made for post-wedding day wardrobes. Whether the perfect shoes, handbag, jewelry, or clothing for the wedding night and honeymoon are needed, JustFab specializes in ensuring every woman is able to express their individuality in a stylish and classy way while remaining true to the trends of the day. The JustFab in-house design team keeps its pulse on the industry by creating and producing products that are trendy as well as fashion forward. Best of all, as an online fashion retailer on Facebook that is focused on the needs of subscriber clientele, JustFab is able to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of customers while looking toward the future. With the wedding season so quickly approaching, beginning with the perfect bridal/post-wedding day look will ensure the big day is as perfect as envisioned.

An Amazing Adventure as Andy Wirth Skydives into the World

Mishaps in the natural world would usually drive most people away from it. But those familiar with Andy Wirth’s work with nature might be surprised to hear about his skydiving past.

Andy Wirth is most well known for his work as CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski resort. But he’s also a man who’s had to push forward through a very difficult injury.

His ordeal began during a particularly windy day in 2013. Despite the weather jumps were still going on. So Andy Wirth jumped into it, as he’d done so many times in the past. It was an area he’d worked in before so he felt confident in his ability to navigate it.

Unfortunately the wind proved particularly rough that day. And his attempts to control the fall were largely in vain. WSJ said that Andy Wirth of course had to try to get as close to the designated drop zone as possible. But there simply weren’t very many good options to choose from. There were power lines everywhere.

A cluttered vineyard was the best choice out of many dangerous options. Andy Wirth guided himself down, and in the process lost a good deal of his arm to a pole. Afterwards he was forced to keep himself conscious during the long wait for help.

That would be the end to a lot of people’s enthusiasm for nature. But Andy Wirth went on to become CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort according to KCRW news media. In doing so it became quite clear to anyone that he had a love of nature that could never be quenched.

Andy Wirth has worked hard to recover his own health so that he can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Squaw Valley along with guests to the area.


Wikipedia Tool Proves Useful To Editors

Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that is visited by millions across the world daily. Wikipedia is available in approximately 300 different languages. This is truly amazing feat for even an online encyclopedia. However, Wikipedia editors believe that gaps in coverage still exist. Certainly, the majority of visitors to Wikipedia speak English. Consequently, they are looking for articles in English. However, editors discovered that there were gaps in languages for a long list of articles. Fortunately, university researchers working with Wikipedia, invented a tool that helped editors find the gaps in language coverage of articles on the Wikipedia site. Now, editors are able to identify gaps in their own language and the tool points them to a second language that requires making Wikipedia revisions and translating that article into that language.

Why Wikipedia Page Creation Make Good Sense For Business

Wikipedia is the last place that some uninformed business owners might consider for marketing purposes. The fact is that Wikipedia should take first place in all their marketing and advertising efforts online. The site is basically an open source website that allows just about anyone to create a Wikipedia page for the site. The good news is that pages on Wikipedia tend to rank very high. The bad news is that writing articles or business pages for Wikipedia is an extremely difficult and frustrating process for many online marketers. The fact is that Wikipedia guidelines are very strict. Those that do not follow the guidelines will have their articles flagged or removed. Still, Wikipedia pages will lend credibility to an individual or business. Along with other wonderful advantages that will help build a personal or business brand.

Get Your Wiki

Business people are starting to take a second look at Wikipedia. Many are starting to realize that Wikipedia is a great marketing tool that is usually overlooked by marketers online. Fortunately, there hiring Wiki writers online that specialize in writing articles for Wikipedia is made easier thanks to Wikipedia writing companies such as Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is comprised of veteran Wikipedia editors that are very familiar with Wikipedia writing guidelines. In addition, they are quite familiar writing articles for the small business, individual, non-profits, to large corporations.

Get Your Wiki writers will write, edit, monitor, and update a Wikipedia page that pre-existed or one that they made from scratch themselves. They will also provide another very important service. They offer a monitoring service that keeps watch over all the articles written. They find that some people are malicious and might leave inaccurate edits that hurt a client’s reputation. They carefully monitor those Wikipedia revisions and make sure that the edits are accurate. Contact Get Your Wiki today for more information on their Wikipedia writing service.

Preciously Popular: Why to Invest in Gold

With respect to history, most currencies are fairly new and do not hold global value. Additionally, currencies are subject to a decline in demand and a decrease in value; we see this regularly.

Precious metals, however, have been heavily sought after since their discoveries. Gold just might be the most precious metal in the world and the reasons to invest in owning this metal grow by the day.

The Historic Failure of the U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar is, of course, valuable. However, its value tends to give way to inflation and deflation, which ultimately results in its value to decline during given years. 2008 is the most recent example of the deflation of this currency. During times of the U.S. dollar failing against other currencies, the demand for gold increases.

The Ratio of Living Costs and Gold

Retail Menot in an exclusive article said that when the cost to live a comfortable life increases, so does the price of gold of the US Money Reserve. Oddly enough, when living costs are down, the price for gold remains the same and even increases. Gold is a timeless investment that people turn to in times of economic uncertainty. Essentially, people heavily rely on this metal due to its familiarity.

Cultural Demand

The world loves gold. Of course, the world’s population increases each day and we are experiencing a time where the world is the most populated it has ever been. India is a very populated country and is now the second largest consumer of gold in the world.

Many Indian ceremonies require the presence of gold, thus always keeping the demand and price of the metal high. The United States holds the title of being the number three consumer of this metal, and its numbers of consumption surpass major countries like Germany, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

Gold, too, has seen times of deflation in short-term circumstances. However, the precious metal has always skyrocketed during times where it should have declined. This ultimately makes gold a beneficial, long-term investment. Where currencies fail, gold succeeds.

Where does one obtain such a precious metal aside from the jeweler, though? The U.S. Money Reserve is the country’s most trusted source for precious metals. Thousands of avid collectors and investors flock to the reserve in order to gain access to the rarest, most precious metals each day.

According to Ispot, Regularly publishing news on gold, the U.S. Money Reserve serves the purpose to educate the public as to why gold is a solid investment.

Get more details here at

Raising Gas Prices in Venezuela

Venezuela is in the middle of an economic crisis. There have been limits placed on making international calls to try to save money. One of the recent efforts to try to fix the economy is to raise fuel prices. This isn’t a minor increase says expert David Osio. It is one that could lead to people staying at home as they aren’t able to afford the gas to put in their vehicles. Miguel Perez has recently been appointed as the economy czar. He has been tasked with looking into what could fix the economy. There is a possibility that the country could get loans from China and other countries, but according to Osio, with a lack of being able to pay anyone back, it makes it difficult for others to be able to trust Venezuela. If oil prices remain at a higher level for a short time, then it could make a dent in what is owed by the country and the value of the currency, which could get the country on a right path economically.


The U.S. Money Reserve: What You Should Know

The U.S. Money Reserve is a step up from the rest offering their clients only the best when it comes to customer service, quality tender, and a knowledgeable staff that is unmatched in their industry. With over a decade of history providing authentic precious metal coins to over 300,000 clients, the U.S. Money Reserve goes above and beyond to ensure trust by providing their clients with a 100% money back guarantee. The client on reviews show that this organization prides itself in offering a knowledgeable service that clients can trust and here’s why.

Although US Money Reserve are known for being one of the largest issuers for gold, silver and platinum coins; metals aren’t all they have to offer. They have a wide range of services including financial advising and coin research. With a multitude of buying power, US Money Reserve are able to offer clients with the best coins the industry has to offer. Their knowledgeable executives have established years of experience providing customers with the support and resources they need to make the best investment and improving their chances of earning the highest profit possible.

Why is it better to invest in gold, silver or platinum tender? According to the U.S. Money reserve on, they offer the best coins that are out there and customers can find security in investing in something that they can actually hold in their hands. This comes at an advantage over other paper or credit investments as the customer has more control over their assets by making them their personal possession after purchase. Overall, the US Money Reserve
is a trusted and professional organization geared toward creating long-lasting relationships with its clients offering communication that is transparent and informative. With thousands of satisfied customers and a track record for providing top-notch service, the U.S. Money reserve stands as an organization that clients can trust.

If you’re looking to set up an account, speak with an executive, or simply want to learn more about what the U.S. Money reserve has to offer, stop by their website and set up an appointment to speak with a professional to learn more about their organization and services. Also, stay up-to-date with the company by following them on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by liking them on Facebook.

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