Why George Soros Thinks The European Union Will Collapse

George Soros is a Hungarian Billionaire known as the father of hedge funds. He has accumulated substantial wealth and the 85-year-old spends most of his time spreading his ideologies.

Soros in a recent interview seems convinced the European Union is on the verge of collapse. Soros says German chancellor has delayed the collapse with her timely resolve of the migrant crisis.

The Migrant crisis comes hot on the heels of the Greek debt crisis that divided the European Union. The migrant crisis, Soros observed, has risked every fundamental idea of a European Union since it prevents free travel.

Some of the Paris attackers were shown to have travelled from Greece. It is an essential European Union right that is now being abused by terrorists disguised as refugees. They have taken advantage of the European Union and its structures with devastating effect.

George Soros said the decision by German to take in 1 million refugees was a step in the right direction. Soros said if given jobs and a decent home, the refugees will become productive members of the society.

George Soros says the European Union was founded on the idea of an open society. It is an idea being challenged by both nationalists and East European leaders. The Polish president and Hungarian president are already enacting measures to keep Muslims away and have launched scathing attacks against Merkel in Brussels.

In the interview, Soros said Putin took advantage of the Syrian crisis to increase the standing of Russia on a world stage. According to Soros, it made Obama look weak. Russia has already installed anti-aircraft guns in Syria, and the US must now share the airspace with Russia.

The current desire by the UK to quit the European Union is wrong. According to Soros, half of UK exports go to the European Union. It’s in its best interests to stay there.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930.The 85-year-old is Holocaust survivor and escaped with his family to London. Here, he studied economics at the London school of economics and later moved to New York to try his luck.

In New York, he founded Soros Fund, which was to, became the world’s largest hedge fund. He is a well-known philanthropist who founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979.It spreads the ideas of equality and peace around the world.

Sergio Cortes: The greatest Michael Jackson’s impersonator

Most of the fans and friends of Michael Jackson were left devastated by his untimely death on June 25th, 2009. The death of the pop star was such a shock to many of his fans that many could not believe it. Michael Jackson was more than just a musician o his fans. He had grown to be a close friend and a mentor to many of his fans.

Sergio Cortes, who was born and raised in Spain, has grown to become Michael Jackson’s best impersonator of all time. Sergio has gotten everything about the pop star ranging from his dressing, dancing style, to physical appearance and mannerism. Cortes developed the interest of impersonating the pop star since his childhood. He used to be Michael Jackson’s great fan whereby he fancied the way the pop star danced, and he severally tried to copy his moves. Due to the physical similarity Sergio has with Michael Jackson, he began attracting crowds to wherever place he visited.

Sergio first came to celebrity world when a reporter took some of his photos and videos and posted them online. When his photos went viral online, he began getting invitations to perform Michael Jackson’s simulations at shows. The star came to realize he had the talent to show off when millions of people fell in love with what he was doing. Cortes then began working on his voice and refining his moves so make them resemble those of Michael Jackson. He perfected the moonwalk dancing style that he could not be easily differentiated from Michel Jackson.

According to noticias.r7, Sergio Cortes impersonated most of Michael Jackson’s characters with much ease making his the best among all Jackson’s impersonators. The star has also posted plenty of videos online with which he has earned millions of viewers. He is also known for recreating some of Michael Jackson’s videos such as Thriller and Smooth Criminal. Most of Jackson’s fans especially those from South America have been entertained by Sergio Cortes performance.

Sergio Cortes has been applauded for keeping Michael Jackson’s legacy alive. Most fans of Michael Jackson across the globe have acclaimed Sergio Cortes as the real and true impersonator of the late pop star. Sergio Cortes is now a global figure thanks to the best performances he gives to his fans. Many fans of the late pop star see Sergio Cortes as a blessing and the best replacement of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes can be found on Facebook with the username Sergio Cortes Michael, and he currently has over 18700 likes. He can be also found on Twitter, and he currently has more than 800 followers.

The Story of Yeonmi Park

It is a well known fact that North Korea is under an oppressive regime that have prevented the population from experiencing universal human rights. Under this particular regime, it is even illegal to leave the country to venture abroad into China or South Korea. Every years, thousands of North Koreans have decided to defect to pursue freedom that was never given in North Korea. One woman in particular Yeonmi Park, who is a North Korean defector, stated that she did not even know what freedom was. Yeonmi Park left Korea in 2007 when she crossed the frozen Yalu River with her mother. This event occurred when she was only 13 years of age. Yeonmi is a young defector that now speaks out against North Korea and has involved herself with several organizations to try and assist fellow North Korean Defectors. Yeonmi Park has recently sat down to discuss her story as to why she became a defector. She explains that her family was well connected and wealthy in the 90s up until the North Korean economy crashed. After the economy crash, Ms. Park’s father was forced to sell contraband to China in order to have an acceptable income to raise a family with. However, years late, Ms. Park’s father was caught and was thrown into a labor camp while his family was shunned and left to starve. Yeonmi Park explains that for this reason, her and her mother escaped the country in order to seek a new life that had more freedom. Yeonmi Park states that because she lived outside the law, she was subjected to hunger and constant abuse. Though her father joined her and her mother outside of the North Korean border, her father died months later due to untreated cancer. Yeonmi Park is dedicated to informing the public of how truly oppressive the North Korean regime is. Her goal is to have North Korean defectors speak out on Youtube to the United Nations as well as to other organizations for the purpose of spreading awareness of her cause. Ms. Park states that she will continue to fight for human rights as she experienced the lack of human rights herself.

Visual Search Is Coming to an Internet near You

A recent article in the MIT Technology Review has caused some people to look at existing technologies in a new way. Search engines have been around for some time now. In fact, they date back to around 1982. And what’s really amazing is that they haven’t really changed much in all that time. As the article points out, they’re mainly focused on taking in text, running it through a database, and outputting results based on keyword matching. The biggest innovations there have come from having actual humans double check the results in order to help machines match questions and answers together. There’s little real intelligence involved, just simple pattern matching.

This is all set to change thanks to a field of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. This is being combined with another technique known as visual search in order to create the next generation of search engine. There’s two things which really sets this new type of search technology apart from existing techniques. The first is that it’s based on visual data such as images or pictures taken with one’s phone. And the second is that it constantly makes use of actual intelligent analysis. Even if that intelligence is of the artificial variety.

Obviously this is a lot more computationally taxing than the current style of simply sending text into a database. But various companies are experimenting with different solutions to the problem of how processor intensive the techniques are. A company called Slyce has one of the most promising takes on it though. They use a method of cloud computing called distributed processing in order to work with deep learning and visual search techniques.

Slyce then created a special API which allows programs to tie into their servers through the Internet. This essentially allows Slyce’s servers to act like a dual core processor. Less powerful devices like smartphones or online catalog systems can handle the taking of and trading off of images. But the actual processing and analysis of that visual data is handled by the virtual processors at Slyce. The end result is systems which can handle visual processing that might well be dozens or even hundreds of times more computationally intense than they would otherwise be able to process. And thanks to the nature of Slyce’s easy to use infrastructure it can be added to almost any existing program.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign

Professional sports team are notorious for having a dedicated fan base. This is especially true for Pittsburgh Steeler’s fans. They have a passionate fan base that can now take their support for their beloved team to a whole new level. The Pittsburgh Steeler’s organization is offering a brand new fashion line for fans to show and wear the love they possess for their favorite sport’s team. The Pittsburgh Steelers even have their own website to make it easy to peruse through different styles and options of clothing to show your love of this team. Susan McGalla is the new director for the Steelers strategic planning organization. She successfully launched the website that will market and sell merchandise for the Steeler’s organization. One of the most surprising and innovative ideas for this website is that it is not limited to just clothing and apparel. One of the newest items is a Steeler’s charm for your Pandora bracelet. High end jewelry is a new trend to market online. A Pandora charm bracelet is the ultimate way to show your love for your favorite football team. McGalla is not new to fashion merchandising. She is the former President for American Eagle Outfitters and she also held the position of CEO of the clothing store the Wet Seal. Her experience is behind the success of the Steeler’s new marketing strategy and the popularity of online shopping. The Pittsburgh Steelers may not be the first to market online merchandise for their fans. However; they may be the first to launch a fashion campaign according to Wikinvest that offers an extensive line of clothing and jewelry to be worn as street wear. They hope their fans are inspired to wear this line everywhere, not just on game day.

Let Your Dog Enjoy A Smorgasbord of Great Foods From Beneful

When you take your prized dog to the veterinarian, ask about what kinds of food are best for your canine companion. Chances are good that the veterinarian will suggest a combination of wet and dry food and snacks. The choice of wet food on amazon.com provides not only satisfaction for your dog but also supports healthy organs. Dry food serves another purpose, such as fiber with the provision of healthy grains. Beneful offers the best of all choices with wet food, dry food, and treats for your pet.

What kind of Beneful food to feed your pet depends on their age, weight, health concerns, and recommendations from your pet’s doctor. Since Beneful provides something for every canine companion, it is easy to find what specifically is needed for your pet. If you have an adult dog who you wish to serve the classic foods you may choose Beneful Dry Food Originals in one of the many flavors. You may select the Chopped Blends Wet Food and Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. If you have a small dog and want something unique you may try the Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food, and Healthy Smile Dental Twists. A new puppy may benefit more from Beneful Dry Food Originals, and Wet Food Chopped Blends.

This information as to food selection on is readily available from Beneful on twitter. They take the guesswork out of the equation. Another great thing about Beneful dog foods is that all meat flavors are natural. This means real beef, chicken, lamb, and more. This is also true for all of the vegetables included in the pet food products. There is nothing quite like the full nutritional benefits of these products. Beneful meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials, AAFCO, standards, along with the USDA and FDA regulations. You can rest assured that all Beneful products are beneficial for you canine friends.

QNet: A Brief Overview

In today’s world, many people are looking for business opportunities that will facilitate personal growth and economic freedom. If this is your current objective, you may want to consider QNet. To learn more about this company and whether it offers the type of vocational options that are conducive to your personal goals and professional vision, consider the brief overview provided below:

What Is QNet?

QNet was established in 1998 in Asia. The company is a rapidly growing online shopping center. It is also a business community comprised of like-minded individuals who are seeking financial growth and company expansion. The company currently has more than five million independent distributors and customers across the globe. The company offers entrepreneurs a network marketing opportunity that incorporates selling a wide range of lifestyle products designed to improve the quality of life for customers.

The Business Model

QNet was founded on the use of a direct sales sales business model for the purpose of marketing and distributing its exclusive line of goods. In addition to selling “everyday” brands, the company is pleased to offer luxury products. The company’s independent representatives build solid entrepreneurial networks predicated on incredible products and a quality compensation plan. The company also makes use of advanced IT infrastructure, logistics systems, and wide-reaching distribution.

How It Works

Individuals who are interested in QNet can get started by enrolling in the program, placing a product order, and joining the company’s repeat purchase programme. The company offers a wide range of mentoring classes as well as a supportive community to help encourage the business’s owner growth.

The Power To Earn

QNet offers business owners ten powerful ways to earn money through their company. The ten ways include:

• Retail profit
• Early payout
• Step commission
• Repeat sales commission
• Main plan rank advancement
• RSP plan rank advancement
• RSP rank advancement bonus
• RSP rank maintenance bonus
• New programme bonus
• Year round incentives

Qualifications And Credentials

QNet is currently a member of the Direct Selling Association (of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore). Additionally, QNet is flourishing in India and is expanding its sphere of influence to many other nearby regions.

If you’re interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial lifestyle in order to attain personal freedom and vocational mobility, it’s important to note that QNet may be the solution you’ve been seeking. By reviewing the brief guide outlined above, you can determine whether pursuing this career opportunity would be ideal for you.

Caring For My Pet Is Easier When I Feed Him Beneful

I bathe my dog every day, even though it’s really starting to bother my back. The reason why I’m so obsessed with bathing my dog is because I want to keep him clean and really care for him. I had a dog before that died after I owned him for 15 years, and now I’m very clingy to my new dog. No one can tell me that I don’t know how to care for my pet because I buy him the best of everything. My daily routine goes something like this. I get up each day, I feed my dog a bowl of Beneful on beneful.com, and then my dog and I go out for a walk.

After coming back from the walk, I choose to feed the dog another bowl of Beneful, and then I go in to take a nap. I awake a couple hours later, and my dog is laying right next to me in the bed. I take the dog for another walk, and right after the walk he gets Beneful again. Later in the evening, I make sure to give the dog a bath on wikipedia.org, and I even use bubble bath as well. I brush my dog’s fur, and I even put a little bow in his hair, even though he’s a male dog. I give my dog a meal of Beneful in the evening, and it’s the biggest bowl of Beneful he gets all day.

Once in a while, I’ll give the dog a bowl of wet Beneful, which he truly enjoys, and I like watching him devour the food. I like Beneful when it’s fed to my dog, especially the wet Beneful. When I buy the bowls of wet Beneful, I can see all the ingredients in it, especially the meat, vegetables, and the rice. Beneful is definitely the dog food of choice around my house, and my dog has incredible amounts of energy because he eats Beneful every day. I feed my dog Beneful at least 4-5 times a day, and I know my dog is well cared for and happy with his food.

Smart Labs Fixes Online Reputations

In an article published on Observer Innovation titled “5 Tips for Cleaning Up Google Search Results for Your Name,” Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, discusses ways to prevent unwanted information from appearing on a Google name search. Many people have done questionable things and posted them on social media sites which may come back to haunt them later when they are looking for a job or a school to go to. Businesses, executives, and politicians use companies like Status Labs to manage their online reputation.

Darius list five ways people can remove unflattering online information about themselves on their own. First, people should log out of their browser before they Google themselves. Second, they should identify and remove any problems that show up in their search. Next, people can and should develop new and relevant content about themselves. Fourth, people should be aware of data brokers who create unwanted online profiles and finally, people need to be proactive in creating a positive online presence.

If an individual prefers to outsource their online reputation management, they can hire Status Labs to do it for them. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin and has over 1500 clients in over 35 countries. They offer their clients many services including public relations, crisis response, permanent link removal, and search engine optimization to name a few, and they are able to tailor their services to the specific needs of their clients.

Recently Sally Kohn, a progressive activist and writer who has made many TV news appearances, was doxxed. This means someone found her personal information and posted it online. She got in contact with Darius where he personally walked her through the process of what she calls “online hygiene.” In addition to the five ways of removing some online information, Darius went through a checklist with Sally that also included changing social media privacy settings and frequently changing passwords. As more of our information can become available online, many people may be in need of Status Labs services.

Making Metals Work In Portfolio Management; The US Money Reserve

Precious metals and coins are not exactly an emerging market, but they do take a certain level of knowledge to know how to invest in and garner a profit. Knowing who to turn to that can be trusted is an important facet in the investing process. It also helps to be able to go to a distributor/broker that deals in only certified and graded metals.

The US Money Reserve is one such place where consumers/investors can find people who are trustable and know what they are doing. Founded in 2007, the reserve deals with only the best metals and coins on the market. Each coin and metal investment is in government certified and graded metal.

The professionals at the reserve are market veterans who know when to invest and how much to invest to secure a nice profit. Their expert advice has aided thousands of investors to gain hefty profits in the precious metal market. These are professionals that have a long track record of being trustworthy, offering exceptional service, and giving guidance that pays off.

The main offices for the US Money Reserve are located in Austin, Texas. They do perform trades and offer advice on the world wide web as well. This allows them to perform the tasks of their daily business whenever and wherever the client needs them. Whether seeking to diversify a portfolio, or simply makiing small investments towards retirement or a child’s college education, US Money Reserve offers the metals and products that are grade AAA.

They are the largest distributor of US Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins in the United States. They are presently directed by Philip N. Diehl, who is a former US Mint director. He has led his staff to perform exceptional service, with the most accurate market information available.

Each one of the more than 100 professionals that work for the US Money Reserve have the education, experience and expertise to guide their clients to the best possible investments for their personal circumstances. Many clients have boasted that they have made profits after a very short time. The satisfaction of every client is important to the US Money Reserve and they strive daily to be better than all the rest.

If seeking the best precious metals on the market, looking for rare and exotic coins to invest in, or looking to diversify a portfolio in order to minimize losses, the US Money Reserve is a good place to start.

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