Sergio Cortés Nails Mijac Impression With Precision

In many of our lives, we wish for something more. Many of us have dreams of fame and stardom when we are young. Unfortunately, for many of us, between those unfulfilled. Perhaps we do not have the amount of talent that is needed for stardom, or perhaps we like to drive that other more famous people have. But, among those that are some people who strive for the brass ring of fame and receive it, sometimes in the most peculiar ways.

Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortés began with a burning desire for fame. He wanted to be like his hero, singer Michael Jackson, the lead singer of the Jackson Five. When he was young, Sergio was literally obsessed with the young rising star. He had dozens of videotapes of his favorite performer, and he would watch Michael Jackson performances over and over again. He studied his different moves and gestures, until he knew every one of them by heart.

When Jackson began to perform outside of the act with his brothers, Sergio followed his career. He watched as the Jackson Five and grew up and became The Jacksons. Then, came the transformation of Michael Jackson into a full-fledged pop icon. Along the way, Sergio was watching Jackson’s performances, and learning all of his signature moves. He only performed his impersonations for his close family and friends. He did not think that the imitation that he was doing would lead him to stardom later on.

Life changed in an instant one day. He was in his hometown walking down the street just as Michael Jackson. He caught the eye of a local photographer who is looking for something to put in his newspaper. Stunned by Sergio’s incredible resemblance to Jackson, he stopped him in the street and asked him a few questions. The photographer, still reeling from the incredible similarities, asked Sergio if he could take a photo of him to be published in his newspaper. Sergio said yes, and soon the picture printed in the paper.

What happened after that can only be called incredible. Suddenly, dozens of talent agencies and entertainment venues wanted to speak to Sergio to ask about his incredible impersonation. Sergio then realized that he was onto something, and began to field the different offers that the talent agencies and entertainment venues sent in. After some deliberation, Sergio decided to become a Michael Jackson impersonator full-time.

Now Sergio performs for thousands of fans all around the world. He has a large Facebook following, with hundreds of adoring fans. He often takes photos of himself dressed as the King of Pop for the amusement and delight of his fans. He performs in different shows and concerts all over the world, impersonating his idol, Jackson.

Sergio Cortés became famous, but not in the way that he expected. Now because of his incredible dedication to his impersonations, he can bring joy to his fans all around the world, and give those who have never seen Michael Jackson perform a glimpse into the performance precision of one of the greatest acts in the world.

A Few Interesting Facts About Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin knows many things related to hedge fund management. He is an American hedge fund manager who founded Citadel, a renown global investment firm that has an estimated $25 billion inform of investment capital. Griffin is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, and it has recently been rated as belonging to the class of the world’s biggest investment firms. The company’s hedge funds also rank among the best in terms of success and size in the world. Being a very notable personality in his niche, Griffin has been identified as belonging to the creme de la creme of the biggest earning hedge fund managers in 2012 as well as one in the Forbes 400 richest Americans list.

As of May 2015, he had an estimated net worth that was above $6.6 billion and he shocked many in the beginning of 2014 by making a $150 million donation to Harvard University where he schooled. The donation made history as being the largest the institution has ever received from an individual. Griffin is not new to making donations; in the recent past, he wrote a check of $2.5 million to an Illinois Governor candidate for his campaigns. All his total donations are not less than $500 million to the different organizations and causes he supports.

He was born in Florida in 1978 and became interested in matters related to hedge fund trading when he was still studying in Harvard as a freshman. A Forbes magazine article he came across triggered his mind, and when he began his second year, he stared a hedge fund that had a strong focus on convertible hedge fund arbitrage. To start the fund, he consolidated more than $265000 from friends and family including money from his grandmother.

To ensure that his trading was always accurate and on point, he ensured that he had the best market information that was achieved by installing a satellite link on his dorm. The investment turned out to be a good decision and by the time the market crash of 1987 was happening, he was safe and was already on profit. The early debut into success made it possible for him to start a second fund and between both funds, he was managing over $1 million.

He finished his university studies and graduated with a degree in economics in 1989. Soon after his graduation, he was approached by a private investor who provided him with $1 million to invest. He managed the funds and managed to make more than the investor expected. He has appeared numerous times on the Forbes magazine in different categories as being one of the most influential people in America. His company has also been rated as among the best in the financial services sector when matters related to offering the best in terms of employee benefits and compensation are concerned.

During his free time, Valuewalk’s Griffin is busy buying rare art works and is known to buy even the most expensive ones. He also spends his free time contributing to his philanthropic organizations and causes.

Retail And Business World Benefits From Contributions Of Shaygan Kheradpir

A World Of New Technology

The leaps of technology in today’s business climate are with boundaries. The world has been changing over the past few decades to better use the luxurious resource of the internet. The internet is like a tree that provides fruit for businesses on Without the internet our global economy would fall backwards into a downward spiral that would resemble the Dark Ages in Europe. However, we are in a new Renaissance. The world is becoming more and more accustomed to the roles that the internet can play, and the business communities have developed entire systems that function thanks to high speed internet. These processes would not be possible without the developers, engineers and executives that work steadily to streamline them. Our global economy is growing. The business communities are thriving. It is a golden day for technology within the business world.

Changes To Business And Technology

The industry of e-commerce has become and actualized reality that can take the form of a gold mine if it is put in the right hands. Many people try to build successful e-commerce businesses, and some of these folks succeed in their attempts. It is thanks to the structure that is in place for them to succeed that they owe their success. Without the systems and processes developed by engineers and developers and without the financiers and executives involved, these businesses could not exist. These people who are responsible for their development have put into place these ever changing, dynamic fortresses that can evolve as time and life permits. They are easily maintained. They are voted upon by boards of directors that include people who have been on the front lines. They are updated when these people see that change is in order.

Giving Thanks To Those Responsible

Without the contributions of the business elite and the people who created these programs, businesses of today (including but not limited to e-commerce sites) would not have a place to do their work. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the individuals that was responsible for the development and maintenance of valuable systems that promote industry and change. Shaygan Kheradpir had serious involvement in the development of Verizon’s FiOS initiative that impacted the high speed capabilities of businesses. This resource made it possible for all forms of online business to take place with little to no waiting time. It is a huge step from the dial up connections that would make it harder to run a successful operation.

Shaygan Kheradpir had other projects that were influential in the development of important business resources that are used frequently today. One such program made it easier for businesses to charge customers in real time. The product referred to here is called Pingit, which makes it easier for consumers to pay on their mobile devices. These types of innovative technologies are what makes the business community of today so dynamic and unpredictable. There’s no way to tell how far it can go.

Sergio Cortes Is MJ

Michael Jackson was my favorite musical artist of all time and greatly loved around the world. His songs continues to be played every day everywhere. When he passed on in ’09 several fans helped themselves recover by singing and dancing to his music. Many impersonators tried to perfect the Michael Jackson experience but none of them could ever come close to Sergio Cortes.

Sergio is truly the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonator and proves it every time he performs. Incredibly talented and energetic, his shows display how he’s captured the complete essence of the missed much loved super star Michael Jackson. Sergio recalls watching The Jackson 5 as a child and being instantly mesmerized by MJ. He started investing many hours imitating Jackson’s moves and developed his natural born talents.

Sergio looks amazingly just like Michael Jackson organically. He did not have to undergo surgery to resemble Michael like many others he was just born with the same features. His style of clothing is also exactly how Michael dressed. He has mastered everything from MJ’s walk, poses, and dance moves perfectly. What is most impressive about Sergio is his ability to sound like Michael Jackson when he sings. His vocal performance is actually mind blowing because he sounds so similar to the “King Of Pop”.

Sergio Cortes has dedicated fans all over the world that greatly appreciate the work he is doing. His love and admiration for Michael is noticed in every electrifying performance Sergio gives. Just like Jackson he is classy and sensitive in his personality and its not just an act. Sergio is very serious about being an excellent Michael Jackson impersonator and practices all the time.

His performances bring Michael Jackson’s legacy and memory back to life. Numerous videos are available to watch on the internet and You Tube of Sergio’s concerts and shows. Just like Michael he loves and respects his fans and always communicates with them anyway he can. Already a huge star in Brazil, Cortes is now being known all over the planet as the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonator.

It takes a lot of talent and hard work to be a Michael Jackson imitator and it looks like Sergio fits the criteria. Many fans have been transformed after seeing Sergio perform. Some of his fans can not get enough so they follow him where ever he travels. Sergio Cortes is a breath of fresh air to Jackson fans throughout the earth.

Exis Capital Founder Selling Works of Art at Auction

It looks like financier, art collector and entrepreneur Adam Sender has new plans for setting the world on fire. After founding and running Wall Street hedge fund firm Exis Capital Management Inc. for over 15 years, Sender’s next step is moving over 400 pieces from his collection at auction.

Sender’s decision to put an end to his corporation hasn’t necessarily shocked the world of finance. The firm saw its fund lose 5.1 percent in 2014, and its peak management of more than $1 billion in funds had fallen to only $75 million by the end of the same year. On top of that, Exis is one of several hedge funds to have announced their shuttering, among them Scout Capital Management LLC and Joho Capital LLC.

Even as he was managing billions, Sender was known as much for his contemporary art collection as anything on Wall Street. Sender has been lauded for his strategic acquisitions throughout the art world. Critics, artists and admirers alike have called his collection intelligent, personal, surprising, rich, engaging and coherent. Sender has always managed to amass works from artists that are on the cusp of fame, including Keith Haring, Dan Flavin, Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman, as well as promising newcomers such as Rashid Johnson and Lucien Smith. The diversity and depth found in Sender’s collection has created a library of material that is considered a treasure drove of desired pieces. It’s expected the upcoming auction will bring in everyone from the curious to the mega-collector.

Former Guggenheim chief curator and current Sotheby’s Chairman of the Americas, Lisa Dennison, believes Sender has a stunning eye for recognizing talent and potential. She attests that he has a “barometer” for it and that Sender has always “looked at whole bodies of work, and in-depth. He was ahead of his time.”

Though he is selling over 400 pieces – many considered to be worth millions by themselves alone – Sender has no intention of giving up on collecting art. He will still have a significant collection even after the auction and he plans to continue exploring the galleries for new works. “This was always long-term in nature for me,” he has said. “Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about.”

Future plans include continuing to loan works for exhibition in museums and to donate major works to institutions. “When I started buying art, I never thought that this was going to turn into what it turned into.” What “it” has turned into is a smart picture of how contemporary art has progressed over three decades. And as the savvy art follower knows, wherever Sender goes, it will be a barometer of how art will trend over the next few decades.

RECAP: Marcio Alaor BMG

According to an online article published on
, Marcio Araujo Alaor was honored with a new food court that bears his name. The Marcio Alaor Food Court opened during the 33rd annual Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte in Portugal. Alaor is a prominent entrepreneur in his home town of Santo Antonio do Monte and is vice president over the BMG Bank. He is well-known for his efforts to help his community. During the ceremony, a plaque was unveiled with Alaor’s name, along with many of his civic successes.

Many politicians and local authorities were invited to speak about Alaor and his tireless efforts to improve Santo Antonio do Monte and help the people. Each of them gave special tribute to him and expressed the historical merit of this event. One of the speakers, Luis Antonio Resende communicated the gratitude of the many rural residents who were able to work on the Exhibition Center. He complimented Alaor’s humble personality and for caring for the city’s well-being. Resende also said that Alaor did not do these things for attention or political favors.

Former city mayor, Wilmar Son, said that the unveiling of the new food court coincided perfectly with the annual exhibition. The food court was placed in a vacant lot where a dilapidated grain warehouse was. The new structure was built in a city-wide effort to beautify the neighborhood and to increase business. Son said that it was appropriate to name the food court after Marcio Alaor BMG, as a representation of how he fed the aspirations of the city’s people.

At the end, the honoree was asked to speak. Alaor spoke of how he was a young shoeshine boy in his neighborhood and worked his way up to being a leader in BMG Bank. He was humbled by all the accolades showered upon him and he thanked everyone for their kind words and respect. He said that the love and respect for family and friends matters way more than money. Alaor reaffirmed his love for his native Santo Antonio do Monte and said that he will continue to find ways to make the city better for the


Sergio Cortés Impersonates Idol Michael Jackson As Career

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us wish that we were famous. That is one of the reasons why many people idolize movie and television stars, and dream of having a luxurious and opulent lifestyle. We idolize the people who we see on television and movies and in the back of our minds, dream that we can have a lifestyle like those people. There are many people that strive to live a life of celebrity, and to those who do, it is a dream come true.

Sergio Cortés dreamed of being a star like his childhood idol, singer Michael Jackson. He dreamed of it to the point where he began to imitate his favorite singer. Now his dream of being like his childhood hero has come true. He is now considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the country. His story is one that we can all relate to, one of idolization of his favorite singer.

When he was younger, Cortés love to watch his favorite singer, Michael Jackson perform with his brothers, the legendary singing group the Jackson Five. Cortez love to mimic the inflections and singing style of the soon-to-be pop idol. At first, Cortés did his imitation just to amuse himself and his close family and friends.

Then one day, as he was walking the streets of his city, he was spotted by a local news photographer. The photographer was amazed at how much Cortés resembled his hero Michael Jackson. The photographer asked the fledgling impersonator if he could take a picture of him and publish it in his local newspaper. Cortés agreed to the photo, and the next day its publication set off a firestorm of attention. Many people wanted to know who this person was who looked so much like one of the greatest music stars in the world.

The new attention led Cortés to be sought after by a number of different talent agencies and talent representation. After considering many offers and endorsement deals, he chose to do a Michael Jackson impersonation show. It was just the beginning of what was to be a spectacular career, and recognition as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world.

Now Cortés goes all over the world, doing shows impersonating Michael Jackson. He has a loyal following of fans from all over the world, many of who visit his Facebook page. He has thousands of likes on the page, and regularly poses as Michael Jackson in photos on it. One can see how similar he looks to Michael Jackson and why he has received such attention. The Facebook page has many sincere and flattering comments about his uncanny resemblance, and best wishes from adoring fans.

Many people will never know what it is like to be famous and hear the cheers of adoring crowds of people. Sergio Cortés had a dream to experience life in the limelight, and now he does, living a life of one of the greatest performers who ever lived. To see Cortés perform is not only a testament to his skill and ability, but a living memorial to one of the great performers of our age.

The Philanthropic Work of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur, the owner of the NBA team and a philanthropist. Bruce was born to a Jewish family in Washington D.C and he grew up in Maryland. He later attended the Washington University and graduated from the school of law at American University. At the time he was attending law school at night, Bruce started his career in journalism at the Washington Star.
In 1997, Bruce collaborated with ED Peskowitz to establish United Communication Group (UCG). Bruce and Peskowitz began the firm in the apartment of Levenson by publishing a newsletter, oil express, concentrating on growth in the oil business. UCG obtained additional newsletters and launched the database that included oil price information services (OPIS). United Communication Group is privately owned company information that concentrates on data, energy, news, and psychiatry of healthcare, mortgage banking, technology, and other business. UCG also manages and owns a mobile app that helps drivers in finding affordable local gas stations known as GasBuddy.
In 2004, Bruce and Peskowitz formed Atlantic Hawks LLC, in order purchase Atlantic Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. They are the major associates of Atlantic Hawks LLC, a group of entrepreneurs who collectively own the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. Bruce is the team managing associate and a member of the board of governors of NBA.
Bruce is also a participant of the board of directors of Tech Target. The company was established under UCG, and Bruce served as a director of the firm from the time it was founded in 1999 up to 2012. Levenson was a counselor for a private equity company called BIA digital partners. He was also a participant of the board of directors of the newsletter and electronic publishers Association (NEPA).
Levenson is also an active participant in various philanthropic organizations like community foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Previously, he was the leader of the Washington chapter I Have a Dream Foundation, an association that assists low-income children aspiring to pursue higher learning.
Levenson is the founding contributor to the Holocaust Museum and financing the program that brings the lessons home. The program teaches inner city students the lessons of the Holocaust and coaches them to be a tour guide at the museum. Bruce has as well made a significant contribution to the seed foundation and seed of peace. Levenson supports many different Jewish causes including Birthright Israel, Jewish youth philanthropy institute, and BBYO a Jewish-American youth movement.
In 2010, Bruce together with his wife spearheaded several developments. For instance, they established philanthropy center and nonprofit management at Maryland University. They also offered seed funds to the institution that teaches the students on how to manage the nonprofit organization and engages the schools to enlighten and motivate philanthropic activities.

Paul Evans Cares About Shoes

Summer is gone and that means the sandals have been put away for the cold months. There is one great thing about fall and the cooler temperatures. That’s the fact that a mans style is truly the best during fall. It’s a time for sweaters, slacks, and the most important part – shoes. Falls is really a time for a mans appearance to shine through.

A lot of attention is drawn to leather shoes during the fall seasons on That’s because shoes do so much more than protect feet from the cold winter elements. These shoes also make a statement about fashion. The right kind of shoes can really boost a mans confidence. It can make him feel ready to take on the day, whatever that might entail. Good looking shoes are also a turn on for many women. That’s because it shows that a man takes pride in his appearance.

No one cares more about shoes and making a man look good than Paul Evans. They are all about the luxury dress shoes. Their products look so great because they actually care. They’re not some factory mass producing shoes. They’re not some chain store simply trying to make a product. They are men that really understand those important points about shoes. They understand that when a man wants to look good, he’s going to need a nice and solid product on his feet. Paul Evans uses the highest quality material. A man never has to worry if his shoes are going to fall apart. These are shoes he can take pride in because the maker of the shoes took pride in them, as well.

The right pair of shoes not only gets a man from point A to point B but it also grows his confidence. The right pair of shoes makes a man hop out of bed and is ready to take on the day. Paul Evans also offers a man the luxury of browsing online and not having to try a million different stores. A man can browse the internet for a pair of shoes that he loves. It could be loafers, it could be oxfords, or any other multitude of options. Once he finds the shoes that are calling to him, that’s it. The shoes are delivered right to a mans doorstep so that the next time he steps out, he’ll be doing so in style.

They show that there are still people out there who take pride in making a solid pair of shoes. Paul Evans is one of those companies that is to be treasured.

Tips to Follow When Shopping for Cleaning Service Company

Many people always have the opinion that house cleaning is actually a dirty affair. Today, when you are running the average household, with dealing with work, house hold chores and other family matters, it can be quite a challenging task. To help you in managing your activities, many companies have emerged everywhere in the world, and they all want to offer you gleaning services for your home so that you can concentrate on other beneficial activities.

Selecting a cleaning company has becoming a great challenge too as they have become so many in the market. Deciding the company to contract for a regular basic is not easy, and you need some guidelines so that you can choose the best at the end of them day. Here are some times to help you choose wisely.

• First of all, you should narrow down to the specific places you want cleaned in your house. How many rooms do you actually want to be cleaned, and which ones do you consider to be off limit? Before hiring a company, it is essential to know whether you require standard cleaning services or you only need cleansers who can provide laundry and window cleaning services. This will help you decide on the companies to choose.

• The second important step is to ask around for referral. You can enquire from your family, your neighbors, and even friends about your preferred Handy House Cleaning Companies. If they have worked for them in the past, or maybe they know someone the company worked for, they will advise you well. It is important to hire a company that has been recommended by someone close to you, so that the safety of your properties in the house is guaranteed,

• Another very essential step involves getting rid of House Cleaning Companies which are not insured or even bonded.

• It is also very important to request for a free consultation from your potential cleaning company. A representative will come, and review the type of work that is available in your home, and at the end of the review give you a quotation. You need to be very careful during the process, so that you can know what is expected of you, and also to let the company know how you want tour house to be cleaned.

Handy is the company on youtube you should mostly probably give your cleaning job. The company allows you to request for cleaning services with a single tap on your smart phone. Handy has very experienced cleaners, who are believed to charge fair prices. The company has reliable trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about your cleaning services any more. Just two years after it was founded, the company is gaining popularity, with 1million orders every single week. This demand shows that they are actually doing a good job to the consumers.

Lover of All the World’s Music