Help Those Adorable Kittens Find a Home

A local man by the name of Jon Urbana has recently been channeling his abilities and passion to winning efforts on saving and protecting pets through fundraisers. Though he is mostly known for his participation in sports, he has been able to tap into this niche and leading millions in making things better for pets. This is why he has introduced a new platform called “Crowdrise” with an aim of registering as many people as possible and educating them on how to protect and keep their pets safe.

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player for the Wildcats and being a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database, he has been able to bring the required team effort on campaigns such as Crowdrise and Earth Force on GoFundMe. This platform allows people to bring together their resources in a bid to change circumstances for helpless animals. To make a donation on this noble course, go to his Crowdrise Fundraiser account and help him champion Denver’s flora and fauna that is worth saving.

As part of his campaign towards this course, Jon Urbana has produced a personal video (also posted to his jonurbana1 Twitter handle) that shows his heart-felt desire for this drive. As such, he has given examples of promoting kindness to animals through likeminded platforms like Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, Slideshare, Medium, and others.

His focus is on cats and that is why he has driven all profits from his Crowdrise account towards this harmless creatures. In addition, Urbana also uses Crunchbase to promote the Ellipse USA team, educating people who come to his lacrosse camp on the importance of giving back especially to pets. In a website post, Urbana went to greater lengths in discussing his motives.

It is notable that people have been able to realize their dreams thanks to the help from others, and that is why he is more concerned with showing those who sitting on sofa to find a way to help others get to their destiny.

The Crowdrise Fundraiser also sponsors Medical bills, weddings, birthdays, volunteer, student needs, and travel adventures requests. This is because he argues that there is no reason to struggle alone when you can find help. It is no doubt millions want to partake of this reasonable campaign. As such, the Crowdrise list is growing each day considering the platform allows the supporter to choose the different available levels to donate with the lowest being $50.

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George Soros – Philanthropic Rebel With a Cause

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and was a teenager when the Germans occupied that country in 1944. During the years of fascist rule, his family, being Jewish, survived because of the astute actions of his father. In those years of danger, he learned how and when to take risks and to judge when a risk would be fatal. These lessons have helped him as an investor. He has reported having an instinctive physical reaction about when to buy and sell. Active as a philanthropist since 1979, Soros retired in 2000 as one of the world’s wealthiest investors in history. He has donated huge sums to causes worldwide that are untouched by other donors. In his later years, he made the statement, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people. This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: in fact, it obliges me to do so because others can’t.” One of George Soros most far-reaching investments is the Open Society Foundation founded in 1993, which operates in more than 100 countries. It has a human rights mission “to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.” Soros believes in using indigenous institutions and empowering the local leadership, and that the commitment of the locals is important for the Foundation to succeed. They have their own energy and their own sense of mission. In later years, he has taken up and spoken on a number of controversial issues: the financial crises in Europe and the United States; the problem of the Euro; and warning Europe about Russian expansion and the need to support the birth of a “new Ukraine.” In 2003, he donated substantial funds to American liberal groups to defeat George Bush in the 2004 elections. Currently, he is funding a Democratic legal fight against restrictive voting laws existing in certain states. And most recently, he has called on the European Union to meet the asylum crisis with a uniform, comprehensive plan that also seeks a global response to deal with this overwhelming problem on Washington Times. George Soros is an example of a free individual who is not afraid to voice his often controversial views on how current world problems should be tackled. Perhaps his successful ways of investing and the wisdom he has gained from taking many risks have lessons for how institutions and governments can transcend intractable problems in today’s world.

Slyce Looks To Make Shopping Apps Easier

Last month Yahoo! Finance published an article about one of the biggest visual search company’s, Slyce, and its future products. This is a summary of that article (A link to the original article can be found below).

Slyce is in the business of making smartphone shopping apps better and easier for the consumer to use by allowing them to take photos of products and then pulling up that products product page or the pages of similar products. Slyce currently works with e-commerce heavy weights like JCPenney, Home Depot, Tilly’s and Neiman Marcus.

The article mentions that the company will showcase future releases at the event that are currently in beta. Future products will seek to further “boost mobile-based revenue and access consumer intelligence through Big Data enabled analytics”.

Examples were given of the future products Slyce Inc. will offer. They were:

Universal Scanner
Slyce’s Universal Scanner will allow users to scan any barcode, QR Code, coupons or real world image and receive shopping information for it.

Slyce Insights
An industry-first data analytics platform that will allow retailers to look at the history of users visual searches in one place.

Snap-To Coupon
A tool to allow a retailers app users to snap a picture of a coupon; the picture will then be converted into a usable online coupon for the retailers site.

Out-Of-Stock Mitigation Tool
A tool that offers users comparable items if an item they searched for is out-of-stock or no longer available from the retailer.

The article then provides a short bio of the company Slyce Inc. mentioning that it is based in Toronto, CA and which companies they currently serve.

James Dondero The Businessman and Philanthropist

James Dondero, who is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an unexpected philanthropist. Contrary to one’s expectations of a high profile and business savvy president in the financial industry, James Dondero is heavily involved in philanthropy. His primary focus is on education, healthcare, and veteran affairs. Make no mistake, Mr. Dondero was a high achieving student, and he graduated with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. James Dondero remains a driven individual, continuing to expand his business opportunities as he sees fit. However, he is equally willing and driven to help others.

James Dondero’s joint venture with business partner Mark Okada known as Highland Capital Management, L.P. has maintained the Highland Capital Management, L.P. Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The year the scholarship was initiated the company gifted two million dollars to the university. The Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s fund is one of several oriented towards the SMU Tower Scholars Program. The program is designed to recognize undergraduate students of a high caliber and offers immersive experiences in public policy making. The President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. stated that he and the company wished to give students the opportunity to work with influential policymakers and leaders on both a global and national scale.

James Dondero’s interest in the SMU Tower Scholars Program can be attributed to the parallels within his own to journey to success. Shortly after his graduation from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Mr. Dondero began working under the Morgan Guaranty Training Program for financial analysts. The program offered real world experience and guidance, much like the Towers Scholar Program. The skills acquired in his time at the training program allowed Mr. Dondero to move swiftly onward to American Express, where he began his foray into fixed income funds, which would, in the ensuing years, lead to the success known as Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Never one to be satisfied by success, even in the world of charities, James Dondero continues forward with more programs oriented towards education. The Highland Santa Barbara Foundation, Inc. was formed as a supporting organization for the Santa Barbara Foundation. The foundation is directed towards facing challenges and embracing opportunities in the educational field. The foundation gives grants to non-profit organizations that focus primarily on education. James Dondero has participated in philanthropic activities beyond the educational world too. Highland Capital Management, L.P. s contributed to programs in healthcare, such as The American Heart Association as well as veteran related charities.

In a meager 30 years, James Dondero has risen from an analyst under the Morgan Guaranty Training Program to president of the world’s largest USD based collateralized loan obligation (CLO) manager. He continues to succeed as the Chairman of the Board for Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Health, and he’s an affiliated advisor of NexPoint Advisors, LP. Not content with simply pioneering a new sector in the financial world, Mr. Dondero has used his influence to better society through his strong stance on philanthropy. The many donations made to charitable foundations focused on education, health, and veterans will continue to better society with James Dondero at the head of Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Get a 5-Star Reputation with Status Labs

Status Labs is a leading International image management firm headquartered in Austin. They also have offices in New York and Sao Paulo. They help leading brands and high profile executives look positive in the news and online.

Anyone will tell you that page one of Google search is the most important. As a brand or individual you don’t want all of negative incidents in your past show on the first page. It’s so important to maintain your online presence and that is where Status Labs comes in. The firm uses a variety of ways to help protect you and your business. One is search engine optimization. Their SEO team will use proprietary technology to push down the negative articles and news. They will help push up the positive to the top as well as the ability to rank your business’s homepage on page 1. This will drive more traffic to your web site. They also provide social media marketing campaigns. Their team of specialists have run some of the largest campaigns in the country successfully. This well help you to get more likes and clicks to your page. Status Labs and their president Darius Fisher will also provide you with monthly updates to track their progress. More recent reviews weigh heavily by the search engines in terms of ranking. This is why using a reputation management company like Status Labs is so important. The investment you make to help your company’s reputation will return stronger profits in the long run from new customers you will attract.

Your number one marketing priority should always be developing a solid reputation. Most business owners don’t realize that consumers want information that will help them feel confident they are making the best purchase for them. Where do they get that confidence from? Online reviews from other consumers that have used your products or services. A few bad reviews will push the negative to the top of the search engines and there goes your customers. A recent advertising study said that 70% of global consumers indicated they trust online reviews from strangers when making decisions on whether to purchase or not.

Breakthrough in trading industry by Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is a famous founder and the chief executive officer of Citadel, a financial institution of a diverse nature, the group that consists of Citadel – an alternative industry-leading asset manager, Citadel Technology – a provider of solutions in technology for investment management , and Citadel Securities – one of the dominant providers of liquidity in capital markets of America.

As soon as in his freshman year in 1986, at Harvard he had the ability of trading stock options. Ken Griffin on citadel launched his arbitrage fund while he attended the sophomore year. During that same year, a crash hit the stock-market and Griffin became insanely rich. When he went back to his senior year, he already owned $1 million for his strategy of investing money. He claims that most of the time at Harvard he spent trading, which proves that he obviously was and still is way ahead of his time.
Griffin graduated and obtained a degree from the Harvard University and He is a great supporter of various educational causes which have an influence of the improvement of community. He is also a part of the board of Directors at the Chicago Public Education Fund and a member of numerous organizations in the business world, including the Economic Club of Chicago, G100 and the Commercial Club of Chicago’s Civic Committee.

Kenneth Griffin actively supports various civic and cultural institutions of Chicago and it is worth mentioning that he is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Chicago’s Art Institute, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum and the University of Chicago.

Griffin’s method of success

Griffin’s admirable method for succeeding lies in the fact that he assumes the authority role for the models that he invents instead of making analysis of the market. He had presented Kensington Global that instantaneously went to the top place at the Alternative Investment Awards, for making a new record for taking the greatest risk-adjusted returns that had made Citadel unarguably the best hedge fund and asset managing company in the entire world.

Contributions he made to Harvard
As it was already mentioned, Griffin showed his talent as early as the first year of his studies at Harvard, and, since this was where he had found his calling, he became a huge supporter of the financial aid for Harvard. Interestingly enough, he had made his very first donation the year he had graduated, so as to show his immense gratitude for all the things he had there learned, and has financially supported the University ever since. In 1999, he introduced the Wayne R. Gratz scholarship to Harvard, which was named that way to honor Griffin’s grandfather.

Taking his career and success as an inspiration for our own goals, we can learn to never doubt the talent we possess and not be scared to show it, but use it to realize the full and truest potential and work your ideas that are unique and original into perfection.

Sergio Cortés Nails Mijac Impression With Precision

In many of our lives, we wish for something more. Many of us have dreams of fame and stardom when we are young. Unfortunately, for many of us, between those unfulfilled. Perhaps we do not have the amount of talent that is needed for stardom, or perhaps we like to drive that other more famous people have. But, among those that are some people who strive for the brass ring of fame and receive it, sometimes in the most peculiar ways.

Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortés began with a burning desire for fame. He wanted to be like his hero, singer Michael Jackson, the lead singer of the Jackson Five. When he was young, Sergio was literally obsessed with the young rising star. He had dozens of videotapes of his favorite performer, and he would watch Michael Jackson performances over and over again. He studied his different moves and gestures, until he knew every one of them by heart.

When Jackson began to perform outside of the act with his brothers, Sergio followed his career. He watched as the Jackson Five and grew up and became The Jacksons. Then, came the transformation of Michael Jackson into a full-fledged pop icon. Along the way, Sergio was watching Jackson’s performances, and learning all of his signature moves. He only performed his impersonations for his close family and friends. He did not think that the imitation that he was doing would lead him to stardom later on.

Life changed in an instant one day. He was in his hometown walking down the street just as Michael Jackson. He caught the eye of a local photographer who is looking for something to put in his newspaper. Stunned by Sergio’s incredible resemblance to Jackson, he stopped him in the street and asked him a few questions. The photographer, still reeling from the incredible similarities, asked Sergio if he could take a photo of him to be published in his newspaper. Sergio said yes, and soon the picture printed in the paper.

What happened after that can only be called incredible. Suddenly, dozens of talent agencies and entertainment venues wanted to speak to Sergio to ask about his incredible impersonation. Sergio then realized that he was onto something, and began to field the different offers that the talent agencies and entertainment venues sent in. After some deliberation, Sergio decided to become a Michael Jackson impersonator full-time.

Now Sergio performs for thousands of fans all around the world. He has a large Facebook following, with hundreds of adoring fans. He often takes photos of himself dressed as the King of Pop for the amusement and delight of his fans. He performs in different shows and concerts all over the world, impersonating his idol, Jackson.

Sergio Cortés became famous, but not in the way that he expected. Now because of his incredible dedication to his impersonations, he can bring joy to his fans all around the world, and give those who have never seen Michael Jackson perform a glimpse into the performance precision of one of the greatest acts in the world.

A Few Interesting Facts About Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin knows many things related to hedge fund management. He is an American hedge fund manager who founded Citadel, a renown global investment firm that has an estimated $25 billion inform of investment capital. Griffin is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, and it has recently been rated as belonging to the class of the world’s biggest investment firms. The company’s hedge funds also rank among the best in terms of success and size in the world. Being a very notable personality in his niche, Griffin has been identified as belonging to the creme de la creme of the biggest earning hedge fund managers in 2012 as well as one in the Forbes 400 richest Americans list.

As of May 2015, he had an estimated net worth that was above $6.6 billion and he shocked many in the beginning of 2014 by making a $150 million donation to Harvard University where he schooled. The donation made history as being the largest the institution has ever received from an individual. Griffin is not new to making donations; in the recent past, he wrote a check of $2.5 million to an Illinois Governor candidate for his campaigns. All his total donations are not less than $500 million to the different organizations and causes he supports.

He was born in Florida in 1978 and became interested in matters related to hedge fund trading when he was still studying in Harvard as a freshman. A Forbes magazine article he came across triggered his mind, and when he began his second year, he stared a hedge fund that had a strong focus on convertible hedge fund arbitrage. To start the fund, he consolidated more than $265000 from friends and family including money from his grandmother.

To ensure that his trading was always accurate and on point, he ensured that he had the best market information that was achieved by installing a satellite link on his dorm. The investment turned out to be a good decision and by the time the market crash of 1987 was happening, he was safe and was already on profit. The early debut into success made it possible for him to start a second fund and between both funds, he was managing over $1 million.

He finished his university studies and graduated with a degree in economics in 1989. Soon after his graduation, he was approached by a private investor who provided him with $1 million to invest. He managed the funds and managed to make more than the investor expected. He has appeared numerous times on the Forbes magazine in different categories as being one of the most influential people in America. His company has also been rated as among the best in the financial services sector when matters related to offering the best in terms of employee benefits and compensation are concerned.

During his free time, Valuewalk’s Griffin is busy buying rare art works and is known to buy even the most expensive ones. He also spends his free time contributing to his philanthropic organizations and causes.

Retail And Business World Benefits From Contributions Of Shaygan Kheradpir

A World Of New Technology

The leaps of technology in today’s business climate are with boundaries. The world has been changing over the past few decades to better use the luxurious resource of the internet. The internet is like a tree that provides fruit for businesses on Without the internet our global economy would fall backwards into a downward spiral that would resemble the Dark Ages in Europe. However, we are in a new Renaissance. The world is becoming more and more accustomed to the roles that the internet can play, and the business communities have developed entire systems that function thanks to high speed internet. These processes would not be possible without the developers, engineers and executives that work steadily to streamline them. Our global economy is growing. The business communities are thriving. It is a golden day for technology within the business world.

Changes To Business And Technology

The industry of e-commerce has become and actualized reality that can take the form of a gold mine if it is put in the right hands. Many people try to build successful e-commerce businesses, and some of these folks succeed in their attempts. It is thanks to the structure that is in place for them to succeed that they owe their success. Without the systems and processes developed by engineers and developers and without the financiers and executives involved, these businesses could not exist. These people who are responsible for their development have put into place these ever changing, dynamic fortresses that can evolve as time and life permits. They are easily maintained. They are voted upon by boards of directors that include people who have been on the front lines. They are updated when these people see that change is in order.

Giving Thanks To Those Responsible

Without the contributions of the business elite and the people who created these programs, businesses of today (including but not limited to e-commerce sites) would not have a place to do their work. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the individuals that was responsible for the development and maintenance of valuable systems that promote industry and change. Shaygan Kheradpir had serious involvement in the development of Verizon’s FiOS initiative that impacted the high speed capabilities of businesses. This resource made it possible for all forms of online business to take place with little to no waiting time. It is a huge step from the dial up connections that would make it harder to run a successful operation.

Shaygan Kheradpir had other projects that were influential in the development of important business resources that are used frequently today. One such program made it easier for businesses to charge customers in real time. The product referred to here is called Pingit, which makes it easier for consumers to pay on their mobile devices. These types of innovative technologies are what makes the business community of today so dynamic and unpredictable. There’s no way to tell how far it can go.

Sergio Cortes Is MJ

Michael Jackson was my favorite musical artist of all time and greatly loved around the world. His songs continues to be played every day everywhere. When he passed on in ’09 several fans helped themselves recover by singing and dancing to his music. Many impersonators tried to perfect the Michael Jackson experience but none of them could ever come close to Sergio Cortes.

Sergio is truly the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonator and proves it every time he performs. Incredibly talented and energetic, his shows display how he’s captured the complete essence of the missed much loved super star Michael Jackson. Sergio recalls watching The Jackson 5 as a child and being instantly mesmerized by MJ. He started investing many hours imitating Jackson’s moves and developed his natural born talents.

Sergio looks amazingly just like Michael Jackson organically. He did not have to undergo surgery to resemble Michael like many others he was just born with the same features. His style of clothing is also exactly how Michael dressed. He has mastered everything from MJ’s walk, poses, and dance moves perfectly. What is most impressive about Sergio is his ability to sound like Michael Jackson when he sings. His vocal performance is actually mind blowing because he sounds so similar to the “King Of Pop”.

Sergio Cortes has dedicated fans all over the world that greatly appreciate the work he is doing. His love and admiration for Michael is noticed in every electrifying performance Sergio gives. Just like Jackson he is classy and sensitive in his personality and its not just an act. Sergio is very serious about being an excellent Michael Jackson impersonator and practices all the time.

His performances bring Michael Jackson’s legacy and memory back to life. Numerous videos are available to watch on the internet and You Tube of Sergio’s concerts and shows. Just like Michael he loves and respects his fans and always communicates with them anyway he can. Already a huge star in Brazil, Cortes is now being known all over the planet as the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonator.

It takes a lot of talent and hard work to be a Michael Jackson imitator and it looks like Sergio fits the criteria. Many fans have been transformed after seeing Sergio perform. Some of his fans can not get enough so they follow him where ever he travels. Sergio Cortes is a breath of fresh air to Jackson fans throughout the earth.

Lover of All the World’s Music