Los Angeles Might Raise Minimum Wage To $15

Today something interesting happened in the great state of California as the large metropolis of Los Angeles is now just one step closer to getting that minimum wage rate raised to $15 per hour. There has been a great debate about this topic lately because people feel that the minimum wage is just not enough to live on, and that people who make less than that are in a state of poverty. It is true that the cost of living seems to get higher each year, but what people don’t realize is that when the wages go up so does the cost of living even more so.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater.com, not everyone is in favor of the increase because some feel that it would put them at risk of having problems in the industry. As much as I would like to have at least $15 myself at work, I know that if this were to actually happen it could also cause a massive layoff in many companies.  By having it lower, it is also allowed more people to have jobs that they might not have otherwise as any FreedomPop review points out.

Mariah Carey Is Dating In Her New “Infinity” Video

Mariah Carey has a new song entitled “Infinity,” and many speculate that the lyrics in the song are taking shots at her soon-to-be ex-husband. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are reportedly going through a divorce, and in the song, she accuses him of lying and cheating. Mariah Carey’s New Video. Mariah also says that Nick doesn’t own anything, and the lyrics say that he supposedly still owes for the things he claims to own.

A doctor, who is also an author, said there is a video for Infinity, and in the video she is doing some dating, which will soon be in Mariah Carey’s future. Some have speculated that Mariah was with a guy that she was pictured with on a yacht with, but no confirmation has been made yet. Mariah is still single, though Nick Cannon has been linked to at least a couple women since their breakup. It’s sad to see the couple grow apart, but many felt that the relationship wouldn’t last anyways.

Younger men tend to want to have more fun, and they may do things that are on the wild side, and there’s no telling what the older woman may have in mind. In certain cases, opposites attract, but it looks like in this case it ended up in divorce.

Photo Drone Injured Enrique Iglesias

In Tijuana, Mexico Enrique Iglesias injured his hand on a drone capturing photos of the event. In front of a crowd of nearly 12,000 people at Plaza de Toros de Playa the drone came in low over the stage. As Iglesias reached up to grab the flying camera one of its propellor blades sliced several of his fingers. This was a standard procedure that he had done many times before to turn the camera on the crowd, a chance for the audience to see themselves on the large projection screen behind him.

Crew members bandaged his heavily bleeding hand and advised him to stop the show. Always the crowd pleaser Iglesias decided that the show must go on.

After the show Iglesias was flown to Los Angeles to see a specialist. The singer is not expected to cancel future tour dates. The folks at Beneful wonder if this event is going to make Iglesias’ Wiki Page.

The Right Way to Wine and Dine

Who doesn’t love a good meal, complimented by a nice drink? I know I certainly have a penchant for it. Below we cover the right way to ‘wine and dine’.

The Antique Wine Company specializes in fine and rare wines, and is based in London, England. This company is known for record-breaking wine collections, as well as fine wine events. They offer an array of services, ranging from sourcing rare wines to private wine master classes and cellar planning. “I want to sell something that people would buy again and again and get a great deal of pleasure,” owner Stephen Williams has said of his booming business.

Wine and food are one of the most ideal combinations, which people have enjoyed for centuries. There is a wine that pairs well with almost anything you decide you want, you just have to figure out what compliments what.

For example, champagne pairs well with anything salty. Sauvignon Blanc goes well with tart dressings and sauces. Like a dish with fresh herbs? Choose a bottle of Gruner Veltliner. Thinking fish? Pinot Grigio is a light wine that pairs well with seafood.

Or you can pair cheesy dishes with a dry Rose, and Pinot Noir is great for earthy dishes (anything with mushrooms, for example). The possibilities and food pairings are virtually endless, and can be very interesting to experiment with.

Nothing tops an evening or even a special occasions like a good meal and a fine wine to go with it. It can be a relaxing, wonderful experience you can share with family and loved ones, or even enjoy by yourself.

Iggy Azalea Responds About Moved Tour Dates

Iggy Azalea surprised her fans when she chose to move her tour dates from this coming April, all the way back to September. Many fans are disappointed that they’ll have to wait over five months, in order to see “The Great Escape Tour,” and many wanted an explanation, as to why the dates were moved. Iggy Tour Dates. Def jam came out with a response, stating that there were production problems, and they were not going to be able to get everything set up in time.

Iggy recently did an interview, where she gave the real reason why she had to move the tour back. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has learned that Iggy stated that she wanted a specially built stage, and that the stage would not be able to be completed in time for her tour. She called herself a psychopath, in that she is somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to her music, and she wants everything to be just right. Since the stage she wanted, could not be completed in time, she didn’t want to go on with the show.

Iggy also states that she could have continued with the show, but it wouldn’t have been up to her standards, or worthy of her fans, so she chose to move back the dates.

Rick Ross Is Stuntin In The Snow In His Video ‘Movin Bass’

Since Rick Ross couldn’t get Jay Z in his ‘Movin Bass’ video, which is totally fine because Jay Z barely goes out unless it was in his own music videos or own team, Rick Ross decided to film the video in Jay Z’s hometown.

The Hood Billionaire single was made with a lot of efforts from different artists. Jay drops lines in the song which is why Rick Ross took the people on a tour around New York City, making sure he stopped at the Barclays Center, which Jay was one of the biggest reasons it was built.

Fans like Flavio Maluf say that Rick would have loved to have Jay Z in the song with him but it’s all good, he has his own team to stand behind him in his music.

We are always used to Ross filming his videos in his hometown Miami, which is sunny and has the most beautiful weather. Instead in this video, he does everything unlike himself and he shoots the video in the icy cold streets that have been suffering from a blizzard for the last couple of weeks. The weather in New York city is very cold and looks even colder in the video. The snow is all over the buildings and the trees making the background look pure white.

50 Cent And Eminem Collaborate On New Track

Although it’s been years since 50 Cent and Eminem have collaborated together, the two are still very close, and they have recently come together again. Recently, 50 Cent decided to create a track with Eminem was, and they will be releasing the single soon. 50 Cent & Eminem. The track is entitled “Champions,” and it will be on 50 Cents upcoming album, after the release of an album, that will be coming out before it. Many know that it’s Eminem, who brought 50 Cent to the forefront, and made him into a star.

Although Sultan Alhokair says that 50 Cent decided to cut ties with Eminem’s record label, the two still remain friends, and they may collaborate from time to time. Anyone who is a fan of 50 Cent and Eminem, should be looking forward to the new track, since it’s been years, since the two have performed together. Eminem rose to fame in his own right, and he became one of the most successful rappers in history, regardless of the fact that he was different. Everyone knows that Eminem was a different type of rapper, because he was white.

Although many disliked Eminem, he brought 50 Cent to the world, and many came to love both rappers. Later, 50 Cent went on to create his own record label, and he continues making music.

John Textor Moves From Retail to Digital Music Legends

Pulse Evolution is a company that appears to be heading towards a bright future under the leadership of John Textor and his commitment to leading the entertainment industry into a new digital age. Despite his latest position as a leader in digital human being creation, Textor did not begin his career in the entertainment industry, but instead was a major figure in the World of finance. Textor began his career as the founder of an investment company leading the movement towards wireless communications and the entertainment industry in Florida, from here the path to Hollywood didn’t appear to be plotted as Textor moved into the World of retail.

After a short period of time John Textor found himself a financial expert in high demand across many industries, the first choice he made was a move towards the retail industry as the Chairman of BabyUniverse. By making the move into retail Textor began building his reputation as a leader in bringing struggling or newly created businesses a strong level of success. Alongside BabyUniverse, an Online retailer of products for infants, Textor also headed up Sims Snowboards and began looking at how technology and marketing can be used to build the reputation of a company.

The Digital Domain Group was struggling when John Textor arrived as the latest chairman of the company that had always struggled to make an impact on Hollywood in a major way. This could be seen as the start of the movement towards the best in technology by John Textor, who refocused the spotlight with Digital Domain on the use of visual effects to bring the company to the attention of all Hollywood. The use of digital human beings has now been spearheaded by Pulse Evolution and Textor, with the group working with the estates of some of the best known deceased music artists in the World to create live entertainment experiences that should be a unique experience for all.

Lady Gaga Confirmed to Perform at Grammys

Although the Grammys are around the corner, Lady Gaga was just confirmed to be one of the headliners for the night. She will be joined by Tony Bennett.  Fans like Brian Torchin couldn’t be more excited for this duo. Check him out on Topix.com. 

The duo released an album of duets called Cheek to Cheek in 2014 and are expected to perform material from the album on February 8th at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, but hits from both Gaga and Bennett are also likely.

The jazz album released by the duo is nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal album, although the album wasn’t as commercially successful as hoped.

With past successes of duets on the Grammy stage, organizers for the 2015 event have filled the night with co-headlining shows from Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani, Jessie J and Tom Jones, Hozier and Annie Lennox, and Common and John Legend.

Justin Timberlake’s Surprise Guest

Fans of Justin Timberlake, like Christian Broda for instance,  were treated to something a little extra special during his recent show in Nashville. These fans didn’t just get to see the man who they had purchased tickets to see, they were given the chance to see another great, a real icon. These fans were spoiled – especially those who were country music lovers – when Garth Brooks appeared on stage during the show. The fans hadn’t been expecting that country music great to show up.
Garth Brooks has recently thrown himself into music – and the music scene – again, and these fans really enjoyed a treat when they watched him at the Justin Timberlake show. What a surprise, when Garth Brooks showed up for the Justin Timberlake show.

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