George Soros fighting back against corrupt justice system

George Soros is a political financier who has been a strong advocate of criminal justice reform. George Soros has spent most of his wealth with the hopes of reforming the American justice system. George Soros has targeted seven local district attorney races within six states during the 2016 election cycle at

Soros has invested heavily in minority candidates for these district attorney races on Soros has supported candidates that share his same goals including allowing certain drug offenders to serve time in programs instead of going to trial. Soros’ actions have been criticized by many who have argued against the outside influence in local elections.

Soros has financially backed candidates in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. Soros funnels his money through a group of super PACs called “Safety and Justice.” Soros’ funding of the candidate in Florida was previously a low-budget affair but turned into a million dollar campaign on Soros is backing Florida’s Aramis Ayala, who will inherit a constituency that includes more than 1.6 million people spread throughout metro Orlando. Democrats have praised Ayala for her fight for equal sentencing no matter the criminal’s race. Soros has spent $107,000 on a New Mexico district attorney race, in which the Republican candidate dropped out of the general election on, after claiming he could no longer afford to stay in the race.

Ayala’s opponent has cried foul over Soros’ influence is tipping the outcome of the local elections, claiming they made residents less safe. George Soros supporters and liberal activists say that the increase focus on police brutality and racial inequality has sparked intrigue into the role that is rarely kept in check. Learn more about his profile at

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