Insightful Information About End Citizens United

James Bopp is a white lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana. He challenged Hillary Clinton’s campaign in court using a film known as “Hillary: The movie” in 2008. He asked the bench of three judges to allow the movie to be aired by End United Citizens during the presidential campaign primaries. James Bopp accused Hillary Clinton of being a socialist and a schemer in the political arena.

The film was a 90 minutes show as compared to the 60 minutes movies that many people in the US are used to watching. The Federal Commission refused to heed the demands of James Bopp. They claimed that the film was long and no one was responsible for paying for it. James Bopp claimed that the film needed the First Amendment Protection because it was not different from the 60 minutes shows. Royce Lamberth was among the panel of judges. She laughed sarcastically when Bopp was presenting his argument. She undermined Bopp’s arguments and claimed that the case did not make sense at all.

The Supreme Court adopted his case two years later. The court stated that campaign spending was part of the freedom of speech so long as people disclose their donors and sponsors. The Federal Electoral Commission cited the First Amendment Protections to various corporations that were the same as those of average voters. Bopp became the best lawyer because he shaped the policies of the large political campaigns in the USA. The lawyer is now waged by federal campaign finance laws and the state. James Bopp is still striving to fight a mandate that will allow corporations to disclose its donors. James Bopp still has many arguments in court concerning the campaign finance. Many people are scared of undermining his case this time.

Money plays a significant role in shaping politics in Washington. USA Today revealed how End Citizens United would use the money that had been collected in the first three months of the year. The collection is estimated to be more than $4 million. The money will be put into various projects. The money is expected to hit $35 million in the next financial year. The money will be used in all organizations and pro-format classes in the grassroots.

The contributions came from famous individuals and friends like George Soros. More than 100,000 volunteers contributed the same. The money is expected to increase tremendously because the court ruled in support of Bopp’s argument. The End Citizens United is expected to use the money to finance the campaigns of their favorite candidates during Mid Term US Elections. Those who are willing to join the transparent lobby will have to visit their official website and register.

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