Chris Brown vs. Usher Raymond

There were bound to be a lot of comparisons to Usher when Chris Brown entered the music industry at such an early age. He had the dance moves and smooth vocals that a young Usher Raymond was known for. Many years have passed and there is still a lot of debate about who is the better dancer.

In the Chris Brown ‘New Flame’ video there are times when Usher and Chris are dancing together. Fans appreciated this collaboration, but there still a lot of rumors surfacing about this. There were rumors that Chris Brown stated that he would absolutely not lose in a dance off with Usher. This was something that was linked back to a ‘Sway in the Morning’ interview.

There has not been a lot of clarity to it, but Usher has stated that he talked to both Chris and Sway. Usher stated that the interview between Chris and Sway did not go that way.

Ultimately, Chris Brown has been the cocky one, and he clearly believes that he is the best dancer alive. It would be the same if some company like BRL Trust went around and claimed they were far and away the best. This is his personality. In the MTV interview with Sway he talked about bringing it “A game” when it came to dancing. It is obvious that he would not back down from any challenge.

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