Stephen P. Murray: Former President At CCMP Capital

Steve Murray spent the 1980s at Boston College and then Columbia Business School getting his bachelors and masters degrees, in economics and business administration respectively. After finish school, Steve Murray went to work for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After several years there as a credit analyst, the firm changed leadership and was acquired by Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank eventually became CCMP Capital, which Murray became the CEO of in 2007. He served in this position until his death reported by Fortune in 2015. Murray was deeply involved in philanthropy. He supported the Columbia Business School, the Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Boston College and the Metro New York Make-A-Wish Foundation.

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that operates globally. The firm specializes in growth equity investments and buyout. The firm specifically deals in four sectors, including consumer and retail, industrial, healthcare, and chemicals and energy.

The firm became independent in 2006 and the firm’s name shows off its heritage. The first “C” stands for Chemical Ventures, which created the firm. The second “C” stands for Chase Capital, which acquired Chemical Ventures. The “M” stands for Manufacturers Hanover Capital and JP Morgan, which were also major players in the evolution of the firm. The final letter, “P”, stands for the word partners. And while the firm is no longer connected to JP Morgan Partners, they still manage their private equity portfolio.

The firm’s main concentration is on investments in the Europe and North America. The companies that CCMP typically invests in are worth between 250 million dollars and 2 billion dollars and the firm will generally invest anywhere from 100 million dollars to 500 million dollars. The invest this money for 1 of 5 reasons. The first reason is to address over levered capital structures by equitizing them. The second reason is to assist with the growth of developing businesses. The third reason is to privatize public companies. The fourth reason is to allow corporate carve-outs and management buyouts. And the fifth and final reason is to work with founder-owned business to create estate diversification solutions.

The current team at CCMP has Greg Brenneman as the CEO and Timothy Walsh as the COO. There are also several managing directors, executive advisors, principals, associates, analysts, investor relations managers, legal and compliance employees, finance and investor reporters and administrative workers. Within the sector of healthcare, CCMP is invested in Warner Chilcott, CareMore Medical Enterprises and National Surgical Care, among others. Within the industrial sector, CCMP is invested in The Hillman Group, SITECO, and SafetyKleen Europe. In the chemical and energy sector, the firm is invested in companies like the Bill Barrett Corporation.

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