Soros Shares His Opinion Of Trump

In the coming year, Americans will see the election of a new president. Incumbent president Barack Obama will not be running for office again as he is prohibited from doing so under constitutional amendments. This leaves the field open for both the Democratic and Republican nomination for president. Each party is expected to nominate a new potential candidate for president. One of the front runners for the Republican nomination for president is businessman Donald Trump. Trump is one of the richest men in the United States. His candidacy for president has been watched closely both at home and by many people living abroad.

One person who has felt compelled to share his opinions of Donald Trump is fellow business executive George Soros. Soros is a native of Hungary who immigrated to the United States and become a citizen. Since moving here, he has earned a huge fortune that has been based on his own reading of international markets, especially those in the United Kingdom where his betting on a bear market allowed him to earn much of his fortune. He has been able to observe both areas closely and now shares his thoughts on the candidacy of Trump to an audience that listened to him as he talked about the many ways that he feels the candidacy is dangerous at a gathering of many leaders and interested observers at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In George Soros‘ opinion, Trump has done a great deal of damage to the United States with his various views on the immigration of Muslims. He thinks that Trump does not understand the situation very well and has made proposals that are not good for Americans as well as not good for those who are fighting Islamic extremism. In the last few months, many Islamic migrants have fled to Europe for various reasons. The result has been that many European governments have found themselves confronting large numbers of unexpected Muslim migrants in their societies that they may not have the resources to care for properly.

Forbes billionaire Soros believes that Trump’s opinions about whether or not Muslims should be allowed to move to the United States have not been helpful to the situation in Europe nor have such statements illustrated in him the qualities that may be necessary for someone to run for office in the United States. Soros fears that Trump’s statements may suggest that Americans dislike Muslims and thus lead Muslims to think of joining ISIS, the Islamic extremist group. He feels that Trump’s statements on this issue were rash at best and may help ISIS recruit new members as they view the west as unwelcoming to them and not right for their specific cultural needs.

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