Breakthrough in trading industry by Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is a famous founder and the chief executive officer of Citadel, a financial institution of a diverse nature, the group that consists of Citadel – an alternative industry-leading asset manager, Citadel Technology – a provider of solutions in technology for investment management , and Citadel Securities – one of the dominant providers of liquidity in capital markets of America.

As soon as in his freshman year in 1986, at Harvard he had the ability of trading stock options. Ken Griffin on citadel launched his arbitrage fund while he attended the sophomore year. During that same year, a crash hit the stock-market and Griffin became insanely rich. When he went back to his senior year, he already owned $1 million for his strategy of investing money. He claims that most of the time at Harvard he spent trading, which proves that he obviously was and still is way ahead of his time.
Griffin graduated and obtained a degree from the Harvard University and He is a great supporter of various educational causes which have an influence of the improvement of community. He is also a part of the board of Directors at the Chicago Public Education Fund and a member of numerous organizations in the business world, including the Economic Club of Chicago, G100 and the Commercial Club of Chicago’s Civic Committee.

Kenneth Griffin actively supports various civic and cultural institutions of Chicago and it is worth mentioning that he is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Chicago’s Art Institute, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum and the University of Chicago.

Griffin’s method of success

Griffin’s admirable method for succeeding lies in the fact that he assumes the authority role for the models that he invents instead of making analysis of the market. He had presented Kensington Global that instantaneously went to the top place at the Alternative Investment Awards, for making a new record for taking the greatest risk-adjusted returns that had made Citadel unarguably the best hedge fund and asset managing company in the entire world.

Contributions he made to Harvard
As it was already mentioned, Griffin showed his talent as early as the first year of his studies at Harvard, and, since this was where he had found his calling, he became a huge supporter of the financial aid for Harvard. Interestingly enough, he had made his very first donation the year he had graduated, so as to show his immense gratitude for all the things he had there learned, and has financially supported the University ever since. In 1999, he introduced the Wayne R. Gratz scholarship to Harvard, which was named that way to honor Griffin’s grandfather.

Taking his career and success as an inspiration for our own goals, we can learn to never doubt the talent we possess and not be scared to show it, but use it to realize the full and truest potential and work your ideas that are unique and original into perfection.

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