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End Citizens United Attempts To Undo The Damage Done By Citizens United

The rising tide of change can sweep away all boats, and that isn’t exactly a good thing. In 2010 the metaphorical change we described came to America in the form of a ruling by the Supreme Court: Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. Citizens United is a right-wing propaganda group led by the lawyer James Bopp. Citizens United was funded and directed to challenge the Supreme Court regarding the most fundamental aspects of campaign finance regulation. In a shocking decision, the Supreme Court narrowly sided with Citizens United and in doing so they turned the political world on its head. With a single stroke of the pen, Citizens United and the Supreme Court had invited every lobbyist in the country to start pouring money into Washington D.C. in order to poison the well of the American political system. Now, eight years later, a grassroots political action committee named End Citizens United is working to undo that disaster.

End Citizens United was established in 2015 by the acting president, Tiffany Muller. Muller and the team at End Citizens United are focused on becoming a grassroots organization for the people and funded by the people, with no outside strings attached. The goal of End Citizens United is simple: support legislators who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform and put them into contact with the voters that can help get them into office. Tiffany Muller knows that long-lasting change for the positive can only come to Washington D.C. when the American people have control over their vote and their votes aren’t being overturned by dark money being funneled into D.C.

Republicans took advantage of the 2010 SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United almost immediately. Families like the Koch Brothers and the Walton’s (owners of Wal-Mart) immediately took advantage of the loosened campaign finance restrictions in order to start funneling money into Washington D.C. Even worse, the corruption extends to our modern day White House. The DeVos family, comprised of the family behind the billion-dollar Amway fortune, would be brought INTO the White House as part of President Donald Trump’s administration. The DeVos’ family were well known for being the purse behind major Republican politicians and now their money is buying them direct access to the highest office in the land. With any luck, 2018 can be a change of direction for the American people as End Citizens United works to support legislative change throughout the Midterm Elections.

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