American Addiction Centers Describes how Benodiazepine Abusers Shop Around for Doctors

Prescription drug abuse has been an ongoing problem for many years. Patients who suffer from pain are usually prescribed various prescription drugs.

However, these medications contain addictive substances and it causes them to become hooked on these narcotics. People who are hooked on prescription drugs tend to figure out different ways to obtain them. One way they acquire prescription drugs is by shopping around for doctors.

The American Addiction Centers (AAC) know that doctor shopping is a big problem for prescription drug abusers. AAC serves a lot of addicts with recovery services.

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This organization has a system of treatment facilities located throughout the United States. Through their ongoing research efforts, they discovered that a lot of benzodiazepine abusers doctor shop a great deal.

In case you didn’t know benzodiazepine is a drug that impacts the nervous system. It is commonly used to treat conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, panic disorder and alcohol withdrawal. This drug has a calming effect on people that is similar to taking some types of narcotic substances. Benzodiazepine are also called “benzos”.

The American Centers tend to treat people suffering from alcohol addiction and specific mental health issues with this medication. This has helped them to become aware of the problem of doctor shopping. Addicts reveal that they would normally visit many different doctors to find new sources to provide them with benzos.

Doctors are aware that this type of situation occurs. They constantly monitor new patients they receive to ensure that they are not being taken advantage by benzo abusers. Doctors who can prescribe this drug has specific protocols in place to ensure that their new patients are not getting away with abuse.

Benzo addicts will leave a doctor if they have been discovered abusing this substance. Sometimes they will even travel out of state to acquire a new physician. People who are hooked on benzos will go to great lengths to acquire this drug.

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The American Addiction Centers recommends that doctors closely monitor their patients for benzo use.

AAC also encourage them to prescribe this medication for a short time. Providing alternative medications instead of benzodiazepine is another option. Ultimately, doctors and patients should responsibly handle benzo medications to help avoid the spread of addiction.

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