Known For Providing High-Quality Advice To The Global Business Community, Maarten De Jeu Recently Shared Some More Valuable Insights:

Maarten de Jeu is one of those individuals who has built a reputation for high-level excellence within his field. The field in question here is that of strategic business advisement and it is a field that Maarten is a preeminent individual in. As a part of his role as an advisory, Maarten de Jeu routinely provides advice to some of the world’s leading companies. He has particular expertise in providing advisory services to the world of tech startups and also serves clients of high net worths.¬†

One of the most notable accomplishments in the career of Maarten de Jeu is the 2012 creation of the company that he calls SVM Business Advisory. He created the firm after building up a strong resume with several distinguished companies including Aviva, and TVDK Management Consultants. His time with these companies saw Maarten involved in working recognizable global brands such as Sara Lee and Heinz. Maarten de Jeu also has a highly successful tech startup to his credit in the firm known as SpeakUp. This company has rapidly grown since Maarten co-founded it. Today, SpeakUp is one of the top firms in the European market within the realm of compliance solutions. To put it simply Maarten de Jeu is an individual who has an extensive knowledge base and a great deal of experience in the realm of international business. With this in mind, he recently opened up about his suggestions for those looking to invest in the commercial real estate market. Concerning fields such as this, the opinions that Maarten provides are well worth paying close attention to.

To start things off, Maarten de Jeu has a great explanation of why the commercial real estate sector is a great one to invest in. Within the scope of this vibrant field, money can be accumulated in a couple of ways. These ways include making money as the property’s value increases and making money off of the income that is brought in from rental fees for the property. Maarten also points out that further development and improvement of a property can serve as a great way to boost the incomes that it generates. This is a two-fold reason. When one endeavors to make property improvements, they can add overall value and also up the rate of monthly rent since the standard of the facility has been brought up to a higher level than it was previously.¬†Learn more:

When an entrepreneur is looking at getting into the investment game with commercial real estate, Maarten de Jeu has several key tips that he suggests individuals should follow. Building strong relationships is one of these suggestions because funding is a critical part of success in the field of commercial real estate investment and strong relationships can help to make this a reality. Maarten also points out how important it is for an investor to perform their due diligence in terms of research into the commercial real estate field. These tips and several others were provided recently by Maarten de Jeu to those who are looking to try their hand in this exciting and profitable field of investment.

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