Maarten de Jeu and the New Business Ways

From local to the regional area, the scope of business potential grew vastly during the 19th and 20th centuries. As the technological revolution took root in the 1970s and beyond the average business could expand even further. National brands were formed and the internal structure and operations had to change in short order. The 21st century has been the beginning of a new era into international transactions. A business that can successfully run multiple branches abroad is now considered the medium expectation in the current age. Maarten de Jeu helped to nudge the world in this direction by creating the position of corporate development. The website Ask Reporter discusses what this new position entails.

Maarten de Jeu is someone who didn’t come out of left field. He had been slowly climbing the ranks and gaining experience all along the way. The first step was becoming someone who could conduct international business on his own. He learned and become fluent in countless languages. The next step was getting an education from a university that was highly regarded in the industry. Then the final piece of the puzzle was the formation of SVM Business Advisory in 2012. Maarten de Jeu now had all the tools needed to pursue his vision of a globalized economy. He was frequently hired by most of the major companies to establish an overseas plan. However, the job of keeping the rapid pace growth going was thrust upon corporate development.

This is one of the most valuable positions a company can offer. The future prospects of a company is left on the shoulders of the individual conducting the research. At the core of Corporate Development, a business is seeking to expand its influence both in the industry and in its global footprint. They have to consider merging and acquiring other companies on the market if they prove to be a threat. Additionally, company assets are valuable resources that can push a company forward to a new venture. However, sometimes its recommend to sell off certain pieces to avoid loses. Corporate development requires a sixth sense at the core of one’s personality.

Maarten de Jeu has broken down the core traits of a corporate developer to its most basic qualities. The first is having a mind focused on innovation. A business has to be forward-thinking in learning how to adapt to new circumstances. Economic conditions and consumer interests are changing by the day sometimes. Secondly, they have to be a friendly person who can rally support from many parties. Business deals and partnerships are the backbone of modern approaches. Lastly, knowing about all the current events is a must. Economic unrest or stability is critical in gauging long-term potential. Learn more:

Corporate Development is a 21st-century job for the current generations. A business needs to have someone who likes to analyze and report back about any room for potential growth. Maarten de Jeu has seen great success on his own ventures and believes other companies should follow suit for success.

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