What You Should Know about Omar Yunes; a Successful Entrepreneur in the Mexico Food Industry

In the modern world of business, the number of players in the game has been growing significantly. As a result, competition has been growing at a tremendous rate, and only the smart entrepreneurs manage to lead. For the likes of Omar Yunes, success is just but their identity. Recently, the renowned Mexican was crowned the best franchise around the world.

The competition was held in Florence, Italy. The race featured entrepreneurs from over 34 countries who were all provided with an equal chance of winning. Therefore, the fact that Omar Yunes scooped the award is an indication that he is doing more than enough for his venture. Omar’s portfolio speaks boldly of himself. The successful entrepreneur owns 13 Franchise units of Sushi Itto, a blend of Japanese food restaurants in Mexico. The unique menu places the joints well above the rest of the locations in the country.

For many, success in the business world is experienced at the 40s. However, for Yunes, the success journey began at the age of 21 when he launched his first Sushi Itto. Often, Yunes insists that his determination, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit are the powers behind his successful history. Today, Yunes owns restaurants in Mexico City, Puebla, and in Veracruz. Yunes was happy to receive the award. According to him, the award came as a form of recognition of his continued effort to his brand. In a statement, Yunes insisted that the award belonged to every employee out there working across his chain of Sushi Itto.

In a professional’s point of view, BFW Competition is a notable platform regarding evaluating an entrepreneur’s effort and role in the business world. According to Benjamin Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO the award is a form of motivation to the Sushi Itto’s continued work of providing the best services in the game.

About Omar Yunes

In Mexico, the name Omar Yunes is so respected for his role and contribution to the thriving economy. Professionally, Omar is recognized for his hard work at such a young age. Apart from that , Omar Yunes and his family are known for their involvement in the political world. Although the recent BFW Competition made the name Omar Yunes known across the borders, Omar record of success runs as early as he was 21. Although young, Yunes manages more than 400 employees and 13 Sushi Ittos to profitable margins.

Yunes brand operates more than 90 restaurants in Mexico. The brand’s presence is profoundly felt in South America since most of the restaurants are in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras. While away from the office, Omar spends some time with his family. Besides, the influential entrepreneur wholeheartedly supports football particularly when FC Barcelona or Pumas de la UNAM is playing. Most of the employees who have happened to work in close collaboration with him insist that Yunes is not only hard working but also a motivator and takes most of his time creating a smart team which means success for his brand.

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