A Quick Introduction to MAGFAST Chargers

In the last two decades, technology has completely and totally changed just about every facet of living. Information travels more quickly than ever before, communicating with others—whether they’re a city away or a continent away—takes seconds, and a seemingly endless collection of entertainment can be enjoyed with the press of a button or a touchscreen.

With all that said, and with all that tech has done, recent innovations are still new enough that their “kinks”—drawbacks relating mostly to convenience and accessibility—are currently being worked out. For smartphones and other wireless devices, charging is a prime example—and perhaps the most frustrating example—of one of these drawbacks.

Proprietary charging attachments mean that certain devices can only be charged with custom-made cords; finding the proper attachment when it’s needed can often prove challenging. Moreover, charging cords aren’t difficult to break and can easily be misplaced.

In short, the time has come for a major improvement to tech’s chargers. MAGFAST is that improvement, and to the benefit of billions of individuals, in all corners of the globe, the unit is available to preorder right now.

What are MAGFAST Chargers?

MAGFAST chargers are innovative and highly reliable cord-based and wireless chargers that take the stress and hassle out of the charging process. All USB charging styles and wireless charging (if one’s phone supports it) are provided by the collection. This means that regardless of the device, charging is as easy as utilizing a MAGFAST device; there’s no need to fumble for cords or worry about having the proper charger.

Who Founded MAGFAST?

MAGFAST was founded by Seymour Segnit, who also serves as CEO. The Oxford University graduate has enjoyed a long and lucrative career in marketing and business. After spending several years working for a USB-charging company, Segnit knew that he needed to take the charger industry to the next level; while cell phones, tablets, and laptops were modernizing, users were charging the devices in the same (frustrating) way they had for well over a decade.

And so MAGFAST came to be.

What Makes MAGFAST Units Special?

Each MAGFAST unit serves a very specific—and very significant—purpose, and together, the products provide powerful, instant charging for each and every device made today. MAGFAST chargers are magnetic (as their name suggests), and they offer comprehensive charging solutions in the car, at home, on the go, and everywhere in between.

The bottom line is that MAGFAST chargers make it easier and simpler to charge devices. There’re no loose cords or unforeseen difficulties to speak of, and with this in mind, it isn’t hard to see why so very many tech lovers are riveted by MAGFAST.

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