Alexis Kennedy’s Cultist Simulator, a Narrative and Immersive Gaming Experience

Have you ever wanted to peel back the layers of realities and discover something mysterious and maybe slightly horrific? Cultist Simulator, a BAFTA-nominated narrative game from Alexis Kennedy, encourages players to look beyond what they know is real. Your elderly neighbor could be a recruited disciple of the old gods, or your love interest could be out to steal your powers for themselves. Among hundreds of other possibilities, your fate is in the cards you play.

Cultist Simulator has a subtle horror feel that makes your inner angel uneasy but excites your inner demons. Lovecraftian in concept and eloquent in a 1920s backdrop, the narrative is all about opportunity and contending with the consequences of one’s actions.

You could have the life of power and prestige with romance and passion to boot. Or you could be a lacky forever, living on the outskirts, too afraid to unravel the mysteries of this fantasy universe. You can change the course of your gameplay with a draw of the cards.

Alexis Kennedy, founder of Weather Factory, made Cultist Simulator available for download through the usual channels, like The App Store, Google Play, Humble, and GOG. As for platform supports, gamers can expect optimum gameplay on updated platforms like MAC, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Alexis Kennedy, the Creator Behind the Cultist Simulator Universe

Renowned for his works in Fallen London and Cultist Simulator, Alexis Kennedy, an England-based game designer and techie, is a Kickstarter favorite with three funded projects thus far. While Kennedy spear heads most of his projects through his own game design company, Weather Factory, the designer works with other freelance artists and writers to bring his concepts to life on screens. Alexis Kennedy is currently working with game gurus at Telltale Games to create Book of Hours, an occultist game set in the same fantasy universe as Cultist Simulator.

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