Memories … Do Not Open by The Chainsmokers Enjoying the Third Longest Streak on Top of Billboard Charts

They may have turned to new projects, but The Chainsmokers debut album is performing tremendously well at the top of the Billboard Charts/ Electric Dance category that measures the top records in the electric dance scene.

Memories… Do Not Open, which was released last year is now at per with the popular album Demon Days by the Gorillaz. Demon Days was released virtually 14 years ago and still ranks among the top albums, having clung to the top spot in the charts for 13 weeks, the third most ever to be achieved in the chart’s history. Albeit both albums managed to achieve 34 turns, Memories… Do Not Open will soon be singularly at No.3 because Demon Days will hardly have many spins in the future.

April 2017 was a great year for the duo, because Memories… Do Not Open took the No. 1 position not only in the Top-rated Dance and Electric Music hits but also in the collective Billboard Top 200. At that time, The Chainsmokers were releasing a string of electric smashes, one after the other. The title of the album didn’t stay too long in the Billboards 200 top 10 but has surely never missed a spot among the top 5 in the Top Dance & Electric album since then.

A few years ago, The Chainsmokers have been on and off the spotlight and have often been sidelined to pave way for new records hitting the airwaves for the first time. They include William Control, Kygo, Above and Beyond, Funk Wave Bounces by Calvin Harris.

In August 2018, The Chainsmokers became the 2nd highest paid DJs on the planet, earning a total of $45.5 million. The duo, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, are winding stages of a bountiful 3-year deal with the famous Wynn Nightlife. During their partnership, the DJ and producers collected over 100 checks scoring virtually mid-six figures. Memories… Do Not Open hit platinum in 2018, dominating the Dance and Electric showbiz scene since then. According to Alex Pall, the future seems bright and he has a sense of curiosity to see what ensues.

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