Lori Senecal And the Irony of Risk

In this day and age, the way to succeed is to take risks. However, many people are so risk averse that they wind up taking the biggest risk. There are so many people that just want to play it safe with the idea that they are going to succeed by following all of the rules. The unfortunate thing is that many people learn the hard way that playing by the rules is not going to improve their chances of getting anywhere. As a result, some people may give up. However, the one who is determined is going to realize that maybe it is better to push some boundaries.


Among the advertisers that take a lot of risk is Lori Senecal. However, the risks she takes pay off. For one thing, she looks at all of the new technologies that are developing. She also looks for ways to take advantage of the connectivity and the advantages that the new pieces of technology. For one thing, she is also willing to take risks and try something new with each medium. Another thing that is helpful is localized GPS marketing. This is one of the most effective ways to advertise for the company. Visit Behance for more details.


According to Adage, local advertising is effective because it helps clients get customers from different locations. Lor Senecal takes advantage of the localized type of advertising when she works with her clients. Lori is also encouraging team members to think about different ways to bring forth a lively user experience with ideas such as multicultural advertising. With multicultural advertising, it could speak to the subconscious of the individual letting him feel included.


With all of the insight and skill that Lori Senecal has shown in her company, she is currently teaching this to a successor who is going to take over for the company once she steps down and moves forward with other projects.



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