Cleansing Conditioners vs. Shampooing

It’s safe to assume that 99.999% of readers are familiar with the concept of shampooing one’s hair. Not as many people have likely heard of cleansing conditioners. Those that have heard about the concept in passing might want to read on to learn more about its benefits.


So shampoo is a type of soap that is lathered onto the hair and scalp and then rinsed off. We’ve all known this since toddlerhood likely. Here‘s something new, however, various things can affect a head of hair’s natural oil content making it much lower than is typical. People in this position will oftentimes find that shampooing depletes what little natural oils they had in the first place. The result is hair that is dry, frizzy and sometimes even broken.


A cleansing conditioner is simply what the name would imply. It is a type of conditioner put onto the scalp and hair prior to showering. It is rinsed off during the finality of the shower, typically revitalizing the oil content of one’s hair. It’s no secret that using properly formulated post-wash conditioners can revitalize and rejuvenate dry hair strands. Cleansing conditioners like WEN simply offer a strategy for those that suffer from the dry hair on an all too regular basis. An alternative to clean one’s hair without having to wash it is the real concept here.


A good cleansing conditioner will go a step further, however. Products such as Wen by Chaz (visit will not only rejuvenate the oil content of one’s hair but also inject the head of hair with peptides (and other macromolecules) that the hair needs to stay attractive and strong. Think of the process as the hair literally being conditioned into the optimal possible state.


According to hair care expert Chaz Dean, some people, even those that don’t suffer from dry hair, prefer the end results achieved using a cleansing conditioner instead of a shampoo. It is those suffering from dry hair issues that will benefit the most. Some of these people might have a nutritional imbalance, genetic disorder or other issue affecting the quality of their hair follicles. These people should probably consider turning to cleanse conditioners entirely and only washing with shampoo on rarer occasions where it seems absolutely required. Occasions where one’s hair has become inadvertently soiled heavily and must be cleansed deep.


Please consider that the previously discussed situation is just one possible scenario. A good portion of people sport hair somewhere in the middle of the dry spectrum. These people care about fizziness so they use WEN cleansing conditioners on a regular basis and maybe wash with shampoo once a week or so. Talk to a hair care professional if you are questioning your own hair care needs. For more info, visit the website.


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