Carsten Thiel View On COVID-19 And Its Implications

Carsten Thiel is president of Europe EUSA Pharma, the global biopharmaceutical company. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and has 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thiel has become the industry go-to for secrets to success in the world of pharmaceuticals and business. Some of Thiel’s greatest lessons came from his years of charging into uncharted territory and building his career with a solid moral compass and commitment to pharmaceuticals.

Carsten Thiel cites that it has been a terrible period witnessing those impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a trying time for the individuals who spend time in quarantine, and those who have lost their grandparents to the viral outbreak as the global pandemic indicates mortality majorly in people the age of 70 going forward.

The upside is that most individuals are taking necessary action to avert infection and hence the spread of the virus. However, there is a lot of misperception and miscommunication relating to the virus; there are so many people who do not know.

What they know is that two risks are of top concern. First, the rapid spread of coronavirus, as evident in Italy. It has resulted in a desperate scenario in their main healthcare system. Doctors and nurses in their hospitals and clinics become overwhelmed by their incapacity to manage so several patients, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) materials became more difficult to retain adequate accountability.

The type of fast spread is what brings an otherwise operating healthcare system to crumble.

Carsten Thiel is particularly concerned about the undetermined risk of a mutated variant of coronavirus. People are continually getting a more vivid picture of the rate of transmission and mortality rate of coronavirus, although what is this new virus mutates such as the influenza virus. It may wind up being something the world is fighting for a more prolonged period than people would have expected.

Finally, predictions are that ultimately 40% to 70% of the population worldwide who are socially active may become infected. It is a frightening number, although the warmer temperatures could dry out the rate of infection in the coming times. However, there is a new outbreak in the following winter. See Related Link to learn more.

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It is the winning time to have extra individuals immune and to have a commercially available vaccine. Until that time, slowing down the spread of coronavirus is the key to saving more lives.

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