Ricardo Tosto – Successful Brazilian Lawyer with Specialization in Business Law

The law system in Brazil has influence from many different countries. While it is primarily based on Portuguese Civil Law, it also has some influence from the Italian, German and French Civil law. It is hybrid of these and has evolved over the years through its many law education institutes and practicing lawyers. Law as a profession is one of the most respected one in the country. To become a lawyer in Brazil is not easy and only the brightest and the best gets a chance to represent Brazil’s law. Those looking to become lawyers need to take a special test known as vestibular after they graduate. This test is just the starting point. Once the students pass this exam, they can apply for law schools. Once they have completed their law program, they need to take the National Bar Examination. After they have passed this exam, they can practice law and become part of the Brazil’s Bar Council.

One of the top lawyers in Brazil from whom many prospective lawyers take inspiration from is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Popularly known as Ricardo Tosto, he earned his law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. When he started out as a lawyer, he had a small office, but soon grew because of his hard work and dedication towards his work. Ricardo Tosto founded a law firm with the name of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados where he is one of the partners.

Ricardo Tosto specializes in business law and has a number of clients from different sectors to whom he provide legal representation. From international companies to start-ups, Ricardo Tosto has a portfolio of a long list of clients who he has defended in tough cases. Ricardo Tosto has unique negotiation style that makes hi successful in what he does. His clients depend on him to solve their legal issues brilliantly.

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