Clement Perrette Becomes European Authority On STRIPS Trading

Clement Perrette is a money manager at the Swiss investment firm RAM Active Investments. He co-manages its RAM Global Bond Total Return. This leaves him with time for his charitable work, which is focused on saving the world’s oceans. He executive produced a movie about the ocean, “Ocean Souls,” and co-produced a book about it, “Call of the Blue.” He is a graduate of ENSIMAG where he earned a master of engineering degree. He earned a master of a finance degree at HEC Paris.

Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities (STRIPS) is one of his professional fortes. Clement Perrette Barclays says what investors like about these is that they are very reliable. An investor knows exactly how much they will get in return for buying one of these and on what date that will happen.

He has managed STRIPS investing at multiple firms in Europe. He first worked at SociétéGénérale Paris where he implemented their FRF STRIPS trading desk, traded these financial products, and otherwise made the program successful. In 1995, Clement Perrette joined Paribas SVT where he had similar responsibilities handling their EUR STRIPS program.

The next stop in his career was at Deutsche Bank Paris. Working here from June of 2000 to June of 2002, Clement Perrette led their EUR STRIPS program. It was at Deutsche Bank that he started to trade government bonds, including European linkers and long-end ones. He then moved to London, England, and joined Barclays Capital. He was the head of their EUR long end rates trading program. He set up and managed trading desks and worked with trading teams to improve their performance. He worked there until he joined RAM Active Investments in 2016.

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