Jim Larkin conducts strikes to overcome infringement of workers’ rights

For many decades Jim Larkin Served as an activist and labor organizer that formed the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

James was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876, and then found the love of his life, Elizabeth Brown whom they were married in 1903 and had four sons together. The General Worker’s Union founded by Larkin developed to the largest union within the region.

When growing up while living in the Slums of Liverpool, it was a challenge for Jim to study and as a result, he obtained very little formal education. It was challenging for his family to meet the essential needs due to low-income source and he had to venture into Job opportunities from different sources to supplement the families income. Fortunately for him, he was absorbed in the Liverpool docks as foreman.

Time and again, Jim felt the pain of workers rights infringement as they were not being treated fairly. As a result, he made a life decision to Join the National Union for Dock Labourers (NUDL). A few years later he would become a full-time union organizer member at NUDL.

Jim Larkin had to be transferred to Dublin due to his aggressive strike methods that alarmed the NUDL at around 1907. It was not until he had settled in Dublin that founded the General Workers Union as well as the Irish Transport.

Unity was needed, and they had to undertake a series of steps to see its realization. They would combine all the Irish industry workers, both those that were skilled and unskilled to form a unitary organization that was big.

Jim Larkin later formed the Labor Party that was responsible for a series of strikes. There very many strikes but there was one that stood out of them all, it was the Dublin Lockout carried out in 1913.

It comprised of over 100,0000 workers who downed their tools for eight consecutive months. It was a successful strike since the workers were able to enjoy their right to fair treatment.

The World War I motivated Jim to conduct a massive anti-war demonstration round Dublin. Thanks to his aggressiveness.

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