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Carsten Thiel View On COVID-19 And Its Implications

Carsten Thiel is president of Europe EUSA Pharma, the global biopharmaceutical company. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and has 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thiel has become the industry go-to for secrets to success in the world of pharmaceuticals and business. Some of Thiel’s greatest lessons came from his years of charging into uncharted territory and building his career with a solid moral compass and commitment to pharmaceuticals.

Carsten Thiel cites that it has been a terrible period witnessing those impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a trying time for the individuals who spend time in quarantine, and those who have lost their grandparents to the viral outbreak as the global pandemic indicates mortality majorly in people the age of 70 going forward.

The upside is that most individuals are taking necessary action to avert infection and hence the spread of the virus. However, there is a lot of misperception and miscommunication relating to the virus; there are so many people who do not know.

What they know is that two risks are of top concern. First, the rapid spread of coronavirus, as evident in Italy. It has resulted in a desperate scenario in their main healthcare system. Doctors and nurses in their hospitals and clinics become overwhelmed by their incapacity to manage so several patients, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) materials became more difficult to retain adequate accountability.

The type of fast spread is what brings an otherwise operating healthcare system to crumble.

Carsten Thiel is particularly concerned about the undetermined risk of a mutated variant of coronavirus. People are continually getting a more vivid picture of the rate of transmission and mortality rate of coronavirus, although what is this new virus mutates such as the influenza virus. It may wind up being something the world is fighting for a more prolonged period than people would have expected.

Finally, predictions are that ultimately 40% to 70% of the population worldwide who are socially active may become infected. It is a frightening number, although the warmer temperatures could dry out the rate of infection in the coming times. However, there is a new outbreak in the following winter. See Related Link to learn more.

Background Information

It is the winning time to have extra individuals immune and to have a commercially available vaccine. Until that time, slowing down the spread of coronavirus is the key to saving more lives.

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LumeNXT To Soar To Greater Heights With Marc Beer On Board

Marc Beer, a seasoned business leader, and a respected name in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and related fields is the new Chairman of the Board of LumeNXT Inc. with his latest leadership role, Marc is expected to bring his expertise spanning for almost three decades of leadership in commercialization and development of startups and businesses in various fields of medical science. LumeNXT is a world-renowned firm specializing in the study and development of technology that allows them to produce proprietary surgical illumination products that are used in conducting minimally invasive surgical procedures.

According to Marc, aside from the excitement, he is proud that he will be working alongside the expert engineers and surgeons with a long list of achievements in the field of science. These experts were brains and brawn behind the innovative and technologically advanced patented product lines that introduced innovation in the field of surgical illumination. Marc Beer believes that the innovative products of the company are critical in ensuring the safety of both surgeons or medical professionals and the patients.

His insights are aligned with LumeNXT’s vision of integrating innovation and technology in its products to bring advancement to the field, particularly in surgical illumination. Marc noted that the proprietary technology of LumeNS means more surgical procedures performed using the minimally invasive methods to be performed in the future. It is worth noting that surgeons utilizing guided and targeted illumination realized that with LumeNxt’s technology and products, their procedures improved because of enhanced precision and visualization.

Additionally, the technology helps the surgeons to be more flexible as compared to their performance when using the old school surgical illumination tools. LumeNXT products offer advanced illumination platform using a heat-reduction device to improve surgical precision. Also, the products provide more disposable and more affordable alternatives as well as safety to the patients through enhanced visualization.

LumeNXT co-founder Paul Rhyne is happy that Marc Beer is now on their team. He believes that Marc has a proven track record when it comes to success in different startup companies that he has served and guided in different stages of growth. Paul values the vast experience of Marc in terms of business building and development, commercialization, international releases, and profitability.

Aside from being the new Chairman of the Board of LumeNXT, Marc Beer is the chief executive officer and the founder of Renovia Incorporated. He built the firm with a mission of developing the first line of products that could help women with PFD or Pelvic Floor Disorder. He also pioneered several other companies and startups and was instrumental for these companies’ success. This includes Minerva Neurosciences Incorporated.

The company concentrated on the study of product candidates in discovering the treatment for central nervous system diseases. Prior to Minerva Neurosciences, Marc Beer founded and led several other businesses. his passion and commitment to excellence have led these companies to commercial launches, international growth, and finding cures for rare diseases that are of global scale. Learn more:

“Marc Beer Funds A Landmark Project “

Former Aegerion CEO Marc Beer has contributed a great deal to finance a milestone health scheme for women in Boston. This venture dubbed as Renovia Inc. will now offer a wide range of services after receiving 42 million dollars from its co-founder, Marc Beer. The med-tech corporation will establish various curative disorders that contribute to high mortality deaths to women internationally.

This Boston-based health care firm will now concentrate on establishing products that can heal pelvic floor disorders. Also, with the help of these resources, the company will come up with more than four therapeutic products. The funds will also help them test these products to know whether they will be useful. This production will include a new type of Leva, after the first Leva they fashioned received acknowledgment in April by FDA.

Renovia’s CEO, Marc Beer, acknowledges the health investors who chipped in to help the company achieve its vision. This health care has been wishing for a long time to be able to improve the living standards of millions of women worldwide. This vision is primarily for those who have the malicious disease known as pelvic floor disorder.

According to Beer, the healthcare company will be able to offer various treatment options to help these women. Also, they will be providing knowledge on how to use the treatment products they will be offering and will educate them on what pelvic floor disorder involves. This information will ultimately help women with this disorder to live positively.

Beer has been the CEO of this health company for more than five years. He is now confident that his company’s mission of healing millions of women with pelvic disorders will be achieved easily with the funds. He is looking forward to establishing effective treatment for this disorder.

About Marc Beer Renovia

Apart from being a graduate of Miami University, Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in growth, analytical, entrepreneurship, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has worked with OvaScience Company as a senior consultant. Additionally, apart from being Renovia’s health care company co-founder and CEO, Beer has worked in several other firms as CEO and chairman. In 2000, Beer established a biotechnology enterprise known as NASDAQ VIAC (ViaCell).

He worked as the company CEO for over seven years, and with his strong leadership qualities, Beer was able to make the company grow tremendously. The company was dealing with gathering and preserving blood cells of the umbilical cord. During this period, Beer was also acting as a biopharmaceutical company’s board of directors. The company is known as Erytech Pharma. Apart from these companies, Beer has served in several other companies as sales manager, advisor, and vice president. In all these companies, he has a legacy of the best leader for the enormous benefits he accrues to those firms. Learn more: