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Clay Siegall – His Blogs are a Way to Connect with His Readers

Clay Siegall is known as one of the experts in biotechnology. He is the current CEO of a company that he set up, Seattle Genetics. He has a dedicated blog that allows him to share the latest news and his views on topics across different industries including biotechnology. He also provides wonderful insight into different medical and social issues that people might need help with. In a recent article that he posted on 6th March 2017, he gave tips to the readers telling them what they should do in case they are bitten by the dangerous Lyme-infested tick. Is someone is bitten, one should remove the tick using a tweezer. It is best to catch them alive so that they can be reported to the authorities. They will test the tick in their laboratories to help others in the same situation. If a person develops red rashes on the body, it is best to consult with a doctor immediately for treatment. Apart from that, he has written many similar articles on his blog on different topics concerned with humanity.

Clay Siegall has a deep understanding of science and has been involved in the development and testing of different cancer therapies. His company, Seattle Genetics, is fast becoming a leader in scientific research and innovation along with drug development procedures. They have achieved some great results in the development of antibody conjugates.

Before starting out on his own, Clay had worked in collaboration with many different companies in the industry. Some of the top ones are The National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute among others. Apart from these, he is the member of some medical boards like the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Washington Roundtable. His contribution to the field of cancer treatment has been immense, and for that, he has won a number of awards such as the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.