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The Role of TigerSwan in the Local Community

The United States of America boasts one of the most active military in the world. They have a presence in nearly all sectors of global affairs and project power into regions to help keep the peace. Jim Reese was once a high ranking military commander who reached the rank of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. He was a major player during the peak of the middle east war on terror. However, time and life eventually move to other things. Jim Reese retired in 2007 and that opened the door to a new venture in helping his fellow soldiers get back on their feet.

Following the completion of his military service, he opened up a business under the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB) label. It would be named TigerSwan and it would offer his veterans a chance to gain valuable skills for re-entering the regular work force. Jim Reese applied the two key personal qualities he learned on the battlefield to this position. He would be a good listener to any and all people around him, while at the same time doing everything in his full power as leader to improve their lives. TigerSwan has grown to employee over 300 individuals from various countries around the world.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Jim Reese describes how running a business is more stressful than being on the battlefield. He has to manage the well-bring of all his employees while learning how to apply their skill sets in the best roles. He was under-prepared for what the job entailed, but there is never a challenge that he can’t overcome. Jim Reese is proud of what TigerSwan has turned into as a beacon of support for the local community. Countless people walk in and out of the facility every single day, all with the goal of honoring our veterans.

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The Dynamics of Vijay Eswaran

The dynamic chairman of Qnet and founder of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran, was born in Malaysia in 1960, and he attended the London School of Business. Instead of returning to his home, he stayed in Europe, and worked odd jobs across the continent. He picked grapes in France, and worked construction in Belgium. It was in London while driving a cab however, that he was introduced to a new form of marketing called binary marketing. He earned a qualification with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and then he went for his MBA in the states at the University of Illinois. While in the states he worked for marketing firm of Synaptics, but the young Mr. Eswaran had no connections and few options waiting for him on his return home.

When Mr. Eswaran finished his studies and returned to Malaysia, he made use of his experience and knowledge of marketing he gained from his work around the world and founded the QI Group in 1998. The QI Group is an e-commerce marketing firm with direct sales in travel, telecommunications, luxury goods and health and wellness. The QI Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, and it has offices spanning 10 Asian countries. It began life selling watches from a website, and under Mr. Eswaran’s guidance grew into a multinational conglomerate. Mr. Eswaran has a unique philosophy of Service Above Self, which he gained from his father. He passes his hard work ethic to his employees along with the qualities of loyalty, trust and sincerity. He encourages his staff to approach sales like a sports team by training hard, developing winning strategies to face the competition.

For all his entrepreneurial successes Mr. Eswaran has not lost touch with his customers. He keeps his ear open for suggestions and new ideas to offer the consumer what they want. He describes his journey to entrepreneurship as an intense questioning and intuitive experience. Mr. Eswaran begins each day with an hour of silence, which he explains in his first book, the “Sphere of Silence”. He developed a Thought of the Day approach when writing his second book, the “Thinking Zone.” His third and fourth book are a collection of thoughts called “18 Stepping Stones” and a compilation of his photography titled “On the Wings of Thought.” His books sum up his philosophies on life and business with an insightful view into the workings of his sense of values and ethics.

Mr. Eswaran is the winner of the New Global Indian an award given for philanthropy and business successes. Forbes named him the 25th richest man in Asia. He established the Rythm Foundation, which is the charity arm of the QI Group.

Nitin Khanna- The Prodigy Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna was born in India and can trace his earliest hints of entrepreneurship to his family ties. Many of his relatives owned several businesses and he learned a lot about what it takes to run a business from this early age. When he was only 17 he migrated from India to the United States where his love for technology and innovation only grew more. He later went on to complete his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University.

Nitin, while working on his Doctorate, decided that he needed to leave his studies in order to pursue the workforce. Early on in his career he began working for Oracle, a major computer and technology industry. It wasn’t too long after working here that Nitin decided to open up his own company in conjunction with his brother when he was only 25 and called it Saber Corporation. While working there the company grew to $120 million in revenue and he later sold off the company for an outstanding sum of $460 million.

Later in 2015, Nitin became involved with the cannabis industry. This was a smart financial plan since this became a multi-billion dollar industry after the legalization of cannabis in some states. He later became the CEO of Cura Cannabis, which became one of the leading names in production of CBD oils in Portland. It is easy to see how things are in Nitin’s favor and it seems that he was in the right spot at the right time. However, this isn’t to say that he didn’t know what he was doing and that all of his success was from luck. It is evident that Nitin drew upon his early entrepreneurial skills that he learned from his family and the knowledge that he acquired from Oracle. It is because of this knowledge that he was able to start his own company and have a huge success.

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The Omar Boraie Is Transforming The Real Estate Industry

Omar Boraie is a prominent figure in the real estate industry in the United States. Many people in the country know him as a successful and visionary leader who has completely transformed the real estate industry. At the moment, Omar is based in New Brunswick, and the communities living in the area love him because of his great accomplishments. According to close sources, Omar has significantly transformed the city since he settled there many years ago. New Brunswick is currently one of the fastest growing empires in the United States, and it attracts investors from all over the country. The high-end luxury buildings available in the city speak volumes about the economy of the town.


In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, the businessman announced that he was introducing a new venture known as the Aspire. The high-end project will be the climax of all the real estate projects that have been introduced by Omar and his real estate company. Omar says that he has always had a dream of having such a building in the region, and for him, this is a dream that has come true. After a very long wait, his dream is coming into a reality.


Sam Boraie is a household name in New Brunswick area. At the moment, he is serving as the president for one of the most respected real estate companies in the city, known as Boraie Development LCC. The businessman founded the company several years ago, and he has been doing his best to make sure that it transforms the city in many ways. All the projects developed by the real estate company reflect the great passion and dedication from Omar Boraie and his team. Boraie Development is very keen when hiring its professionals and this explains why its projects have won the hearts of so many people in the country. Omar had a great upbringing, and this is one of the reasons he has been so successful in his career. Check out to see more.



When speaking in a recent interview, the businessman says that when he decided to transform the city, very few people wanted to listen to him and his ideas. Most of the residents in the city thought that he was just dreaming, and they chose to ignore him. The businessman had spent most of his career life travelling to different parts of the world, and he discovered several great structures that could change his city. The structures he saw when working as a scholar motivated him to invest his money in real estate and reconstruct the entire city. Although this was a challenging task, Omar has been very successful. You can visit the website to see more.


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Moving Forward with Sheldon Lavin

People who run businesses want to become successful, and they do everything in their power for it to happen. Business has become more competitive than ever, and people are learning new skills as they go. Business practices have changed. And with rules and regulations coming in place, it is important that companies follow these things. OSI Group started the work, and their focus was always on quality. OSI Group works in the field of food processing and distribution, and they put their efforts into delivering customer experience and awareness in different areas. OSI Group is a food processing company, and they take their commitments seriously and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

The person steering the ship is Sheldon Lavin who has extensive experience in the field. They care about the company, the product and about the message they are sending out. If a company works with catering or hospitality, the quality standards must be very high. It is an international requirement. People working in the industry have to follow certain rules to ensure that the standards are kept high and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

OSI Group is working hard to make sure they deliver the highest level of service. They supplied the Olympic Games with different kinds of meat depending on the demand. OSI Group has had quite a journey. They started out with small orders, and now they work with the Burger King and other prominent food retailers and read full article.

However, the most important part is not the money. It is the connection with people. The hospitality industry has changed a lot. So had the food industry. OSI Group is a company that has been around since the 1030s, and there are company values in place to follow for all the new people discovering the company just now.

The company has a significant presence in Asia, and they have recently celebrated an anniversary. Although it might go unnoticed, it is important to mark achievements. Business finds out that going online is helpful for the firm and smart businesses will go online. OSI Group keeps supplying their clients with the best quality meat, and when they worked for the Olympics, there were no complaints which were a significant accomplishment and resume him.

Sheldon Lavin is a hand on proud CEO who works hard to make sure the standards are high, and the customer service keeps their job up to date as well. It is important to him to ensure the clients that the company complies with the industry standards and cares about the outcome of the service and Sheldon Lavin on Facebook.


Sheldon Lavin Applying Family Culture To Lead A Successful OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has had a successful career in the meat industry, a journey he began over 45 years ago. Before then, Sheldon worked as an investor in the banking sector and owned a financial consulting firm. Since Sheldon took over as the CEO of OSI Group, the company has become a worldwide supplier of food products.

Sheldon leads OSI Group of industries which include: OSI International, Inc and LLC & OSI International Foods in the US. This group of industries employs over 20,000 people globally. The company has created a family oriented culture and Sheldon value the company employees as part of his family.

In 1970, Sheldon arranged for the financing of Otto & Sons when they needed to build a meat processing facility in expanding their meat supplying business. He then joined the company as a consultant.

In 1975, Sheldon became a partner in the business where he later joined the Otto &Sons (Now known as OSI) to work full time. During those years, OSI expanded to North America, Europe, South America and Taiwan. In 1980’s one of the business partners retired while the other chose to sell his business shares so that Sheldon owned the company 100%. The Company has since then expanded to Philippines, Australia, Japan, China, India and South Africa.

Sheldon Lavin purposed to grow OSI to be a world class food processing company. Today, the company is the leading supplier of proteins worldwide. The company has over 70 facilities and is operating in 17 countries worldwide. They produce products such as beef, pork, sausages, vegetable items and now baked goods.

Today, Sheldon is over 80 years old and has got no plans of retiring. He continues overseeing operations of OSI group. Sheldon is a philanthropist who has been involved in charitable causes such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Inner Foundation of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund, Boys, and Girls Club of Chicago among many other charities.

Sheldon Lavin is a father of three children and has grandchildren as well. He prides in his accomplishments in building a worldwide business and beautiful family and as an influential businessman. He believes in rules and strategies that need to be applied to running a successful business. He acknowledges that business innovations are in his DNA.

Troy McQuagge is the Leading CEOs in the World

Troy McQuagge, chief executive officer at US HEALTH Group, was recently awarded the prestigious One Planet Award. Troy was named the Gold Winner of the coveted Global Premier awards program. The One Planet Award is an incentive towards appreciating the business and professional ingenuity in all industries across the globe. All organizations including public, new startups, nonprofit and even for-profit organizations are eligible to hand in their nominations and read full article.

The role that saw him scoop the award is his exceptional leadership since he joined the health insurance company in 2010. His first accomplishment at US HEALTH Group was retooling the US HEALTH Advisors; US HEALTH Group’s captive distribution agency. After his remarkable success in the role, Troy was then elected as the president and the chief executive officer of US HEALTH Group in 2014.

In his tenure, Troy has provided unprecedented leadership which has helped the company make record sales and profits. High competition characterizes the health covers sector; however, Troy has helped the company rise above its competition through innovativeness and a keen vision in business and Troy on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge is a man whose reputation speaks for himself. He brags of a remarkable wealth of experience in his career. His initial foray into the health covers sector was his service to the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He later moved on to (UICI) United Insurance Companies Inc. and served in the Student Insurance Division in 1995. When he was named the president of UICI’s Insurance Agency UGA in 1997, Troy helped the company set several single-year records in sales.

Having spent so much time in the health insurance industry and especially in leadership roles, Troy McQuagge has refined his skills quite remarkably. Troy attained his professional qualifications from the University of Central Florida, Graduating with a BA in 1983. If anyone deserved the One Planet Award, it was none other than Troy McQuagge.

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Jeffrey Schneider Helps Investors Infiltrate the Alternative Investments Scene

Jeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur and the founder of an alternative investment giant dubbed Ascendant Capital LLC. Schneider obtained his first bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts. He initiated his career in finance after graduating from this leading university. Jeffry Schneider has provided his unmatched professional expertise to a variety of companies, which has enabled him to acquire a broad range of valuable skills.

Jeffrey Schneider’s work history
Schneider worked in the distinct department of Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. While working at Paradigm Global Advisors, he was in charge of supervising the company’s managers. Having acquired enough professional experience, Schneider set out to establish his firm Ascendant Capital, LLC. This business is a boutique of alternative investments that works in collaboration with private equity firms, hedge funds, and real estate companies to raise capital. Ascendant Capital LLC serves to provide funds to qualified investors accompanied with marketing, educational, operational, and sales services. Ascendant Capital LLC liaises with Family Offices, Private Banks, U.S. Brokerage Firms, and Registered Investment Advisors to provide services to its vast pool of clients.

Jeffrey Schneider’s triumphs at Ascendant Capital

Under Schneider’s management, this company has been able to grow exponentially in the last five years. This company has also succeeded to raise $1 billion worth of venture capital on behalf of its managers. This money has been used to purchase auto-dealerships, tech companies, and real estate properties. Despite this tremendous achievement, Schneider endeavors to do more in the future. This financial year, they anticipate raising about $50 million worth of capital. Ascendant Capital LLC‘s culture and values of integrity, commitment, and transparency are what makes the company stand out in the financial industry. According to Schneider, his firm is dedicated to ensuring that its investors achieve their objectives first by putting their interest before their own. He has also trained his staff to maintain open dialogues and create trust between them and their client.

Jeffrey Schneider’s involvement in charity activities
Schneider is also involved in volunteer activities. He supports and donates to the Gazelle Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at providing clean water to third-world countries in Africa. He also supports the Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Home for Children, and God Loves We Deliver. Schneider occasionally takes part in marathons and half marathons and contact him.

James Dondero The Businessman and Philanthropist

James Dondero, who is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P., is an unexpected philanthropist. Contrary to one’s expectations of a high profile and business savvy president in the financial industry, James Dondero is heavily involved in philanthropy. His primary focus is on education, healthcare, and veteran affairs. Make no mistake, Mr. Dondero was a high achieving student, and he graduated with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. James Dondero remains a driven individual, continuing to expand his business opportunities as he sees fit. However, he is equally willing and driven to help others.

James Dondero’s joint venture with business partner Mark Okada known as Highland Capital Management, L.P. has maintained the Highland Capital Management, L.P. Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The year the scholarship was initiated the company gifted two million dollars to the university. The Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s fund is one of several oriented towards the SMU Tower Scholars Program. The program is designed to recognize undergraduate students of a high caliber and offers immersive experiences in public policy making. The President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. stated that he and the company wished to give students the opportunity to work with influential policymakers and leaders on both a global and national scale.

James Dondero’s interest in the SMU Tower Scholars Program can be attributed to the parallels within his own to journey to success. Shortly after his graduation from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Mr. Dondero began working under the Morgan Guaranty Training Program for financial analysts. The program offered real world experience and guidance, much like the Towers Scholar Program. The skills acquired in his time at the training program allowed Mr. Dondero to move swiftly onward to American Express, where he began his foray into fixed income funds, which would, in the ensuing years, lead to the success known as Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Never one to be satisfied by success, even in the world of charities, James Dondero continues forward with more programs oriented towards education. The Highland Santa Barbara Foundation, Inc. was formed as a supporting organization for the Santa Barbara Foundation. The foundation is directed towards facing challenges and embracing opportunities in the educational field. The foundation gives grants to non-profit organizations that focus primarily on education. James Dondero has participated in philanthropic activities beyond the educational world too. Highland Capital Management, L.P. s contributed to programs in healthcare, such as The American Heart Association as well as veteran related charities.

In a meager 30 years, James Dondero has risen from an analyst under the Morgan Guaranty Training Program to president of the world’s largest USD based collateralized loan obligation (CLO) manager. He continues to succeed as the Chairman of the Board for Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Health, and he’s an affiliated advisor of NexPoint Advisors, LP. Not content with simply pioneering a new sector in the financial world, Mr. Dondero has used his influence to better society through his strong stance on philanthropy. The many donations made to charitable foundations focused on education, health, and veterans will continue to better society with James Dondero at the head of Highland Capital Management, L.P.

A Few Interesting Facts About Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin knows many things related to hedge fund management. He is an American hedge fund manager who founded Citadel, a renown global investment firm that has an estimated $25 billion inform of investment capital. Griffin is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, and it has recently been rated as belonging to the class of the world’s biggest investment firms. The company’s hedge funds also rank among the best in terms of success and size in the world. Being a very notable personality in his niche, Griffin has been identified as belonging to the creme de la creme of the biggest earning hedge fund managers in 2012 as well as one in the Forbes 400 richest Americans list.

As of May 2015, he had an estimated net worth that was above $6.6 billion and he shocked many in the beginning of 2014 by making a $150 million donation to Harvard University where he schooled. The donation made history as being the largest the institution has ever received from an individual. Griffin is not new to making donations; in the recent past, he wrote a check of $2.5 million to an Illinois Governor candidate for his campaigns. All his total donations are not less than $500 million to the different organizations and causes he supports.

He was born in Florida in 1978 and became interested in matters related to hedge fund trading when he was still studying in Harvard as a freshman. A Forbes magazine article he came across triggered his mind, and when he began his second year, he stared a hedge fund that had a strong focus on convertible hedge fund arbitrage. To start the fund, he consolidated more than $265000 from friends and family including money from his grandmother.

To ensure that his trading was always accurate and on point, he ensured that he had the best market information that was achieved by installing a satellite link on his dorm. The investment turned out to be a good decision and by the time the market crash of 1987 was happening, he was safe and was already on profit. The early debut into success made it possible for him to start a second fund and between both funds, he was managing over $1 million.

He finished his university studies and graduated with a degree in economics in 1989. Soon after his graduation, he was approached by a private investor who provided him with $1 million to invest. He managed the funds and managed to make more than the investor expected. He has appeared numerous times on the Forbes magazine in different categories as being one of the most influential people in America. His company has also been rated as among the best in the financial services sector when matters related to offering the best in terms of employee benefits and compensation are concerned.

During his free time, Valuewalk’s Griffin is busy buying rare art works and is known to buy even the most expensive ones. He also spends his free time contributing to his philanthropic organizations and causes.