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Freshpet Is Revolutionizing Your Dog’s Diet

Year after year we learn what is beneficial for our dogs to eat and what is not. Most of us grew up with a four legged garbage disposal next to our dinner table so learning that there are certain foods that are bad for our dogs is surprising to say the least. They seem to gobble up that fatty pork roast so how could it be bad for them?

Obesity is an ever present epidemic in the canine world similar to our human world and since we’ve deemed them our best friends, shouldn’t we be looking out for their health as much as we do ours? That’s exactly what Freshpet intends to do. They want to make appetizing, appealing, but still healthy kibble for our furry friends. While only using fresh ingredients, saying a big “NO” to preservatives and additives, Freshpet has created a line of dog food so delectable you’ll possibly envy Fido when it’s dinner time.

Freshpet is not the first dog food company to take a step in this game changing arena of healthy pet food but they’re still trailblazing and proving to be a worthy rival of bigger household names such as Purina.

However, Freshpet is going to have to come up with something really innovating to knock Beneful from the top of the healthy pet food pyramid. Beneful has an advantage of being a household name and people love to buy from a brand that is familiar to them so it is almost no contest that their healthy dry and wet food alternatives are still and will continue to be popular.

There are many options to choose from and they have even upped the ante by rolling out a healthy snack food line for pets. It will be very interesting to see how Freshpet intends to match Beneful’s presence in the market. When you’re offering ingredients like beef, chicken, green beans, delicious carrots, and even protein packed eggs it is going to take a lot of ingenuity to work up the ladder but most specifically the ability to sway into an owner’s heart who only wants the best for their four legged companion.