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Repton School Still Benefits Its Alumnus, Over 100 Years After Its Launch

The benefit of keeping up a graduate class in a learning establishment is a significant factor that most of the institutions need to embrace. Unlike most institutions whose alumni pose challenges and significant threats to the future students, at Repton School, things are different. The leading education institution in the UK takes pride in working alumni.

The Repton School alumni were set up in 1901 and kept on regularly working as proposed by the authors of the establishment. This is a good sign that the institution is mindful of sustaining its core principles and traditions. Being capable of supporting a functioning body for over a century is something that a large portion of today’s institutions won’t be able to accomplish. The facility has thus kept on reaping the union’s benefits for years.

At Repton School, mentoring is among the vital benefits of the group. It’s crucial to note that the alumni group in the institution comprises some of the influential people in the country. These people pursued various courses and have managed to thrive in different professionals inside and outside the UK. Thus, these people are ideally positioned to provide crucial mentorship and advice to students in the facility.

Mentoring learners at Repton School has remained among the most significant perspectives that the organization has fused. It is a vital move that focuses on making sure that the entire learners in the facility easily comprehends what’s going around the world. The main goal is to gurantee that every student in the institution is not left behind the present world happenings.

Repton School is among the notable schools for sports, with extraordinary track records in tennis, football, hockey, and cricket. The departments of drama and music are additionally heavenly at Repton School. Repton School ensures that students are well prepared in academic and co-curricular activities. Everyone in the institution is also well versed since it has value for truth, respect, and excellence. Read More:

From Math Textbooks to Teach to One

This program focuses on each and every individual student’s learning needs and abilities through the use of modern technology in the classroom and a collaborative safe space for students, teachers and parents to get involved in a variety of ways.

As Teach to One concentrates on the learning process of each student, it has become a positive environment that has shifted the mindset of students who were once struggling with math concepts and are now acknowledging their skills as they regain the motivational boost into a mindset of growth and confidence.

This program creates a foundation starting from each student’s level of progress while also adjusting lessons and assessments to fit their individual needs.

Centered around different teaching sessions, Teach to One offers students the experience to work in a variety of ways and settings from teaching alongside instructors to collaborating with peers during small group interactions. These teaching strategies open the doors to a thinking classroom environment where ideas are shared and valued and students are learning math concepts in a more in depth style from dedicated teachers, reports by

Teach to One is proven to be beneficial to a student’s academic success in the sense that it prepares students for the professional world. Students are given the opportunity to work with a team of individuals as well as engage in independent work to gain experience in adapting to diverse environments. It also encourages a healthy balance between face-to-face learning and incorporating technology into the curriculum to further a students academic journey with advanced digital resources rather than a textbook. This balance of technology and human connection can enable students to strengthen their critical thinking skills and areas in social-emotional development.

Teach to One is an effective program that doesn’t focus on a specific grade level, age or one style of learning. It eliminates the added weight of math textbooks and promotes an open classroom community for a lighter and more fulfilling learning experience.

Who is Professor Sujit Choudhry?

The globally recognized authority on comparative constitutional politics and law, Sujit Choudhry, spends a lot of his time putting into motion the ideas which he pens in the paper. Choudhry has put into print over 100 articles, book chapters, reports and journals, and despite his comprehensive research agenda, he manages to spend a great deal of time in the field. For over two decades now, this scholar has been a constitutional advisor and has spoken in many countries.

He is the director and founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions and has spearheaded the constitutional building in countries like Jordan, Libya, Egypt, and South Africa. His latest consultation was with the Government of Ukraine in Kyiv, where he led discussions around the table with other world’s top constitution experts to scrutinize the semi-presidential system of the country’s government and its constitutional challenges.

In early 90s Sujit Choudhry’s research topics included reviews in social and health sciences, from making end-of-life decision to consent and hospital guidelines. In 1999, however, the scholar’s global ideas expanded into the political landscape. He came up with polarizing ideas such as a constitution design to govern countries as they transit from violent turmoil to nonviolent democratic politics; a constitution design for societies divided ethically, decentralization, federalism, constitutional courts, to mention but a few. He has also written on Canadian constitutional law extensively.

Education Background

Professor Choudhry is a law degree holder from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. He served the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada as a law clerk and was a scholar of Rhodes. Sujit Choudhry also served as a dean at the University of California, where he still lectures as a professor of law. The professor previously taught Cecelia Goetz in New York and was the University of Toronto’s Scholl Chair. Professor Choudhry is a United Nations Mediation Roster member.

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ClassDojo Offers Mindfulness Training for the 2019 – 2020 School Year

ClassDojo is the nation’s premiere education app. It has been around since 2011 and is now commonly used in classrooms across the nation. One of the reasons why so many teachers like ClassDojo is because it provides them with practical methods for helping students to do well in class. The app’s mindfulness training program is a feature that also gives this benefit. 

Mindfulness training is a technique that gives students to control their mind, thoughts, energy and feelings. When a student is hyped up and headed in the wrong direction – their student can use the mindfulness training to get them on the right path. Classrooms that get out of hand can be calmed down through mindfulness training. Students who are having a hard time focusing and staying involved could get some of their pep back by using this mental health tool

A few teachers started to use this technique back in May of 2019. Mindfulness training was introduced very late in the school year, so many teachers did not know about. However, it is expected to become more integrated into schools during the 2019 – 2020 school year. Teachers that get a head start with this technique should be able to start off their school year on a positive note. ClassDojo introduction of mindfulness training provides teachers and students with more resources for having a great day in class. 

Aaron Lupuloff Helps Students to Achieve the Best Results in Their Studies

Aaron Lupuloff is a successful entrepreneur who serves as the co-founder and senior executive director at the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He is passionate about making students to excels in their academics and create future leaders. The foundation is dedicated to making students successful, offering fund scholarships, innovate, develop leadership, support teaching and learning, as well as finance its visionary programs.

The foundation embraces, excites, encourages, educates, emblazons and empowers students to excel in their studies and teachers to deliver unparalleled learning experience. GCP Foundation has never wavered from the path of creating and growing a system of leading schools by working toward its mission as well as harnessing the support of the community of Gwinnett.

Lupuloff has been supporting community causes for a long time. He helped in the formation of the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence and went ahead to hold positions of Treasurer, Vice President, and President at the foundation. The foundation supports academics, the arts, as well as athletics to help students to pursue their ambitions. He c-founded and became a member of the board of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. Mr. Aaron Lupuloff and his wife are currently on the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board. They both support the Camp Twin Lakes, Partners Against Domestic Violence and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He spent more than two decades at Bear Stearns JP Morgan as well as Raymond James serving as the Senior Managing Director and Managing Director respectively. He attended the University of Alabama where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He boasts more than 35 years of experience in the financial services.

When he started Norcross High School Foundation, he realized that there was a gap in the schooling system that needed to be filled. Students and teachers needed help to excel in their respective capacities. He believed that he would help more than 180,000 students with the GCPS Foundation. He is always working to make sure the foundation lives up to its vision and mission of improving student achievement, fund scholarships, innovate, support learning and teaching, develop leadership, as well as make sure all schools programs are funded fully.

Aaron Lupuloff takes part in his team’s whiteboard sessions to brainstorm and bring new ideas to life. He interacts with more than 25 community activities and listen to their insight, thoughts, and wisdom in an effort to bring ideas to life. He has learned the best ways to foster student achievement. He believes that if focus is put on the most challenging students first, learning is accelerated empowering students to be achievers. He is a listening person and he does that to stay productive. He not only seeks the opinions of the wealthy, but also everyone in the community. If had a chance to advise his younger self, he would tell himself to stay patient, humble himself and ask for help from others. Aaron Lupuloff does condone people who are afraid to fail. Failure is an inevitable part of the process of becoming successful. While on the verge to succeed, remember, communication is key to scaling new heights of success.

Rocketship Educations Supports Aren’t Happy With This Recent Article

As all stories do, a recent article published by NPR’s Anya Kamenetz has had its fair share of admirers and supporters. The nearly 4,000-word story aimed to shed light on the internal practices of charter schools, specifically, Rocketship Education, a network of high-performing public charter schools.

Critics of the article argue that the piece may be severely onesided, and focuses heavily on challenges that Rocketship Education has faced in regards to their learning models. Kamenetz also seems to suggest that all charter schools follow similar models, describing them as “companies” rather than non-profits or simply, schools. The heavy focus on the recent reports of problematic practices could potentially cause readers to ignore the continued success behind the learning models and methods at Rocketship Education, and the networks supports are not having it!

While Kamenetz brings attention to classroom protocols and discipline routines, she fails to mention the reason behind the success of Rocketship Education students and the continued support of their families. Students are most successful with support, discipline, and consistency.

In fact, Rocketship opted to participate in the SRI International. A three-year performance story on the networks graduates revealed that former Rocketship Education students were one year ahead of their classmates in middle school. Parents and supporters of Rocketship Education believe that the high test scores yielded by their students are a direct result of the schools teaching methods and learning expectations.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship Education uses a combination of individualized online learning, and classroom interactions. By focusing on each student individually, teachers and staff help them discover and unleash their true potential.

Despite the seemingly biased writings on Rocketship Education, the network continues to provide quality learning experiences and proven results to low-income families. Rocketship also aims to promote core values in each of their students, educating the whole child, and reaching far beyond the classroom.

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Wessex Institute a Great Place for Grad Studies

Wessex Institute of Technology has one of the best programs in the world for postdoctoral studies. They bring together the best in every field from all over the world. They coordinate huge conferences, with attendees who are the top in every advanced form of research. With this at your access, how can you not find a way to success at WIT. From networking and building opportunities, to finding funding for your own research, you cannot go wrong with the many career opportunities at Wessex Institute of Technology.

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT)

Nestled in the renowned New Forest National Park, the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is located about 100 kilometers from London. The educational and research institute offers higher degrees. Scholars at WIT will participate in research, conferences, and publishing.

Industry and Research Organisations continue to fund research at the Wessex Institute of Technology. WIT also has collaboration agreements with the University of the West of England and universities in Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

Each year, WIT holds more than 20 conferences. Subjects include Big Data, Risk Analysis, and Sustainability. These conferences seek to link professional and academic bodies to promote research across disciplines. Based on

In addition to conference proceedings in their Transactions Series, WIT Press publishes eight international journals including the International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, and the International Journal of Heritage Architecture.
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