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ClassDojo Offers Mindfulness Training for the 2019 – 2020 School Year

ClassDojo is the nation’s premiere education app. It has been around since 2011 and is now commonly used in classrooms across the nation. One of the reasons why so many teachers like ClassDojo is because it provides them with practical methods for helping students to do well in class. The app’s mindfulness training program is a feature that also gives this benefit. 

Mindfulness training is a technique that gives students to control their mind, thoughts, energy and feelings. When a student is hyped up and headed in the wrong direction – their student can use the mindfulness training to get them on the right path. Classrooms that get out of hand can be calmed down through mindfulness training. Students who are having a hard time focusing and staying involved could get some of their pep back by using this mental health tool

A few teachers started to use this technique back in May of 2019. Mindfulness training was introduced very late in the school year, so many teachers did not know about. However, it is expected to become more integrated into schools during the 2019 – 2020 school year. Teachers that get a head start with this technique should be able to start off their school year on a positive note. ClassDojo introduction of mindfulness training provides teachers and students with more resources for having a great day in class. 

ClassDojo: Innovating Our Classrooms

Recently, the developers of the app have announced that $65 million dollars have been raised through funding. Funding began with the launch of a new product, Beyond School which gives parents the option of viewing how their child learns out of school. Being free of cost, ClassDojo’s funds come solely from donations and parents’ optional subscription to Beyond School. What students love the most about ClassDojo is the reward system it uses. For good behavior such as not talking during class, or raising a hand up to answer a question, students can receive a point which is reflected on their daily ClassDojo student profile. The parents have access to this and therefore can monitor how the child is progressing through the day. The teacher is also allowed to share photos or videos taken of the students during class by posting them on the class stream which can also be seen by parents.

As technology advances, classrooms have strayed further away from conventional methods of teaching such as using paper textbooks to more up-to-date ones such as online textbooks. With every classroom racing to keep up with the latest technology, ClassDojo is one app that has stayed in use for nearly nine years. Since its development in 2011, ClassDojo has been used by teachers near and far as a communication platform that connects teachers, parents, students, and creates a sense of community. Because of its efficiency and ease of use, ClassDojo usage can be found in 2 in 3 schools.

ClassDojo is meant to create a positive culture in classrooms and schools that make students actually want to attend. It is one of the first apps to innovate the way communication is done in and out of the classroom. Because of this, the developers hope it will continue to be successful as they undertake any new ventures in the future.

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Talk Fusion Keeps on Winning Awards

As 2017 has started, it is always important to look back on the year and remember the good times and all of the good things that have happened. That is exactly what Bob Reina, Talk Fusion, and his IT team are doing at the moment. It was a memorable year for them in a number of ways. They improved, which is always the sign of a company that has its head on straight and knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. The goal of any company is always to improve, get better, and do things a little differently.


Talk Fusion is a video communications service that has such features as video chat, video newsletters, video email, and video conferences. Because of these features, they are great for the new generation of worker. The new generation of worker is the kind of worker that works from home. They are comfortable working from home and they enjoy it much more than the traditional job. They feel as though it gives them more flexibility and freedom in their day-to-day life, especially when it comes to family and their personal growth and happiness overall. Those are things that should never be forgotten about or taken for granted.


In 2016, they were fortune enough to win two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is a company that looks for products that have taken the time to step their game up and make it even better than it was before. That is what Talk Fusion did in 2016, which is why their second award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. They are all about problem solving over at Talk Fusion, and their product has solved a lot of problems for a lot of people. They have made their lives a whole lot easier.


The most remarkable thing about all of this is Bob Reina is not the one taking the credit, even though he is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which started in 2007. He is thanking everyone else for making it happen.