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Lincolnshire Management Utilizes Different Methods to Fine Tune Companies

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that will conduct recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, management buyouts and growth equity for public and private companies.

Lincolnshire Management will certainly do these things because they have to do their job and act as mechanics within the business sector, they have to look at companies that are not performing well, or performing well but could do better and help them get to an optimal state.

One of these tools at the disposal of Lincolnshire Management is that of recapitalization. Recapitalization is a method where the private equity firm will look at the capital structure of a company and conduct a surgical reorganization. This surgical reorganization done by a firm such as Lincolnshire Management will have a large impact on the company. The reasons that a firm like Lincolnshire Management will be doing so will vary. But one may expect that the equity in the firm is transferred and debt becomes the replacement, it may even occur the other way around. Lincolnshire Management knows that a deal may not always be so simple, the surgical procedures may become a bit more complex and they will have to look at items such as mezzanine financing and other mechanisms within the surgical recapitalization process.

Mezzanine financing involves a mixture of both instruments (debt and equity) to conduct proper financing for the company. Recapitalizations can be very interesting, one can quite likely see recapitalizations transfer control and ownership to a different party and see that the recapitalization can result in bond offerings, share price boosts, utilizing excess cash for good use, as a financial shield, a reprioritization, and overall bolstering in different areas of the company.

There is not much news on the different actions that were taken by Lincolnshire Management when they worked with Holley Performance Products. The past history does not necessarily show that different recapitalizations were conducted on the company. The Lincolnshire Management team was able to see the different complexities within the business, the different layers, the different nuances, and other aspects of the business that has seen issues in the past.

Over the course of their time with the performance company, Lincolnshire Management has been able to look at the market, the products, and the consumers since the first day. The growth strategies paid off, they saw an increase in revenues and earnings as well.

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The Who, What, Where, and Why of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has been in business since 2002. The main goal of EFH is to assist customers in meeting their personal as well as professional financial needs and discovering new ways of financing their existing capital from their publicly traded stock. EFH is a global company, with subsidiaries all over the world, having subsidiaries in nine countries, some of these countries including, but not limited to, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and most recently, Australia. Equities First Holdings first relocated to Australia on November 14, 2016, this new location is in Melbourne, Australia. and is located in the very heart of Melbourne.

Equities First Holdings offers services not only to big business, but also to high net- worth individuals. Equities First Holdings assists their customers who are in need of accessing the “non-purpose capital” available in their stock options. Equities First provides stock loans, these types of loans are unlike any other loan. A stock loan is based on the equity available in the stock, which is then used as collateral in which to approve the loan. For example, if a person owns stock with a certain company, and they believe this stock will appreciate, they may transfer the stock to Equity First in order to be approved loan on their stock. One of the reasons people prefer doing business with Equities First Holdings is with these type of loans, considered to be non-purpose loans, and as long as their is equity available, there are no questions asked as to the purpose the person is taking the loan out.  At the end of the loan term, all proceeds returned to customer as well as any proceeds earned.

Those who are in need of a “fast working capital” would be best to benefit from Equities First Capital. These stock based loans that Equities First Capital offer their investors are just the financial assistance that helps them to get over their financial hardship and at the same time they aren’t losing all their investment because once the loan is paid the customer also earns proceeds on the equity that has been earned during the loan period to learn more: click here.