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Fabletics: A Lifestyle Brand

You’ve most likely become familiarized with the a-list actress, Kate Hudson, but what you might not know about her is her association with an established athleisure brand known as Fabletics. Not only is she the main spokesmodel, but she is co-creator of this fashionable line of athletic wear. Since the rising of athleisure as a fashion statements, companies like Fabletics have thrived in business, due to their versatile and trendy styles. In a recent article, Kate has a sit down with Marie Claire about some new additions to the already extensive line of athleisure clothing. See:

What she wants the fans to know is that exciting new styles have been introduced to the Fabletics website and they will certainly blow your mind. The first is a line of dresses. Yes, you heard right. Athleisure material dresses with built in support similar to spanx have been added to the collection. Not only are they trendy and current, but they are worthy of wearing out or to a special occasion. The versatility of Fabletics styles is one of the most desirable features of the brand. These dresses are perfectly flattering to the figure, and a little on the flirty side which is just plain adorable. In addition to the dresses, a line of fun swimwear is now available to Fabletics customers. They’re a bit on the sporty side, while fun and vibrant. The material gives the same support of Fabletics other athleisure clothing and are sure to become your favorite swimsuit this summer.

The way Fabletics works is so easy- simply subscribe to the website and you’ll be receiving new athleisure outfits each and every month. And the best part? The reasonable price, which is so much better in comparison to that of its competitors such as LuLu Lemon. Imagine the exciting surprise of receiving out fits each month delivered to your door and gradually growing the perfect athleisure wardrobe. Fabletics makes it possible! For anyone who is addicted to this clearly huge trend, this is the perfect opportunity to add some great fashionable pieces to your closet. 

Fabletics S/S16

We often think of gym wear as being boring. non fashionable, see-through types of clothing that we just wear to go get a workout at the gym. A lot of times, these can make you feel completely uncomfortable. However, you should not have to feel this way. There is a new new activewear brand that is out today called Fabletics.

Fabletics was developed by Kate Hudson, a famous actress, that clearly has taste for fashion right along with her acting. She has two children. She is passionate and very motivational. She loves to motivate other women to lead healthy and active lives. Her passion for this led her to create a line of clothing that allowed women to be able to wear while out running, doing yoga, and just simply going to the gym.

Each month, Kate Hudson will share her favorite outfits, so that you can be sure that they are approved by her. Fabletics S/S’16 collection will consist of geo-patterns which will be extremely eye catching. The S/S’16 collection will also consist of floral prints which will have vibrant pops of color that will surely fit in with the new season. These outfits are full of style and are very functional no matter what.

You will be inspired to stay active with this brand no matter what types of exercise that you choose to do. These are high quality clothing and believe it or not, but very affordable. Fabletics and their Spring/Summer 2016 line at

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Fabletics has caught many people’s attention when it comes to the low prices of the clothing line. You can get a whole outfit for $25 because with your first purchase, the clothes come with a deep discount and they are very trendy.

Fabletics has so much to choose from and this even includes nice accessories. The accessories include backpacks, water bottles, hats, socks, cosmetic bags, yoga mats, visors, headbands and more. These accessories are also top selling. If you become a VIP member, you can get also get these accessories for half price but in order to get these at the VIP price, it requires a membership but otherwise, still very affordable and very high quality. It is very easy to start a membership but keep in mind, you will be asked to take a quiz so that you can get your personalized outfit recommendations that will be a great fit just for you. 

Top Trends For Brides In 2017

New York’s Bridal Fashion Week for 2016 is over. Designers revealed that trendy brides are no longer constrained by previous ideas that dictated the perfect bridal look. This year runways were filled with unique materials, silhouettes, colors, and embellishments. Still, time-honored favorites like corseted and off-the-shoulder bodices and yards of tulle, lace, and bling were also well-represented. Brides on the hunt for the perfect look can rest assured that trends on Youtube are reflecting individuality better than ever before.

Bridal gowns grounded by an ethereal look finally made it from the red carpet to the runway. With a “barely there” appearance, silhouettes on the runway were sleek and slimming yet scandalous with lace appliqués over sheer fabric that appeared as if the designs on were tattooed directly onto the skin. Bridal-looking menswear also took center stage with fitted looks that contained girly elements such as ruffles and strapless tunic tops. Also popular were gowns that featured detachable skirts and trains. As any perspective bride knows, comfort throughout the wedding day is essential. When going from the altar to the dance floor, designs that take the bride from carrying yards of tulle and miles of train to a sleek and sexy look makes perfect sense. Best of all, as far as color goes, no longer are brides restricted to shades of white and pastels. Bold and brilliant fuchsia, violet, black, floral prints, and just about any other color and print imaginable will ensure the bride remains the center of attention on her big day while remaining trendy. And don’t forget the impact metallic fabrics have at a wedding site as well as on the dance floor. For more looks see

Of course, a bride’s look goes beyond just finding the right dress or suit for the wedding day. Equally important are the right accessories as well as choices made for post-wedding day wardrobes. Whether the perfect shoes, handbag, jewelry, or clothing for the wedding night and honeymoon are needed, JustFab specializes in ensuring every woman is able to express their individuality in a stylish and classy way while remaining true to the trends of the day. The JustFab in-house design team keeps its pulse on the industry by creating and producing products that are trendy as well as fashion forward. Best of all, as an online fashion retailer on Facebook that is focused on the needs of subscriber clientele, JustFab is able to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of customers while looking toward the future. With the wedding season so quickly approaching, beginning with the perfect bridal/post-wedding day look will ensure the big day is as perfect as envisioned.

Minimalism Will Empty Your Closet But Not Your Bank

The minimalist trend has bitten deeply into certain closets across the world. It’s not just a bleak world view causing the trend, although that is certainly part of it. Then too, there is a tang of the survivalist fervor in the downsizing of personal possessions. The decision is an economic one certainly, but it also has to do with keeping the quality possessions. It is a cut and slash mentality in a mad dash effort to obtain a better, healthier, and so-much-happier lifestyle. This is spring cleaning gone stark raving berserk.

Gushing consumerism is a bad thing no matter who is doing it. Some members of society want all waste and excess to be avoided. They believe choices should be limited. When the minimalist is, at last, bare-boned, they will feel free, light, and happy according to PopSugar. The more extreme proponents evolve themselves a uniform of sorts, which is their signature outfit. It was a book that actually sparked this fairly rabid movement toward minimalism. “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” sounds innocent enough, but apparently not. It is a book about decluttering, written by Marie Kondo.

So you’ll be needing shoes, boots, and maybe a cute scarf to go with that. Minimalism cries out for accessories. JustFab is an e-commerce vendor that calls itself a lifestyle fashion company. It was founded in 2010, to offer affordable high fashion.

JustFab sells jewelry and denim as well as shoes and boots. Also, for premium customers, JustFab offers a subscription program on its VIP plan. On this plan, all of the items are $39.95. The customer can pick a product or skip a month, providing they do it by the payment date. Otherwise, their credit card gets charged, and the customer has a credit on their account. The VIP plan can be canceled at any time. The company offers free shipping when the amount is over $39.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Campaign

Professional sports team are notorious for having a dedicated fan base. This is especially true for Pittsburgh Steeler’s fans. They have a passionate fan base that can now take their support for their beloved team to a whole new level. The Pittsburgh Steeler’s organization is offering a brand new fashion line for fans to show and wear the love they possess for their favorite sport’s team. The Pittsburgh Steelers even have their own website to make it easy to peruse through different styles and options of clothing to show your love of this team. Susan McGalla is the new director for the Steelers strategic planning organization. She successfully launched the website that will market and sell merchandise for the Steeler’s organization. One of the most surprising and innovative ideas for this website is that it is not limited to just clothing and apparel. One of the newest items is a Steeler’s charm for your Pandora bracelet. High end jewelry is a new trend to market online. A Pandora charm bracelet is the ultimate way to show your love for your favorite football team. McGalla is not new to fashion merchandising. She is the former President for American Eagle Outfitters and she also held the position of CEO of the clothing store the Wet Seal. Her experience is behind the success of the Steeler’s new marketing strategy and the popularity of online shopping. The Pittsburgh Steelers may not be the first to market online merchandise for their fans. However; they may be the first to launch a fashion campaign according to Wikinvest that offers an extensive line of clothing and jewelry to be worn as street wear. They hope their fans are inspired to wear this line everywhere, not just on game day.