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Shaquille O’Neal Finds a Partner in Boraie Group for His New Tower in Newark

During the topping off ceremony of the first-ever residential building, One Rector Street, the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal recalled how his mother would tell him about how the city was once beautiful. His mother longed for some help, especially investors who are willing to make Newark great again.


O’Neal returned to his hometown to celebrate the completion of the top floor of his 20+ story building that contains almost 170 market rate apartments. There will also be more retail stores in the area of Rector Street.


Among the top contributor to the residential high-rise are the mayor of the city, Goldman Sachs, and Boraie Development. O’Neal discussed to the attendees and the press during the ceremony how Boraie was like the Kobe Bryant of real estate development for him. He said that he had found a partner that he can trust when it comes to his plans for the building in Boraie.


The Vice President of the company, Wasseem Boraie expressed how special that day was for them. The company is genuinely proud of its achievements, mainly because it is a part of history. It is the first high-rise in the city in over 50 years, and it showed the difference and the progress that Newark has gone through over that period.


According to NJBIZ, Boraie has always been a part of rare moments in the city. In fact, the company is the same one that worked on some of the buildings in the area, including a few towers. The only change is that the people assigned on the project now are the younger generations of those who led the construction 50 years ago.


Boraie Development is a company that offers various services in the urban real estate, such as real estate development, marketing, and property management in New Jersey. For several decades, they are the institution that many locals trust not only for their experience but also for the knowledge and care they provide for the buildings and homes in New Brunswick area. Check out



The company has a team of specialists with all the know-how in financial institutions. The staff also works with architects and helps them come up with a vision for the future. The firm also provides professionals for contractors who make sure all the projects meet the specified deadlines.


Shaquille O’Neal has put his trust in Boraie for his Shaq Towers, which provide spectacular city views and state-of-the-art facilities.


Dr. Sergio Cortes Visits Xerem as he Elucidates on the Zika Virus

Sergio Cortes, the state health secretary, was in Xerem, Duque de Caxias. He was surveying the parts affected by floods and camps accommodating the municipal population. The state government was running a dengue hydration center at the Xerem hospital that had been in operation for some time. The dengue hydration center had a capacity to cater for 300 people in a day. According to Sergio Cortes, it was preventative step by the department of health to help the municipality from dengue mosquito proliferation due to the huge chunks of garbage that had accumulated in the city.
Sergio Cortes held a meeting with Camillo Junqueira, the municipal health secretary and Conception Mendoca, the coordinator of the National Health Force. In the meeting, it was agreed that the state should deliver a second Calamity kit and 3000 antibiotics tablets to counter leptospirosis. All the steps that were taken by State Department of Health and the Epidemiological Surveillance teams in the region were aimed at preventing the outbreak of diseases arising from contaminated water like hepatitis A, leptospirosis, and diarrhea.
The initial batch of samples collected in the area by the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the state was not satisfying according to the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels. As a result, teams disinfected the water on a daily basis with the Department of Health recommending all the people to do the same. The government delivered 10,000 bottles of sodium hydrochlorite to Caxias. The people in the camps were advised to use bottled water for drinking and food preparation. Sergio Cortes urged those donating to Xerem to include bottled water.
Recently, Sergio Cortes discussed about the appropriate clothing for summer, a period associated with high temperatures and a lot of sweating. The heat causes people to sweat at high rates leaving them uncomfortable. For this reason, the medical expert talks about the right clothes to wear to avert sweating during summer. Sergio Cortes recommends light colored clothes that fit well. He adds that dark colored and tight clothes retain more heat and do not give the skin enough room to breathe. This information was originally mentioned on Sergio Cortes’ Website.
The outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil has left many people confused. Recently, Dr. Sergio Cortes explained about the disease, its symptoms and ways of treating the disease. According to him, Zika first emerged in the African continent in countries such as Tanzania in the 40s before spreading to other countries. Zika started to spread in Latin America in 2015. The symptoms of the disease include fever and muscle aches. Its treatment is symptomatic meaning that there is no specific treatment for the disease.
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The Philanthropic Work of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur, the owner of the NBA team and a philanthropist. Bruce was born to a Jewish family in Washington D.C and he grew up in Maryland. He later attended the Washington University and graduated from the school of law at American University. At the time he was attending law school at night, Bruce started his career in journalism at the Washington Star.
In 1997, Bruce collaborated with ED Peskowitz to establish United Communication Group (UCG). Bruce and Peskowitz began the firm in the apartment of Levenson by publishing a newsletter, oil express, concentrating on growth in the oil business. UCG obtained additional newsletters and launched the database that included oil price information services (OPIS). United Communication Group is privately owned company information that concentrates on data, energy, news, and psychiatry of healthcare, mortgage banking, technology, and other business. UCG also manages and owns a mobile app that helps drivers in finding affordable local gas stations known as GasBuddy.
In 2004, Bruce and Peskowitz formed Atlantic Hawks LLC, in order purchase Atlantic Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. They are the major associates of Atlantic Hawks LLC, a group of entrepreneurs who collectively own the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. Bruce is the team managing associate and a member of the board of governors of NBA.
Bruce is also a participant of the board of directors of Tech Target. The company was established under UCG, and Bruce served as a director of the firm from the time it was founded in 1999 up to 2012. Levenson was a counselor for a private equity company called BIA digital partners. He was also a participant of the board of directors of the newsletter and electronic publishers Association (NEPA).
Levenson is also an active participant in various philanthropic organizations like community foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Previously, he was the leader of the Washington chapter I Have a Dream Foundation, an association that assists low-income children aspiring to pursue higher learning.
Levenson is the founding contributor to the Holocaust Museum and financing the program that brings the lessons home. The program teaches inner city students the lessons of the Holocaust and coaches them to be a tour guide at the museum. Bruce has as well made a significant contribution to the seed foundation and seed of peace. Levenson supports many different Jewish causes including Birthright Israel, Jewish youth philanthropy institute, and BBYO a Jewish-American youth movement.
In 2010, Bruce together with his wife spearheaded several developments. For instance, they established philanthropy center and nonprofit management at Maryland University. They also offered seed funds to the institution that teaches the students on how to manage the nonprofit organization and engages the schools to enlighten and motivate philanthropic activities.