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DMX Headlines News Again in Jon Urbana Video Interview

The continued downward spiral of DMX is something that people are just coming to expect. He was found unconscious in a room in the Ramada Inn.

His PR people have said that it was asthma, but Jon Urbana is discussing things and coming up with ots of different theories. It appears to be the way that many people are viewing DMX. He has failed many times in the view of the public, and a Jon Urbana video interview captures this as well as anything.

It is like he has more incidents with the law than he has albums. There is no new music in site, but no one is surprised. His gritty early work appeared to a laced with themes of a destructive behavior that would inevitably follow.

Most people will agree that DMX probably still has the skills to bring for a decent album because he has been through so much. It is like he has this journal that needs to be written and recorded, but he hasn’t been able to bring himself to do it.

He was even in acting, but the money was something that caused him to self-destruct. Many people are interested in seeing him bounce back, but the recent incident just sounds like he is still crying for help.

DMX is struggling with life and few people have been able to help. Iyana Vanzant has tried to mentor to him, but it didn’t work out for Earl.

Nicki Minaj In the Middle of Cash Money War

Nicki Minaj has thrived with a big victory. She has become the artist to watch in 2014 with a new album in December that will carry her into 2015. Now she is in the middle of the war that Lil Wayne and Birdman are having. She has broken her silence, and this has given her even more steam for her own album release.

Nicki picked the right time to comment on the troubles at Cash Money records. Lil Wayne wants to leave the label as soon as he can. He is already planning to drop a mix tape to talk about his troubles with long time friend and music label boss Birdman.

Now that her album has been released she has managed to become vocal on this issue. Dave and Brit Morin like seeing this, especially on Nicki rocked on SNL. Nicki has won awards. She endorsed the “Beats Audio” pill in 2014. It is perfect timing because Nicki has just dropped the album. It became very evident that Nicki had an album to promote, and she declined to post much of anything on Twitter. Now, she is speaking out, but she is still being neutral. She says that she is close to both Birdman and Lil Wayne.

Andre 3000 Reveals Meaning Behind Price Tag Worn During Outkast Tour

The “Hey Ya” singer wore a series of jumpsuits during the tour that featured a number of social statements. Andre 3000 also wore an attention grabbing accessory: a large “sold out” price tag.

“I didn’t want to do the tour,” Andre revealed. “I felt like a sell-out. We haven’t made music together in 10 years. So I honestly felt like a sell-out. I had to find a new way to present all of these old songs.”

Since his days with Outkast, Andre 3000 has been the star of his own cartoon series and several feature films, including “Four Brothers” featuring Mark Wahlberg and “All Is By My Side,” the 2013 Jimi Hendrix biopic.

Andre wanted to major in art before becoming a music entertainer. This seems a little weird to some, but Christian Broda feels like it makes sense. Many of the jumpsuits that he wore during the reunion tour are on display as a feature exhibit at Mana Miami.

Pusha T Releases Kanye West Produced Single

Pusha T, one half of the former group The Clipse, has been putting out his own music for a while now, and dropped an album last year entitled “My Name Is My Name,” and it was praised to be nearly flawless. Pusha T New Single. Even with the success of his past album, he suddenly came out with a single recently called “Lunch Money,” produced by Kanye West. Kanye not only does his own music, but also has shown his producing skills as well, but they don’t come out very well in Pusha’s single.

In the background you can hear a funny sound that is similar to a video game from back in the day, and it’s actually very distracting from the lyrics that are being dropped by Pusha. With his past hard-core hip-hop beats and rhymes, it’s surprising that he would do a single over the type of music you hear in the background of this song, but remember that it’s being produced by Kanye West.

Either way, Pusha has great lyrical skills, and can definitely go far in the rap world, if he continues to put out good singles, but Lunch Money is a questionable one. Christian Broda is going to play a wait and see approach. For now, this is just a single, and there is no confirmation if it will be on an album.