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Kamil Idris – Thoughts on Importance of Intellectual Property

According to Kamil Idris, intellectual property law is a field which is growing at a fast pace worldwide. The main triggers for the rapid evolution and rise in the use of intellectual property are the growth of the internet, which is the core of digital revolution. Another cause is the advancement of science and technology. The rise of intangible assets including information, innovation, creativity, and knowledge as the primary factors influencing economic growth is another factor. The interdependence between nations in international commerce is the fourth factor affecting the rise in intellectual property. Of the four elements, the digital revolution has an overall effect in stages of development from creation to protection to use.

Most of the electronic commercial transactions in today’s digital world involve the use of intellectual property. The deals include billions of dollars and have high market viability in many industries. The industries employ millions of staff and also generate revenues which are vital in the development of many countries. Kamil Idris claims the increased influenced on economies has added the recognition and importance of intellectual property as the crucial component of development. Nations now value intellectual property and can use tenets of innovation and creativity to develop financial assets. The level of usage of intellectual property can provide an opinion of why some countries develop whereas others do not.

Companies, universities, people and other research firms, as well as nations, can use intellectual property as means to empower themselves. Intellectual property can propel local, national or regional firms or individuals to compete more efficiently at the international markets. Additionally, Kamil Idris outlined that intellectual property policies can lead to sustainable development for economies. World Intellectual Property Day (WIPO) is celebrated every 26th April every year to emphasize the importance of the power of intellectual property. Since the launch of the day, the event has generated attracting many governments and firms. Kamil Idris adds that the day is useful for celebrating human creativity and reminding nation’s importance of intellectual property rights and importance of innovation towards social, economic, and cultural development.

Kamil Idris is a citizen of Sudan and was a director general to WIPO. Kamil has master degrees from the University of Ohio in International Law and International Affairs and from the University of Khartoum in Law among others.

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