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The RealReal is Popping up in New Places.

The RealReal, everyone’s favorite online luxury consignment store is opening up new markets by offering pop-up stores, in select cities, across the country.

The online retailer, excited to draw in new customers and consigners has begun, with their Soho flagship, to provide their shoppers with physical “brick and mortar” stores, in addition to their continued online presence, and is expanding their personal shopping experience within these stores to include VIP exclusive buying occasions. The physical stores will also include workshops and seminars about fashion, it’s history and it’s designers. By maintaining their focusing on a premier shopping experience, the RealReal pop-up stores will be anything but an ordinary resale store and will provide customers with an upscale feel and top-notch, authenticated, luxury goods from the world’s most famous designers.

So far, the pop-up stores have been a success for the RealReal, encouraging new buyers and consigners who have previously been hesitant about the brand. By providing a physical look and the opportunity to browse, the RealReal customer base has increased significantly and has lured in more consigners. The pop-up stores display the quality and value of the vetted consignments and with some stores offering perks such as a cafes and flower shops, the RealReal pop-up shopping experience is now a true luxury.

In the luxury consignment business for the last six years, the RealReal and CEO Julie Wainwright are continually devising new experiences for shoppers, while guaranteeing the quality of their goods by authenticating every consignment. The focus on designer clothing, jewelry, and other high-end goods has given the RealReal a premier spot in consignment sales, has encouraged environmental responsibility by recycling and ensures that everyone’s favorite looks will always be in style.

Take a look at the RealReal online or at their latest pop-up location and see what pops to you.