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Entrepreneur Kfir Gavrieli’s Achievements And Efforts In The Pandemic

Tieks fashion brand is one of the leading and most popular company known to only sell through its website. Kfir Gavrieli is CEO and co-founder of Tieks, a designer shoe company that was founded in 2008 and was launched officially in 2010. The company has gained recognition by Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, The Oprah Magazine among others.

Kfir was keen on following e-commerce trends after graduating from Stanford University with his BA, MS, and MBA degrees. He had a feeling that there was great potential in buying and selling directly online. Before founding Tieks, Kfir Gavrieli had worked in venture capital, the tech industry, hedge fund, and real estate. The idea behind starting

Tieks was to use the internet as an equalizer that enables both big brands and small companies to utilize virtual space without relying on the big stores to plug up demand. Go Here for additional information.

The company has gained popularity with its signature split-sole women’s flat shoes. The shoes are widely known for comfort and portability in addition to the Italian leather used to make them. Tieks maintains a commitment to women empowerment in its history and is the largest individual lender by providing loans to women entrepreneurs of over 10 million dollars through the Gavrieli Foundation. Most of these loans are meant for women in developing countries to help them in starting or running existing businesses. Refer to This Article for related information.

Kfir Gavrieli recently launched the operation #SewTogether to help frontline medical providers with the most needed personal protective equipment following the Covid-19 pandemic. The operation also encourages Tiek’s fans to make face masks to avoid shortages.

The company bought more machines and had the workers retrained for mass mask production. Operation #SewTogether has been extremely successful and has also given instructions to make safe and simple DIY masks using various materials and how and where to donate facemasks.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick Are The Best Personal Injury Law Firm In Cleveland

Kisling Nestico & Redick started a highly successful personal injury law firm in Ohio in 2005 that provides their clients with the best service possible. That service includes tons of experience and knowledge that allow each client to end up with a very satisfactory settlement. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick employ almost 200 lawyers, paralegals, and support staff that all work hard to ensure victims of personal injury accidents receive the justice they deserve. Having so many employees allows Kisling Nestico & Redick to give their clients more attention than the smaller personal injury firms with extensive research that helps them come up with many great strategies for each case. 

Those resourceful strategies for each client, the experience behind their numerous employees, and the aggressiveness towards the pursuit of client interests no matter the risks give Kisling Nestico & Redick a great advantage over many other personal injury firms. That experience is also special because it includes extra knowledge about insurance companies, the main adversary of personal injury law firms. 

One of the things that makes Kisling Nestico & Redick fight so hard for personal injury victims is the fact that Nestico had a near-fatal car crash when he was 15 that was caused by negligent driving. This gives all 3 partners extra strength as they empower their clients all over the state of Ohio to defeat those insurance companies for justice. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to Ohio Communities

When the law firm of Kisling Nestico & Redick is not doing all they can for their clients, they are probably doing all they can for their local community. They know that true philanthropy starts at home and they show this by helping out charities that support disadvantaged children. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to many charitable organizations in the Ohio community, they have a new project called KNR Cares About Kids that will do good deeds for 12 months and they recently gave away backpacks at the start of the school year. It is obvious to see that Kisling Nestico & Redick are a personal injury firm that offer exceptional services and help to their clients and community. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick Philanthropic Work

Kisling Nestico & Redick, a passionate philanthropic law firm, provided a helping hand at Big Brother, Big Sisters in several ways. Among them is when the lawyers participate and host different community activities in southeastern Ohio, especially in supporting kids and the sick. One of the philanthropic events hosted recently include the selection of twelve kids from the Big Boys, Big Girls program and sent them on a Meijer shopping spree

As such, Kisling Nestico & Redick let the children to select any item they needed, including cloths and school supplies henceforth putting smiles on both the staff and kids. Besides, the company spent more than three thousand dollars in the shopping spree and pledges to repeat the same in the coming future. Kisling Nestico & Redick has therefore built a strong reputation with the community while providing such charity activities to different groups in the state of Ohio. 

According to Brandy Gobrogge, a lawyer at the firm, Kisling Nestico & Redick remains passionate in giving back to the community they serve and care for the children. He added that the law firm provides monthly support in different ways, especially in southeastern Ohio. On the other hand, the president of Big Brother, Big Sister in the department of programs stated that the event is crucial as it provides children with the opportunity to select what they want during the coming summer. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick is the leading provider of personal injury law services in Ohio and comprises of thirty attorneys and over hundred support staff and located in over ten locations within the state. The company became operational in 2005 and helped thousands of clients while managed to recover over $450 million for their clients. Managing Partner Rob Nestico built the firm from his personal experience while at a young age and managed to receive numerous awards including being recognized as Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Ohio.

Max Salk and Long Term Priority

Growth is an interesting word, right? It means one thing to Max Salk and could mean a different thing to another investor or analyst. Max Salk may love the sound of growth and another investor or analyst may not love it. The fact of the matter is that growth is essential to life and sometimes this means that a balance sheet just doesn’t balance out.

No, it may not, and that’s fine, as long as the trajectory shows that there are enough revenues present to cover the liabilities in the short term. Never compromise the future for short-term stability today. A company may see some sort of short term gains while allocating value and shifting it to investors for a period of time prior to losing market share to other competitors who are using Amazon’s playbook against them. Max Salk would see that a company such as Amazon in the process of building around its service and company.

The key value that Amazon provides is that it pushes the boundaries on how fast people get their products, how they are able to consume content, what they receive overall and how they live their lives in gaming and other aspects of life.

Amazon has captured major parts of the market by contributing value in one vertical and then taking over the vertical while spilling over into other aspects. Max Salk would see that the value Amazon brings to the table in organizing resources is appreciated by the free market, incentives are aligned with employees and consumers are extremely happy.

By pushing the boundaries, understanding needs, and innovating Amazon matters. Amazon bet on a brighter future and built to get there. It was hard but they did it by focusing on improving cash flows, being loved by consumers and getting their metrics right overall. This is how they survived and this is how they will continue to survive.

Remember that it is long-term vitality that is prized, not just short term moves. Remember to think in the long term each day and prepare each day to shine at the moment as Max Salk is wont to do.

How Does Stream Cares Work With The Local Community?

Stream Energy has a philanthropic arm known as Stream Cares, and this foundation offers money to a lot of people in the Dallas area near the Stream Energy offices. This charity asks the employees of Stream to come out and give support to the community. Plus, this is a charity that wants to reach the people in the local community with more than energy services, and they want to be certain that they have done as much good with their profits as they can.

1. How Does Stream Cares Work?

Stream cares uses profits from Stream Energy to help people in the local community. They have given grants to local charities, and they want to be certain that they can give people the most support possible. If someone is trying to get money from Stream Cares, they can submit a request at any time. Plus, these people can ask for more events to be held in their honor.

2. Volunteering

Stream Cares does a lot of volunteering that allows them to reach charities directly. They would prefer to do direct charity work with the public, and they want to see their employees coming to events as much as possible. Because of this, the company has a high profile in the area. They are known for helping people, and they have many employees who come to every event to volunteer.

3. Their Energy Services

Stream Energy has done a lot of work in the energy world by making prices as low as possible. They know that they can provide the customer with the lowest rates, and they also know that they can use their position in the energy markets to trade their way to lower prices. Someone who is trying to make the best choices for the future should look into what Stream Energy does because they might be a good place to come for energy services.

4. Conclusion

There are many people who would prefer to work with Stream Cares because they need immediate grants and charitable support. Stream Cares does a good job of serving their local community and volunteering at the same time.

Dick DeVos’s Latest Developments At The Windquest Group

Dick DeVos is one of the most notable Michigan entrepreneurs who has invested in and founded local startup companies. Recently he helped appoint a new CEO to a company in his portfolio, The Stow company. Taking over as CEO is Phil Dolci, a former executive at Crosman Corporation and Kraft Foods among other corporations. Dick DeVos chose Dolci because he shares the core philosophies that DeVos’s company embraces in business leadership, and is excited about the future of the company. The Windquest Group has also recently bought a Holland brewing and distillery company that has won numerous awards for best-tasting spirits.


Dick DeVos is from an entrepreneurial and philanthropic family who has helped many businesses and non-profit groups in Michigan throughout the years. Richard DeVos Sr. the patriarch is a friend of former President Gerald R. Ford, the founder of Amway Corporation and the owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick grew up watching the operations at Amway Corporation and after completing his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University started working as a manager and later executive at the company. Amway Corporation became one of the nation’s leading multilevel marketing companies under the leadership of Dick and his brothers Doug and Daniel. Dick was CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002 and raised over $4 billion in profits during that time.


Dick and his wife Betsy have given millions over the years to non-profit groups, hospitals, churches, and especially private schools. They established the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and through that helped start the Education Freedom Fund and Children First America to start scholarships for private schools. They also pushed for the expansion of charter schools through the Great Lakes Education Project some years later and helped start a charter school at the Gerald R Ford Airport, the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Dick DeVos also won the Spectrum Health Foundation’s Art of Giving award for his support of local children’s hospitals and also made a large donation to the Kennedy Center’s art center which was renamed in his honor just a couple years ago.


Dick and Betsy both have run for office numerous times in their career. Betsy was the Michigan Republican Party Chairperson for several years, and is also the current pick by President Donald Trump to be Secretary of Education. Dick ran for Governor of Michigan in the 2006 race but fell short to incumbent Jennifer Granholm.


The success of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks, the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital is an American businessman, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur who is very ambitious and always believe that every business can be successful. Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist, author and transforms new ideas into business.

Marc Sparks is determined in assisting the young entrepreneurs by guiding them on how to carry on business so as to make profits. Marc Sparks lives in Dallas, Texas and nowadays manages many portfolio companies in the world.

He also serves other entrepreneurs in the development of new businesses into revenue generating companies. He has also contributed significantly to the growth of American economy and also focuses on improving other people living standards.

Marc Sparks as an entrepreneur owns several businesses; he operates a telecommunication industry, Blue Jay Wireless, splash media, and Cardinal Telecom. He has also worked in a real estate sector, venture investing and also business solutions. His involvement in several business industries has made him knowledgeable about business and how to succeed in a competitive environment.

The knowledge he got from his experiences geared him in the startup of Timber Creek capital which he is still the head. Timber Creek Capital is a private firm that specializes in transforming ideas of passionate entrepreneurs into businesses and provides the required capital, equipment, accounting marketing, merchant banking and also office space.

Mark Sparks Who has also runs a couple of restaurants and an auto insurance company. He knows a lot about the importance of quality customer, and believes that the customer is always right. He makes sure that he treats the customers well and that he delivers what they want to make them satisfied.

The client’s satisfaction and loyalty make him successful in all business he undertakes. He also believes that the main feature behind every success is confidence and encourages the young entrepreneurs to have confidence in everything they do as it will empower you to be anything that you dream off in life. Also, he also believes in writing down a plan to ensure that he does the planned every single week.

Marc Sparks has also been helping the needy and is involved with the Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter, and he finds it rewarding to give back to his society.

He also supports the American Can Academy, a high school magnet program and has also built residential homes with the Habitat for Humanity in Dallas.