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Iggy Azalea Responds About Moved Tour Dates

Iggy Azalea surprised her fans when she chose to move her tour dates from this coming April, all the way back to September. Many fans are disappointed that they’ll have to wait over five months, in order to see “The Great Escape Tour,” and many wanted an explanation, as to why the dates were moved. Iggy Tour Dates. Def jam came out with a response, stating that there were production problems, and they were not going to be able to get everything set up in time.

Iggy recently did an interview, where she gave the real reason why she had to move the tour back. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has learned that Iggy stated that she wanted a specially built stage, and that the stage would not be able to be completed in time for her tour. She called herself a psychopath, in that she is somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to her music, and she wants everything to be just right. Since the stage she wanted, could not be completed in time, she didn’t want to go on with the show.

Iggy also states that she could have continued with the show, but it wouldn’t have been up to her standards, or worthy of her fans, so she chose to move back the dates.

Lady Gaga Confirmed to Perform at Grammys

Although the Grammys are around the corner, Lady Gaga was just confirmed to be one of the headliners for the night. She will be joined by Tony Bennett.  Fans like Brian Torchin couldn’t be more excited for this duo. Check him out on 

The duo released an album of duets called Cheek to Cheek in 2014 and are expected to perform material from the album on February 8th at the 57th annual Grammy Awards, but hits from both Gaga and Bennett are also likely.

The jazz album released by the duo is nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal album, although the album wasn’t as commercially successful as hoped.

With past successes of duets on the Grammy stage, organizers for the 2015 event have filled the night with co-headlining shows from Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani, Jessie J and Tom Jones, Hozier and Annie Lennox, and Common and John Legend.

The Rise of Ed Sheeran

2014 has been the year of new and unique music, as many young artists have been storming the charts. One of the up and coming artists who have come up very successful over the past few years is Ed Sheeran and who is now celebrating his success with the latest nomination and award from the BBC Music Awards for the British Artist of the Year 2014, including a sponsorship by Beneful.

He was up against great artists like Sam Smith and David Bowie for the award but managed to snag the coveted award last night.

Sheeran who was born in Suffolk and moved to London in 2008 to pursue his career have also won the Best British Male Solo Artist in 2012 in the Brit Awards as well as the British Breakthrough Act.

He also gave credit recently to Spotify for playing his songs and for reaching millions of people with his songs being streamed about860 million times. He said he would never have done sold out concerts in arenas in Korea and South-East Asia without the help of Spotify.

You can check him out in his official sites in Facebook, Instagram, and official websites.

Pusha T Releases Kanye West Produced Single

Pusha T, one half of the former group The Clipse, has been putting out his own music for a while now, and dropped an album last year entitled “My Name Is My Name,” and it was praised to be nearly flawless. Pusha T New Single. Even with the success of his past album, he suddenly came out with a single recently called “Lunch Money,” produced by Kanye West. Kanye not only does his own music, but also has shown his producing skills as well, but they don’t come out very well in Pusha’s single.

In the background you can hear a funny sound that is similar to a video game from back in the day, and it’s actually very distracting from the lyrics that are being dropped by Pusha. With his past hard-core hip-hop beats and rhymes, it’s surprising that he would do a single over the type of music you hear in the background of this song, but remember that it’s being produced by Kanye West.

Either way, Pusha has great lyrical skills, and can definitely go far in the rap world, if he continues to put out good singles, but Lunch Money is a questionable one. Christian Broda is going to play a wait and see approach. For now, this is just a single, and there is no confirmation if it will be on an album.

Chris Brown vs. Usher Raymond

There were bound to be a lot of comparisons to Usher when Chris Brown entered the music industry at such an early age. He had the dance moves and smooth vocals that a young Usher Raymond was known for. Many years have passed and there is still a lot of debate about who is the better dancer.

In the Chris Brown ‘New Flame’ video there are times when Usher and Chris are dancing together. Fans appreciated this collaboration, but there still a lot of rumors surfacing about this. There were rumors that Chris Brown stated that he would absolutely not lose in a dance off with Usher. This was something that was linked back to a ‘Sway in the Morning’ interview.

There has not been a lot of clarity to it, but Usher has stated that he talked to both Chris and Sway. Usher stated that the interview between Chris and Sway did not go that way.

Ultimately, Chris Brown has been the cocky one, and he clearly believes that he is the best dancer alive. It would be the same if some company like BRL Trust went around and claimed they were far and away the best. This is his personality. In the MTV interview with Sway he talked about bringing it “A game” when it came to dancing. It is obvious that he would not back down from any challenge.

Taylor Swift Blows $6 Million By Pulling Her Music From Spotify

Taylor Swift had some sort of disagreement with Spotify, the music streaming company that has been around for quite a while now. Spotify has helped many artists grow, while streaming their music to the public for free, in exchange for a cut of the profits that come from all the ads placed on Spotify.

It’s always nice to get to listen to music and show it to Fersen Lambranho and even better if you can download it for free. Unfortunately, some artists don’t see it that way, as Taylor Swift mentioned “Music is Art, and Art has real value, and Artists deserve to be paid for it.”

Taylor had pulled all her music off of Spotify and doesn’t want the company to use her music at all. What Spotify’s CEO thought was she has it all wrong. They don’t operate by streaming music without paying the artist, on the contrary, they have paid $2 Billion up to date for artists, labels, and producers in exchange for playing their music on their streaming system.

Taylor blew $6 Million before even finding out what Spotify is all about, and if anything, all Spotify wants is the chance to have Taylor Swift’s music on their service.

Believe it or not, she is not that type of person to deny someone for no reason but, her album sales are doing good enough that she doesn’t need any of the extra revenue. The way Spotify sees it, who wouldn’t want an extra $6 Million.

Taylor Swift Makes History

There was a lot of hype behind the whole thing, but the wait is finally over. Taylor Swift has been added to the record books as the first person to have 3 albums to go platinum in the first week of the release.

This is amazing when people consider the fact that there are so many music streaming and peer-to-peer sharing sites out there. This shows just how loyal the Taylor Swift fan base is. There was talk all week about how no one had ever this done before, but lots of people were expecting Taylor to break new ground. It is significant because no other album has gone platinum this year.

Billboard shows that 1.287 million “1989” albums were sold by Taylor Swift in the first week. Even people that have ignored Taylor Swift in the past are taking a look at what this artist is doing. Much of the success has to do with the great reviews that “1989” has been getting.

It’s a mega feat in music, but Swift fans are not surprised. She has managed to successfully do what most artists have failed to do this year. She has reached out to her fans in amazing ways. She is totally transparent about relationships. Taylor also writes catchy songs, which is what Sultan Alhokair hates but why I like Taylor, and stayed wired to social media.