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How to See What You’ll get from the Academy of Art University

In 1929, the Stephen’s family had a dream to open a school in the San Francisco, California area. They had succeeded, and made an Academy called the Academy of Arts, and it was named such until Richard S. Stephen’s stepped down, and handed the school over to his son Dr. Richard A. Stephens who added bachelor’s and Undergraduate programs to the Academy, and they became Academy of Art College. With the new programs added, enrollment soared above 5,000 and to this day it’s still one of the few Colleges in the United Stated to be privately owned. Then in 2004 The granddaughter of the founder Richard S. Stephens, Dr. Elisa Stephens took over the college, and under her guidance, they became the Academy of Art University. On top of the school being privately owned by the same family for over 90 years, the entire family are art lovers who are involved in the art community.

The video created by Sam Bear shows a day-in-the-life of a university student who is taking classes at the Academy of Art University. It shows him getting up at 9 a.m., then he tours the city of beautiful San Francisco, California, and progresses as he gets a free ride to the college by flashing his school ID. Then he starts classes at 11 a.m., then takes a break and hang out with his friends for a few hours before taking his afternoon class. Yes, only two classes at the university because they want to focus on the experience of college, and they want students to have all their focus on classes and projects. It then shows him hanging out with his friends again, and then back to the dorm to crash out by 11 p.m. This video is something that every college should do. This is a more accurate description of life on campus that a simple tour of the school.

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Breakthrough in trading industry by Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is a famous founder and the chief executive officer of Citadel, a financial institution of a diverse nature, the group that consists of Citadel – an alternative industry-leading asset manager, Citadel Technology – a provider of solutions in technology for investment management , and Citadel Securities – one of the dominant providers of liquidity in capital markets of America.

As soon as in his freshman year in 1986, at Harvard he had the ability of trading stock options. Ken Griffin on citadel launched his arbitrage fund while he attended the sophomore year. During that same year, a crash hit the stock-market and Griffin became insanely rich. When he went back to his senior year, he already owned $1 million for his strategy of investing money. He claims that most of the time at Harvard he spent trading, which proves that he obviously was and still is way ahead of his time.
Griffin graduated and obtained a degree from the Harvard University and He is a great supporter of various educational causes which have an influence of the improvement of community. He is also a part of the board of Directors at the Chicago Public Education Fund and a member of numerous organizations in the business world, including the Economic Club of Chicago, G100 and the Commercial Club of Chicago’s Civic Committee.

Kenneth Griffin actively supports various civic and cultural institutions of Chicago and it is worth mentioning that he is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Chicago’s Art Institute, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum and the University of Chicago.

Griffin’s method of success

Griffin’s admirable method for succeeding lies in the fact that he assumes the authority role for the models that he invents instead of making analysis of the market. He had presented Kensington Global that instantaneously went to the top place at the Alternative Investment Awards, for making a new record for taking the greatest risk-adjusted returns that had made Citadel unarguably the best hedge fund and asset managing company in the entire world.

Contributions he made to Harvard
As it was already mentioned, Griffin showed his talent as early as the first year of his studies at Harvard, and, since this was where he had found his calling, he became a huge supporter of the financial aid for Harvard. Interestingly enough, he had made his very first donation the year he had graduated, so as to show his immense gratitude for all the things he had there learned, and has financially supported the University ever since. In 1999, he introduced the Wayne R. Gratz scholarship to Harvard, which was named that way to honor Griffin’s grandfather.

Taking his career and success as an inspiration for our own goals, we can learn to never doubt the talent we possess and not be scared to show it, but use it to realize the full and truest potential and work your ideas that are unique and original into perfection.

What Makes a Great Adviser

When one is attempting to decide on who to trust in the realm of finances, there are certain tried and true characteristics that are required for the success of an investor. First, you should search for an adviser that has experience. Experience is critical for many reasons, but most notably you need someone on your team that has seen the comings and goings of the market. Someone who has lived and worked through decades of market swings will be able to see a better long term strategy than the recent graduate, even if they were a top performer. One of the hardest aspects of financial investing is knowing when to buy and when to give up or pause an investment. This is critical and requires a sound long term strategy on You need to be able to see the direction of the market, and differentiate a short fall for a downward turn. In many regards the market will temporarily turn up or down, but in the long run it makes a steady upward tick as it moves from year to year. Although the media will report on daily numbers and quick rises or falls, the real investor needs to look ten or twenty years into the future to be able to tell if the investment is worth purchasing. This is where experience is critical, long term strategies are best formed with an informed adviser who has seen and worked in the up and down swings of the market, while building their company or investment base on wise decision based on a long term outlook.

The second important aspect of a sound strategy, and a characteristic that is critical to a worthwhile investment adviser, is creativity. While this may seem contrary to the point of experience, you still need an adviser that has the ability to adapt to a new market, because the finances that are dealt with today are very different from those that guided the market twenty years ago. An adviser needs to see new concepts and products and judge them accordingly, with a progressive mindset and knowing that the market in twenty years will respond differently than the market today. This outlook is critical, and requires creative thinking based on sound experience.

One investor and business leader that still exemplifies both of these traits is Jim Dondero. He began working more than 30 years ago, and has routinely revolutionized how assets are classed and sold through the market. He can see the long term market and make decisions accordingly. In fact, in four years he grew a company to be worth over $2 billion. Now, with his most recently founded company, they manage over $21 billion in assets for all types of clients. Highland Capital Management is well regarded in the industry and much of its success is due to the experience and creativity of James Dondero.

7 Secret Behind Successful Businesswomen.

Although every woman has a personal definition of success, there are common features that women who have made it in business have in common. Women who discover these traits find it easier to succeed in the face of many challenges and competition. This article will look at the seven secrets behind the successful businesswomen, and that make them different from others. As a businesswoman and a consultant, Susan McGalla, on bizjounals has excelled in the world of business and held high office positions. Her achievements are as a result of hard-work and commitment

• Are passionate on what they do. It is very true in all circles of life. It is the passion that make all the skills in a person meaningful. Without passion, a person will not rise above what is common. Motivation is a key factor for distinction since it creates room for innovation. Successful businesswomen who have recognized this secret love what they do are ever passionate on whatever they embark on doing.
• Risk takers. It is a common trait in successful businesswomen. They are not afraid of taking a risk; rather they move forward to affect changes. They avoid a reckless decision by engaging in well-calculated risk.
• They are aware failure, and success go together. Successful women recognize that failure is an opportunity for success. They know that sometimes failure is inevitable and that success does not happen always. Successful businesswomen are, therefore, not easily distracted by obstacles in their path but rather use them as a stepping stone to discovering another good opportunity that lies ahead.
• They believe in success. Successful women do not look down on themselves; they stay focused on their ideas. Even if their ideas seem crazy to other,s they believe they can achieve them. They usually have a big picture of what they want. They are also confident and aware how far their capability reaches.
• They set aside personal time. Away from other responsibility and commitments, successful women always set some time to be alone. The alone time offers them an opportunity to reflect on themselves, know what they have achieved and what they haven’t. It also gives them an opportunity to rest from their busy schedules.
• They nurture lasting relationships. To be successful, a network of people that one can rely on for support is essential. Successful women maintain strong friendships as well as forming others. Such friends play an important as a source of encouragement and in boosting morale, especially during hard times.
• They are ever grateful. Success does not take place in a vacuum. Businesswomen who know this truth acknowledge the people who help them achieve their goals be it at the workplace or home. That not only make them seem good but also promote loyalty from other people.