Queens Of Drama Chronicles The Struggle Of Hollywood Life

Getting a show on the air can be really hard, and the ladies that are on Queens of Drama know all about that. They are a team of women who have all worked on daytime TV, and now they are trying to get their own show on the air as actors, writers and producers. It is a really hard road to take, but they are documenting it in Queens of Drama. One of the more recognizable faces is Crystal Hunt who has appeared on soap operas like One Life to Live.  There are actually some really great highlights of what she’s done there on YouTube.

The beauty of the show is that all the women on the have access to people in Hollywood, but they still have to work to get everything on the air. They are going through a long process to get their show on the air, and they are all going to be a big part of it. It is something that all women can watch to see that they can do the things they want to do, and it is a big breakthrough for women who have been working in front of the camera their whole careers.

TV.com writes that Crystal Hunt is one of the faces on the show who will be acting and helping to produce the show. She is a beautiful blonde who people will recognize when she comes on the screen, and she brings youthful qualities to the team that balance them all out. She is a really unique actress because she made the transition from daytime TV to movies, and she is going to be easy for people to identify with because she did the Magic Mike movies.

The show tells how the women are going to be able to use their show to make a new life for themselves. Their new shows could help them break through in Hollywood, and their new show could help these women do something new other than working on their daytime soaps. Daytime TV is one thing that all actors have tapped into at some point, but these women go actually go beyond what is daytime TV into something completely new that they will love. Their new show is going to give them all a new lease on life, and they are going to be able to have a good time making a show that they have always wanted to act on during their past acting experiences.  Be sure to also check out Crystal’s personal photography website.

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