Sergio Cortes: The greatest Michael Jackson’s impersonator

Most of the fans and friends of Michael Jackson were left devastated by his untimely death on June 25th, 2009. The death of the pop star was such a shock to many of his fans that many could not believe it. Michael Jackson was more than just a musician o his fans. He had grown to be a close friend and a mentor to many of his fans.

Sergio Cortes, who was born and raised in Spain, has grown to become Michael Jackson’s best impersonator of all time. Sergio has gotten everything about the pop star ranging from his dressing, dancing style, to physical appearance and mannerism. Cortes developed the interest of impersonating the pop star since his childhood. He used to be Michael Jackson’s great fan whereby he fancied the way the pop star danced, and he severally tried to copy his moves. Due to the physical similarity Sergio has with Michael Jackson, he began attracting crowds to wherever place he visited.

Sergio first came to celebrity world when a reporter took some of his photos and videos and posted them online. When his photos went viral online, he began getting invitations to perform Michael Jackson’s simulations at shows. The star came to realize he had the talent to show off when millions of people fell in love with what he was doing. Cortes then began working on his voice and refining his moves so make them resemble those of Michael Jackson. He perfected the moonwalk dancing style that he could not be easily differentiated from Michel Jackson.

According to noticias.r7, Sergio Cortes impersonated most of Michael Jackson’s characters with much ease making his the best among all Jackson’s impersonators. The star has also posted plenty of videos online with which he has earned millions of viewers. He is also known for recreating some of Michael Jackson’s videos such as Thriller and Smooth Criminal. Most of Jackson’s fans especially those from South America have been entertained by Sergio Cortes performance.

Sergio Cortes has been applauded for keeping Michael Jackson’s legacy alive. Most fans of Michael Jackson across the globe have acclaimed Sergio Cortes as the real and true impersonator of the late pop star. Sergio Cortes is now a global figure thanks to the best performances he gives to his fans. Many fans of the late pop star see Sergio Cortes as a blessing and the best replacement of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes can be found on Facebook with the username Sergio Cortes Michael, and he currently has over 18700 likes. He can be also found on Twitter, and he currently has more than 800 followers.

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