Mark Holyoake and the Story He Wants to Leave Behind

Mark Holyoake is extremely capable of being the head of Icelandic Seafood International, which is the company he recently became the CEO of. Even in the few months he has been around to help the company in any way he can, they have seen some major improvements over the last individual who was heading their company.

It is important to note, however, that Mark Holyoake has nothing but fond memories for the old CEO, and he considers him to be a close friend. The changes that were necessary to be made to Icelandic Seafood International were not personal at all to him, and it would be unwise to assume otherwise. In fact, even though he has a lot of plans for changing the current state of the industry, he is also quite impressed by the work his previous CEO was able to accomplish, and he does not want to throw all that hard work down the drain. To Mark Holyoake, this would be nothing but a total waste of potential. Just because a system is flawed does not mean it cannot be improved, and it is improving the syste m of the past that Mark Holyoake hopes to do throughout the duration of his career.

Because he is so driven to create change to his current industry, Mark Holyoake was probably the best candidate for his newfound position. In fact, there was little debate as to who might be a good fit for CEO of Icelandic Seafood International; truly, the answer stood out as plain as day. Mark Holyoake has been standing in plain sight for all his life, working as hard as he is possibly able. Only recently, however, has he finally be able to pull it together well enough to get him the position he so obviously deserves. It would seem as though his journey has only just begun.

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