Drew Madden’s Mission: Perfecting Healthcare IT

Drew Madden is presently one of five managing partners for Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a cutting edge Healthcare IT company that ensures a product that is personalized for each individual company’s needs and abilities. Mr. Madden believes in the value of each person within the client partnership, and places extreme importance on maintaining character and trustworthiness to ensure a fluid, successful, and continuous business exchange on a long term basis.

Drew earned his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, centering on Medical Systems. Right out of the gate he was off, full-speed ahead, into the world of internet technology. In 2010 he became President of the prestigious Nordic Consulting Partners until 2016, and Nordic is no small deal; it is the biggest consulting company in the world and has won many awards for excellent, outstanding service. It was Drew who single-handedly increased Nordic’s employee base from a mere 10 to a whopping 725 people, and it’s clients from 3 to 150! Because of Mr. Maddens expertise and natural leadership ability, the company began earning $30 million more in yearly revenue. In fact, it’s success continues even now to this day as a result of his hand having been on the helm.

Mr. Madden is one of the nation’s most brilliant minds in IT today and brings to the table a decade of experience in detailing, optimizing, planning and applying electronic health records in hospital settings all over the United States. Drew has worked for several companies thought his career thus far, both as a consultant and an engineer. In fact, he played a huge role in placing Epic Implementation Services in the #1 KLAS slot for both 2012 and 2014!

Drew Madden is clearly a young, brilliant man with a bright future ahead of him. From day one out of college, he began bettering our world with his natural leadership and savvy grasp of technology; his passion for IT and its impact on both healthcare and society at large, is sure to drive him to continue his life’s work indefinitely. Because of the heroic Mr. Madden and other magnificent minds like his, we can all be sure that our medical records are safe, secure, and efficiently accessed upon demand.

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